1000+ Science Questions

Editable vector question mark formed from many question marks

1) Are rooms with carpeted floors noisier or quieter than rooms with wooden floors?

2) Are there parallel universes?

3) Are we alone in the universe?

4) Can blindfolded people tell the difference between bottled water and tap water?

5) Can mealworms or other invertebrates be taught to go through a maze?

6) Can people identify their pet dog by the sound of its bark alone?

7) Can people tell the difference between music played on an MP3 player, CD player, tape player, and turntable?

8) Can people use their sense of hearing alone to tell apart a penny, nickel, dime, and quarter?

9) Can plants grow from the leaves?

10) Can plants grow without soil?

11) Can the same-type balloons withstand the same amount of pressure?

12) Can the design of a paper airplane make it fly farther?

13) Can the sun’s energy be used to clean water?

14) Can things be identified by just their smell?

15) Can we replace damaged brain parts with computational devices?

16) Can you collect the amounts of water in the air at different temperatures?

17) Can you judge depth as well using just one eye than using two?

18) Can you make an electromagnet stronger by adding more electric cells to the circuit?

19) Can you measure the speed and force of raindrops?-What is the effect on soil, with and without ground cover?

20) Can you obtain water from ink, vinegar, milk?

21) Can you separate salt from water by freezing?

22) Can you skate faster with in-line skates or roller skates?

23) Can you tell time without a watch or clock?

24) Can you tell what something is just by touching it?

25) Can you tell where sound comes from when you are blindfolded?

26) Can you use a strand of human hair to measure air moisture?

27) Do “triple roll” toilet paper rolls really last three times as long as regular rolls?

28) Do all chocolate candies have the same melting point?

29) Do all colors fade at the same rate?

30) Do all objects fall to the ground at the same speed?

31) Do all plants seek out light?

32) Do ants like cheese or sugar better?

33) Do ants prefer artificial sweeteners, natural sugar, or hard candy?

34) Do artificial sugars attract ants?

35) Do best friends have the same favorite color?

36) Do bigger lemons have more seeds than smaller ones?

37) Do bigger seeds produce bigger plants?

38) Do boys or girls have a higher resting heart rate?

39) Do certain bicycle helmets hold up better after an impact than others?

40) Do children’s heart rates increase as they get older?

41) Do different brands of batteries last longer than others?

42) Do different kinds of apples have the same number of seeds?

43) Do different kinds of caterpillars eat different amounts of food?

44) Do different types of onions make your eyes tear up more than others?

45) Do different types of soil hold different amounts of water?

46) Do earthquakes tend to occur at certain times of day? Seismology

47) Do fans really make you cooler or do they just make you feel like you’re cooler?

48) Do fertilizers affect the health of earthworms?

49) Do girls and boys talk about the same topics as each other when they hang out with their friends?

50) Do girls spend more time talking on the phone with friends than boys?

51) Do gym shoes have more bacteria than sandals?

52) Do left-handed people prefer the same school subjects as right-handed people?

53) Do liquids cool as they evaporate?

54) Do living plants give off moisture?

55) Do mealworms prefer light of dark environments?

56) Do mildew-resistant shower curtains really keep mildew away longer than regular shower curtains?

57) Do mint leaves repel ants?

58) Do mood rings accurately predict a person’s emotions?

59) Do natural mosquito repellants keep more mosquitoes away than artificial repellants?

60) Do objects float better in freshwater or in salt water?

62) Do people who exercise regularly have a greater lung capacity?

63) Do people who live in rural areas name constellations correctly more often than people who live in cities?

64) Do plants grow bigger in soil or water?

65) Do plants inside a mall grow faster under artificial light or under a skylight?

67) Do roots of a plant always grow downward?

68) Do some materials conduct heat more than others?

69) Do suction cups stick equally well to different surfaces?

70) Do sugar crystals grow faster in tap water or distilled water?

71) Do taller people run faster than shorter people?

72) Do taller people take longer strides than shorter people?

73) Do thunderstorms happen more often in the afternoon than in the morning?

74) Do watches keep time the same?

75) Do we exist in a virtual reality?

76) Do we live in a quantum world?

77) Do wheels or legs affect the time it takes for a robot to go through a course?

78) Do wheels reduce friction?

79) Do you wake up feeling more alert when you awaken to an alarm clock that buzzes, plays music, or plays nature sounds?

