156 Spanish Food Preparation Vocabulary

backed~ – al horno

baked in foil – en papillote

boiled~ – hervido

Bordeaux style (braised with bone marrow) – a la bardolesa (braseado con médula)

braised~ – braseado*

dipped in beatenagg& fried – dorado* (passado en huevo y frito)

Florentine style (stuffed with spinach & broiled with Mornay sauce) – a la florentina (relleno con espinacas y gratinado con salsa mornay)

French style (with lettuce& onion) – a la francesa (con lechuga y cebolla)

moulded~ – en molde

on toast – sobre costrón

sour~ – agrio*

stuffed~; filled~ – relleno*

sweet&sour~ – agridulce*

tender creamy~ – fundentes

vegetables – verduras

with aromatic herbs – con hierbas aromáticas

with bechamel sauce – con bechamel

with butter – con mantequilla

with cream – con crema

with melted butter – con mantequilla fondida

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