American Cultural Values

The student will be able to discuss American cultural values at the end of the lecture.

1) What is the “Iceberg Analogy” of culture?

Halls Iceberg Model of Culture

2) Is America a melting pot?

Salad Bowl vs Melting Pot


3) Are Americans Europeans?

4) What is the role of religion in America?

5) What is the role of risk-taking in America?

6) What is the role of upward economic mobility in America?

7) What is the role of egalitarianism, individual achievement and action in American culture?

8) What is the role and origin of self reliance in American culture?

9) What is American liberalism and capitalism?

10)  How is The U.S. becoming a “salad bowl”?

Cultural mosaic

Canadian cultural mosaic

11) What are some negative values demonstrated in the movie Super Size Me?


The High Price of Materialism

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