80) Does a ball-roll farther on grass or dirt?

81) Does a baseball go farther when hit by a wood or metal bat?

82) Does a bath take less water than a shower?

83) Does a green plant add oxygen to its environment?

84) Does a metal baseball bat vibrate more than a wooden one?

85) Does a no-name stain remover work just as well as a brand name?

86) Does a person’s weight vary throughout the day?

87) Does a plant grow bigger if watered with milk or water?

88) Does a plant need some darkness to grow?

89) Does age affect the time it takes someone to complete a test? Behavioral Science

90) Does an earthworm react to light and darkness?

91) Does anyone in my class have the same fingerprints?

92) Does baking soda lower the temperature of water?

93) Does bread stay fresher longer when it is kept in the refrigerator or on the counter?

94) Does changing the height of a ramp affect how far a car will travel?

95) Does changing the movement of water affect the shade (color) of the water?

96) Does changing the size of a paper airplane affect how far it flies?

97) Does changing the temperature of water affect the buoyancy of an egg?

98) Does changing the type of liquid affect how quickly a nail will corrode (rust)?

99) Does changing the wingtip direction affect an airplane’s flight?

100) Does climate affect test taking ability? Behavioral Science

101) Does exercise affect heart rate?

102) Does exercise increase or decrease your energy level?

103) Does eye color affect how well a person sees?

104) Does fresh water hold heat longer than salt water?

105) Does gender affect lung capacity?

106) Does hair take longer to dry when using a hair drier or when it dries naturally?

107) Does having worms in soil help plants grow faster?

108) Does heart rate increase with increasing sound volume?

109) Does holding a mirror in front of a fish change what a fish does?

110) Does it matter in which direction seeds are planted?

111) Does listening to music while studying affect your performance on a memory test?

112) Does listening to one type of music lower heart rate more than another type?

113) Does listening to rock music make you eat faster than listening to classical music?

114) Does maple syrup’s “grade” affect its flow?

115) Does on ice cube melt faster in air or water?

116) Does one brand of antacid neutralize acids faster than another?

117) Does one cell-phone carrier get better reception than other carriers?

118) Does one type of food fill you up faster than another?

119) Does playing Sudoku puzzles improve your performance on other types of puzzles?

120) Does sound travel best through solids, liquids or gases?

121) Does squinting improve your vision?

122) Does sugar prolong the life of cut flowers?

123) Does sunlight fade the paper more in books or in magazines?

124) Does surface temperature of a glass affect fingerprints?

125) Does surrounding color affect an insect’s eating habits?

126) Does temperature affect the growth of plants?

127) Does temperature affect the growth rate of shoots on a potato?

128) Does temperature affect the life of a battery?

129) Does temperature affect the results of a soft drink challenge?

130) Does temperature affect the voltage, power, and current generation of a solar cell?

131) Does the amount of glycerin in a bubble affect how long it lasts?

132) Does the amount of salt in water affect the height that an egg floats?

133) Does the amount of time a student spends watching TV affect his or her grades?

134) Does the brand of detergent affect how thoroughly it gets a grass stain out?

135) Does the brand of kitty litter affect clumping?

136) Does the color of a material affect its absorption of heat?

137) Does the color of a shirt affect the amount of heat it absorbs?

138) Does the color of a terrarium affect a lizard’s skin color?

139) Does the color of light affect plant growth?

140) Does the color of water affect its evaporation?

141) Does the direction seeds are planted affect plant growth?

142) Does the flavor of gelatin affect the amount of time it takes to set?

143) Does the flavor of ice cream affect how fast the ice cream melts?

144) Does the grip on a baseball affect the time it takes to reach a catcher?

145) Does the human tongue have definite areas for certain tastes?

146) Does the length of a bat affect how far a baseball will travel?

147) Does the length of a clock’s pendulum affect its period?

148) Does the length of a surfboard affect its stability?

149) Does the length of a vibrating object affect sound?

150) Does the length of a wind chime affect its pitch?

151) Does the length of the wire affect the power of the circuit?

152) Does the length of the wire affect the strength of an electromagnet?

153) Does the price of a camera affect the clarity of the picture?

154) Does the room temperature affect the time it takes to complete a test? Behavioral Science

155) Does the shape of a kite affect its flight?

156) Does the size of a dog determine how high or low-pitched its bark is?

157) Does the size of a light bulb affect its energy use?

