Cross-Cultural Communication versus Cross-Cultural Studies

Cross-Cultural Communication versus Cross-Cultural Studies Table Resized

1) The student will be able to compare and contrast cross-cultural communication and cross-cultural studies in the areas of audience, goals, historical origins, key concepts, level of analysis, other names, pedagogical goal and theorists.

2) The student will be able to explain at least five key cross-cultural communication concepts.

3) The student will be able to explain at least five key cross-cultural studies concepts.


Cross-Cultural Communication

Key Concepts

5.1) Achievement/Ascription

5.2) Chronemics

5.3) Direct/Indirect Communication

5.4) High/Low Context Cultures

5.5) Individualism/Collectivism

5.6) Internal/External control

5.7) Long Term Orientation

5.8) Masculinity / Femininity

5.9) Neutral/Emotional

5.10) Power Distance

5.11) Proximics

5.12) Sequential/Synchronic

5.13) Specific/Diffuse

5.14) Uncertainty Avoidance

5.15) Universalism/Particularism


Cross-Cultural Studies

Key Concepts

Abridged and Simplified List by Instructor

5.16) Arts

5.17) Communication

5.18) Economy

5.19) Education

5.20) Family

5.21) Health Care

5.22) History

5.23) Interethnic Relations

5.24) Language

5.25) Legal

5.26) Marriage

5.27) Political Organization

5.28) Recreation

5.29) Religion

5.30) Social Organization


Unabridged List

Worksheet at:

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