Deciphering Facial Expressions

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Is language learned or innate?

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Is fear innate or learned?

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The student will study the chart above and practice imitating one of the emotions with a partner.  The student will then do one of the expressions in front of the class and see if the rest of the class can decipher the facial expression.

Computer Generated Prototypes of Facial Expressions of Emotions

Thai Smiles

1) fuen yim – The rigid smile, furthermore known as the “I should laugh at the joke although it’s not funny” Smile. – ฝืนยิ้ม

2) yim cheua-cheuan – I am the winner smile, usually given to a losing competitor-ยิ้มเชิญชวน

3) yim cheun chom – The admiring smile – ยิ้มชื่นชม

4) yim haeng – The dry smile. “I know I owe you money, but I don’t have it” smile. ยิ้มแห้ง

5) yim hairng – The nervous, apologetic smile – ยิ้มแห้ง

6) yim mai ork – The forced smile – ยิ้มไม่ออก

7) yim mee lay-nai – The evil smile – ิยิ้มมีเลศนัย

8) yim mee lessanai – Masking something immoral in your mind Smile.-ยิ้มมีเลศนัย

9) yim sao – The smile masking sadness or unhappiness – ยิ้มเศร้า

10) yim soo – The “it-cannot-get-any-worse-therefore-I-better-smile” smile – ยิ้มสู้

11) yim thak thaai – Polite smile for someone you barely know.-ยิ้มทักทาย

12) yim thak thaan – I disagree with you smile. Also known as the: You can go ahead and propose it but your idea’s no good” smile.-ยิ้มคัดค้าน

13) yim thang nam taa – I’m so happy I’m crying smile.-ยิ้มทั้งน้ำตา

14) yim yae-yae – I know things look pretty bad, but there is no point in crying over spilt milk; smile.-ยิ้มแหยะแหยะ

15) yim yair-yair – The smile to apologize and take the heat out of an awkward, embarrassing situation – ยิ้มแหย ๆ

16) yim yaw – The mockery or; told you so smile. -ยิ้มเย้ย

17) yim yor – The arrogant smile – ยิ้มเยาะ

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