158) Does the source of water affect the water quality?

159) Does the surface of a tennis court affect the height that a tennis ball bounces?

160) Does the temperature of a hockey puck affect how far it will travel when struck by the stick?

161) Does the temperature of nail polish affect how long it stays on nails?

162) Does the temperature of popcorn kernels affect the number of kernels popped?

163) Does the thickness of the wire affect the power of the circuit?

164) Does the time of day affect your flexibility?

165) Does the type liquid given to a plant affect its growth?

166) Does the type of animal in a pet-store window affect the number of people who are attracted to the window?

167) Does the type of fertilizer affect the height of plants?

168) Does the type of ground cover affect its temperature in sunlight?

169) Does the type of insulation on the wire affect the strength of an electromagnet?

170) Does the type of light affect the growth of mold?

171) Does the type of liquid affect how fast an ice cube melts?

172) Does the type of liquid affect the amount of mold that grows on bread?

173) Does the type of liquid affect the diffusion rate of food coloring?

174) Does the type of liquid in a glass affect the pitch of the note that results when a person rubs the rim of the glass?

175) Does the type of metal affect the amount of electricity produced?

176) Does the type of metal and type of solvent affect the time it takes to corrode?

177) Does the type of shoe worn during a 20 yard dash affect the speed in which you can run?

178) Does the type of water affect the height of plants?

179) Does the type of wood affect how long it burns?

180) Does the use of flippers help a person swim faster?

181) Does the viscosity of a liquid affect its boiling point?

182) Does the weight of a baseball bat affect how far the ball goes when it is hit?

183) Does the width of a rubber band affect how far it will stretch?

184) Does toothpaste with whitener whiten teeth more than regular toothpaste?

185) Does using conditioner leave your hair with fewer knots than not using conditioner?

186) Does warm water freeze faster than cool water?

187) Does washing your hands reduce the amount of bacteria on them more than not washing?

188) Does water with salt boil faster than plain water?

189) Does weather affect satellite TV reception?

190) Does wind travel at same speeds and in same directions at different heights?

191) Does your “handedness” have any relation to which eye is stronger?

192) Does your cat prefer one brand of food over another?

193) Does your dog prefer water directly from the faucet or tap water that’s been refrigerated?

194) How does pot size affect the amount of time it takes to boil?

195) How accurately do people judge temperature?

196) How can you measure the strength of a magnet?

197) How can you speed up the ripening of tomatoes?

198) How did life begin?

199) How do acids react with different metals under varying conditions?

200) How do day-old domestic chicks behave?

201) How do different environments affect the regeneration of planarians?

202) How do different materials affect the refraction and diffraction of light?

203) How do different surfaces affect the amount of sunlight reflected and absorbed?

204) How do different surfaces affect the time it takes for a car to travel?

205) How do different wheels affect friction?

206) How do gas stations affect the soil around them?

207) How do headphones work?

208) How do materials affect insulation?

209) How do mealworms react to various surfaces?

210) How do scientists know how to make a flu vaccine if viruses can be different every year?

211) How do the gears on a bicycle compare in efficiencies?

212) How do various ski waxes affect the amount of friction between the ski and the snow?

213) How does a barbecue grill work?

214) How does a BBQ grill work?

215) How does a blender work?

216) How does a blow dryer work?

217) How does a burglar alarm work?

218) How does a calculator work?

219) How does a camera work?

220) How does a can opener work?

221) How does a CD player work?

222) How does a ceiling fan work?

223) How does a cell phone work?

224) How does a chimney work?

225) How does a clock work?

226) How does a clothes dryer work?

227) How does a clothes washer work?

228) How does a coffee grinder work?

229) How does a coffee maker work?

230) How does a computer work?

231) How does a convection oven work?

232) How does a copier work?

233) How does a crock pot work?

234) How does a curling iron work?

235) How does a dishwasher work?

236) How does a doorbell work?

237) How does a dryer work?

238) How does a fan work?

239) How does a fax machine work?

240) How does a fire alarm work?

241) How does a fire extinguisher work?

242) How does a flashlight work?

243) How does a flat screen TV work?

244) How does a food processor work?

245) How does a freezer work?

246) How does a furnace work?

247) How does a garage door work?

248) How does a garbage disposal work?

249) How does a grill work?

250) How does a hair dryer work?

251) How does a heater work?

252) How does a hot plate work?

