Color Wheel Theory of Love


6 Types of Love


Love Styles Theory by Lee, J (1998)

1) Eros

(IR-os) Romance Primary style

This love style is the one most commonly portrayed in Hollywood movies. Also known as “love at first sight”, it is based on “chemistry” and a strong physical and/or emotional attraction.

2) Ludos

(LOO-dos) Conquest Primary style

This style is used by those who see love as a game and want to “win” as many partners as possible. The focus is on having fun in the moment and therefore relationships of this sort tend to be very short

3) Storge

(STORE-gaye) Friendship Primary style

This style of love grows slowly out of friendship and is based more on similar interests and a commitment to one another rather than on passion.

4) Pragma

(PRAG-ma) Practicality

Ludos + Storge

This love style is very practical and realistic. People who prefer this style approach their relationship in a “business-like” fashion and look for partners with whom they can share common goals.

5) Mania

(MANE-ee-ah) Obsession

Eros + Ludos

This style usually flows out of low self esteem and a need to be loved by one’s partner. Lovers of this sort usually become very possessive and jealous.

6) Agape


Selflessness Eros + Storge

In this style of love, the individual is willing to sacrifice anything for their partner. It is based on an unbreakable commitment and an unconditional, selfless love

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