Manuel Fabricio Ungaro Obituary


My uncle Manuel was the most positive person I have ever met in my life.  I think what I learned from his smart is good but smart and positive is much more likely to lead to happiness than smart and negative. Uncle Manual was born on 8/24/1929.  Uncle Manuel died on 1/14/2023.  Uncle Manuel died at his home in Lima placidly in his sleep.  My uncle Manuel was third child of Fabricio Ungaro and Enriqueta Zevallos. 


In 1958 Manuel married Zoila Vidaurre a pretty young lady studying to become a diplomat. Below is a picture of Zoila and Manuel getting married with his father Enero.

In 1959 Manuel’s first child was born and named Cecilia Rocio Ungaro.  In 1960 Manuel became one of the founding fathers of the college of Architecture and Urban Planning for the Universidad Nacional Federico Villarreal, Manuel was a professor there until his retirement in 1985.  In 1960 Manuel’s second child was born and named Jorge Manuel Ungaro. In 1961 my Uncle Manuel’s private practice flourished.  In 1961 Manuel’s third child was born and named Manuel Rolando Ungaro.  In 1963 Manuel’s fourth child was born and named Tatiana Jazmin Ungaro. In 1966 his fifth child is born Diana Linda.  In 1968 Manuel’s sixth child born and named Lucia Ana Ungaro.  In 1975 Manuel’s seventh child is born and named Giovanna Marisol Ungaro. My own mother, Lucia Lockert, was the older sister of Manuel. I also wrote about their parents which are my grandparents. The story of the Ungaro’s is an interesting one and would make a good novel.

In 1987 Manuel decided to retire for good and enjoy life, he dedicated his life to help and mentor young architects, and paint and write, he has numerous paintings and did an exhibit at the public library in Pompano Beach. He wrote the book “Amor Eterno” dedicated to his wife of 30 years then, he sold books as it was elected book of the month by a book club in Florida.  Manuel was a freemason. Manuel had reached the highest level 33 honorable grand master mason. Uncle Manuel painted the words “Be free” outside of his bedroom during the pandemic. The Ungaros have always been a little psychic in my experience and uncle Manuel more psychic than most of the Ungaros.


My uncle Manuel graduated high school on the top 5% in 1945 at age sixteen.  Manuel went to Universidad Nacional de Ingeneria, he graduated with a Masters in Architecture and Urban Planning in 1952.  Manuel started worked as an architect for the Army Corp of Engineering in 1953, were he developed forts for the Army nationwide.  In 1956 Manuel in partnership with another colleague Otto Polack, opened their private practice office of Architecture and start developing houses for the affluent and rich members of Lima society, while still working for the Army. 

In 1964 my uncle Manuel was invited to the international convention of architecture in Paris, he met his idol Le Corbusier, one of the most famous architects of the world, creator of the Chart of Athens, the bible for architects, addressing all changes in modern era and new codes in architecture. In 1965 his private practice demands too much of his time and decides to quit one of his two jobs.  Manuel stopped working for the army.  During the years 1965 to 1975 my uncle Manuel won various bids to design and construct developments.  In 1970 my uncle Manuel is elected Dean of the College of Architecture and urban planning for five years; he then became vice-president of the University with more than 30,000 students.  In 1974 Manuel was a distinguished presenter at an International Architects convention in Bulgaria where he won a recognition for his fruitful career. In 1975 Manuel decided that the Chart of Athens needed to be updated due to all the modern world changes and evolutions.  In 1977 Manuel and 30 other architects from around the world sign the Chart of Machu Picchu in the archaeological ruins as a symbol of our heritage. There was a weeklong of presenters from all over the world and the conferenced finished with the signing at the Intihuatana (Inca solar clock made of stone)

In 1978 Uncle Manuel Chart of Machu Picchu document win the  Jean Tschumi prize of architecture (the equivalent of the Nobel Prize).  In 1980 Manuel decided to serve his community by running for political office and won with an overwhelming majority of 90% of votes to become Mayor of La Molina, one of the most elegant neighborhoods in Lima, his term expired after three years.  In 1984 my uncle Manuel is named Professor Emeritus Honoris Causa by the University he was working at.  In 1985 he retires from teaching and initiates a new venture and starts working as an architect in the United States. He worked with Ira Giller, Architects firm, developing and expansion of the Miami airport. 

Photos of Manuel Ungaro

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