253) How does a humidifier work?

254) How does a kerosene heater work?

255) How does a lamp work?

256) How does a lantern work?

257) How does a laptop work?

258) How does a lawn mower work?

259) How does a leaf blower work?

260) How does a light bulb’s wattage affect the amount of heat detected above a light?

261) How does a light work?

262) How does a microwave oven work?

263) How does a mixer work?

264) How does a mousetrap work?

265) How does a parachute’s material affect the speed at which it falls?

266) How does a percolator work?

267) How does a person’s age affect his or her ability to see at night?

268) How does a person’s age affect his or her flexibility?

269) How does a person’s age affect reaction time?

270) How does a plane takeoff and fly?

271) How does a pressure cooker work?

272) How does a printer work?

273) How does a radio work?

274) How does a range work?

275) How does a record player work?

276) How does a refrigerator work?

277) How does a rotisserie work?

278) How does a scale work?

279) How does a scanner work?

280) How does a sewing machine work?

281) How does a shampoo’s brand affect the strength of hair?

282) How does a smoke detector work?

283) How does a stapler work?

284) How does a stereo work?

285) How does a stove work?

286) How does a telephone work?

287) How does a television work?

288) How does a timer work?

289) How does a toaster oven work?

290) How does a toaster work?

291) How does a torch work?

292) How does a trash compactor work?

293) How does a vacuum cleaner work?

294) How does a vaporizer work?

295) How does a VCR work?

296) How does a video camera work?

297) How does a video game machine work?

298) How does a waffle iron work?

299) How does a walkie-talkie work?

300) How does a washing machine work?

301) How does a watch work?

302) How does a water heater work?

303) How does air temperature affect your flexibility?

304) How does an air conditioner work?

305) How does an alarm clock work?

306) How does an answering machine work?

307) How does an electric blanket work?

308) How does an electric drill work?

309) How does an electric fan work?

310) How does an electric guitar work?

311) How does an electric keyboard work?

312) How does an electric pencil sharpener work?

313) How does an electric razor work?

314) How does an electric toothbrush work? 315) How does an espresso maker work?

316) How does an ice cream maker work?

317) How does an iron work?

318) How does an MP3 player work?

319) How does an oven work?

320) How does brand affect ketchup’s flow?

321) How does caffeine affect people’s heart rate?

322) How does centrifugal force affect the germination of corn seeds?

323) How does changing the amount of baking soda and vinegar affect the height of the explosion?

324) How does coffee affect blood pressure?

325) How does color affect a person’s mood?

326) How does cooking affect the pH in a food?

327) How does earthworm population relate with soil type?

328) How does fast dancing affect your heart rate?

329) How does GPS work?

330) How does gravity affect the direction of a plant’s growth?

331) How does hair’s curliness affect its strength?

332) How does humidity affect how often a plant needs to be watered?

333) How does humidity affect the curliness of hair?

334) How does increasing the height of a ramp affect how far a ball rolls down the ramp?

335) How does light affect the growth of crystals?

336) How does light direction affect plant growth?

337) How does meditation affect your heart rate?

338) How does omitting an ingredient affect the taste of a cookie?

339) How does playing video games affect hand-eye coordination?

340) How does shutter speed affect the color of a photograph?

341) How does talking on a cell phone or listening to music affect reaction time?

342) How does temperature affect a magnet?

343) How does temperature affect the growth of mold?

344) How does the air pressure of a soccer ball affect how far it travels when kicked?

345) How does the amount of air in a balloon rocket affect how far it flies?

346) How does the amount of air in a bicycle’s tires affect how long it takes the bike to brake?

347) How does the amount of daylight that enters your room affect how late you sleep?

348) How does the amount of sugar in homemade ice cream affect how fast it freezes?

349) How does the amount of yeast affect how high bread rises?

350) How does the anticipation of a tickle affect you?

351) How does the brain generate consciousness?

352) How does the color of a shirt affect the amount of heat it absorbs?

353) How does the color of light affect plant growth?

354) How does the different practice method affect the improvement in juggling a soccer ball?

355) How does the fat content of cheese affect its stretchiness?

356) How does the length of time that a soda bottle is open affect its fizziness?

357) How does the magnification of binoculars affect how far you can see?

358) How does the mass of a ball affect the displacement of water?

359) How does the material of a bandage affect its ability to stick after getting wet?

360) How does the roughness of sandpaper affect its ability to smooth various surfaces?

361) How does the shape of a boat’s hull affect its speed?

362) How does the size of a drum affect its pitch?

363) How does the slope of land- affect water flow?

364) How does the speed of a river’s current affect the size of the grains on the riverbed?

365) How does the strength of a magnetic field vary with the magnet?

366) How does the temperature of a pool’s water affect the speed at which a swimmer swims?

367) How does the temperature of a tennis ball affect the height of its bounce?

368) How does the temperature of water affect the time it takes to freeze into ice cubes?

369) How does the tension in a violin’s strings affect its pitch?

370) How does the thickness of a material affect the density of an x-ray image?

371) How does the thickness of these materials affect insulation?

372) How does the time of day affect levels of algae in a lake?

373) How does the time of day affect your body’s temperature?

374) How does the time of year affect the number of hours of daylight in a 24-hour period?

375) How does the trajectory of a projectile affect the distance traveled?

376) How does the type of container affect ice cream’s melting time?

377) How does the type of light affect how quickly a plant will grow?

378) How does the type of liquid affect how much a penny will corrode in 5 minutes?

379) How does the type of liquid affect the shininess of a penny?

380) How does the type of music that a person listens to while exercising affect how hard he or she works out?

381) How does the type of seed in a birdfeeder affect the types of birds that the feeder attracts?

382) How does the type of string used in a “can and string” phone affect the phone’s ability to transmit sound?

383) How does the type of stuffing in a pillow affect its fluffiness?

384) How does the weather affect your mood?

385) How does the weight of a bowling ball affect how many pins the ball knocks down?

386) How does the weight of a paper airplane affect its ability to fly?

387) How does tire pressure affect a car’s fuel efficiency?

388) How does water compare to land and what effect does this have on the weather?

389) How does water pressure vary with depth?

390) How does yoga affect your flexibility?

391) How does your sight affect your balance?

392) How far can a person lean without falling?

393) How far can a water balloon be tossed to someone before it breaks?

394) How far does a snail travel in one minute?

395) How is paint affected by temperature changes?

396) How is the effect of glue affected by temperature?

397) How is the elasticity of rubber affected by temperature?

398) How is the rate of melting snow affected by color?

399) How long will it take a drop of food dye to color a glass of still water?

400) How much can a Caterpillar eat in one day?

401) How much heat is absorbed by a closed automobile?

402) How much heat is required to raise the temperature of various substances by an equal amount?

403) How much of an apple is water?

404) How much of an orange is water?

405) How much salt does it take to float an egg?

406) How much trash do you keep out of a landfill by recycling paper and plastics?

407) How much weight can a growing plant lift?

408) How often can people accurately tell if someone is happy, sad, or mad just by looking at the person’s eyes?

409) How often can people correctly determine if a person is left-handed or right-handed just by looking at the person’s handwriting?

410) How old does chewed gum have to be before it stops sticking to shoes?

411) How will adding different flavors of Kool-Aid® to water affect the water’s boiling point?

412) How will the time spent chewing bubble gum affect its bubbles’ maximum size?

413) How will the world come to an end?

414) If you are right-handed or left-handed then do you also prefer a certain foot?

415) In a blind taste test, can you tell the difference between nonfat, low-fat, and whole milk?

416) In my class who is taller-boys or girls?

417) In my class, who has the biggest feet boys or girls?

418) In my class, who has the smallest hands boys or girls?

419) In what type of lighting does a plant grow best?

420) In which light condition does cheese produce the most mold?

421) In which room of the house do plants grow the highest?

422) In which temperature do daffodils grow tallest?

423) In which way does the wind blow most frequently?

424) Is a person’s favorite subject in school influenced by gender?

425) Is suspended animation possible for humans?

426) Is the amount of erosion affected by the slope of land?

427) Is the incidence of asthma in a region related to the area’s level of air pollution?

428) Is the sun stronger in Florida or Potomac?

429) Is there a correlation between gender and the number of push-ups that a person can do?

430) Is there a relationship between people’s age and the amount of time they can hula hoop?

431) Is there an effect on evaporation rates when forming crystals from sugar and sugar substitutes?

432) Is using two eyes to judge distance more accurate than using one eye?

433) On which surface can a snail move faster-dirt or cement?

434) Through what material does sound travel the best?

435) Under what color light do plants grow best?

436) Under what conditions does an ice cube melt faster?

437) Using a lever, can one student lift another larger student?

438) What are aerostats?

439) What are stem cells?

440) What are tar sands?

441) What are the effects of chlorine on plant growth?

442) What are the humidity preferences of a flour beetle?

443) What are the properties of hydrogen?

444) What are transition metals?

445) What are valence electrons?

446) What are wetlands?

447) What brand of paper towel is most absorbent?

448) What brand of raisin cereal has the most raisins?

449) What brand of trash bag can withstand the most weight before ripping?

450) What causes a rainbow?

451) What causes lightning?

452) What causes thunder?

453) What color of bird seed does a bird like best?

454) What common liquids are acid, base or neutral?

455) What determines how fast a piece of candy dissolves?

456) What effect does temperature have on the strength of different types of magnets?

457) What effect does watering have on how fast a plant grows from a seed?

458) What fabric shows the brightest dye?

459) What factors affect the cooling of land?

460) What factors affect the growth of bread mold?

461) What factors affect the voltage, amperage, and resistance of electric circuits?

462) What foods do mealworms prefer?

463) What gets warmer faster-sand or soil?

464) What happened before the Big Bang?

465) What holds two boards together better a nail or a screw?

466) What insulation keeps in the most heat?

467) What is a Banki turbine?

468) What is a barometer?

469) What is a battery (electricity)?

470) What is a beach?

471) What is a bio-nano generator?

472) What is a bladed turbine?

473) What is a blizzard?

474) What is a breeder reactor?

475) What is a calorie?

476) What is a canopy?

477) What is a canyon?

478) What is a carnivore?

479) What is a catalyst?

480) What is a chemical bond?

481) What is a chemical equation?

482) What is a chemical formula?

483) What is a chemical reaction?

484) What is a chemical spill?

485) What is a chemical symbol?

486) What is a circuit?

487) What is a cirrus cloud?

488) What is a coefficient?

489) What is a cold front?

490) What is a compass rose?

491) What is a complex machine?

492) What is a compound turbine?

493) What is a compound?

494) What is a coniferous forest?

495) What is a covalent bond?

496) What is a cover crop?

497) What is a crest?

498) What is a cross-linked polymer?

499) What is a cumulonimbus cloud?

500) What is a cumulus cloud?

501) What is a dam?

502) What is a deciduous forest?

503) What is a decomposer?

504) What is a dependent variable?

505) What is a desert?

506) What is a design barrier?

507) What is a diatomic molecule?

508) What is a dune?

509) What is a flood plain?

510) What is a flywheel (storage)?

511) What is a frequency?

512) What is a freshwater ecosystem?

513) What is a fuel cell?

514) What is a gas turbine?

515) What is a gene?

516) What is a geothermal exchange heat pump?

517) What is a glacier?

518) What is a heterogeneous mixture?

519) What is a homogeneous mixture?

520) What is a hurricane?

521) What is a Kaplan turbine?

522) What is a kytoon?

523) What is a land breeze?

524) What is a land surface?

525) What is a landform?

526) What is a lever?

527) What is a map legend?

528) What is a molecule?

529) What is a mountain?

530) What is a natural gas field?

531) What is a neutron?

532) What is a niche (ecology)?

533) What is a nimbus cloud?

534) What is a nitrogen cycle?

535) What is a noble gas?

536) What is a non-native species?

537) What is a nuclear reactor?

538) What is a nucleus?

539) What is a parasite?

540) What is a particle?

541) What is a physical adaptation?

542) What is a physical map?

543) What is a plant population?

544) What is a polar zone?

545) What is a pollutant?

546) What is a predator (biology)?

547) What is a prism?

548) What is a producer?

549) What is a product?

550) What is a propellant?

551) What is a proton?

552) What is a pulley?

553) What is a rain gauge?

554) What is a rainforest?

555) What is a reactant?

556) What is a reaction?

557) What is a salt water ecosystem?

558) What is a Savonius wind turbine?

559) What is a scientific law?

560) What is a scientific theory?

561) What is a screw (mechanics)?

562) What is a sea breeze?

563) What is a shelter?

564) What is a simple machine?

565) What is a solar box cooker?

566) What is a solar cell?

567) What is a solar chimney?

568) What is a solar panel?

569) What is a solar power satellite?

570) What is a solar updraft tower?

571) What is a species?

572) What is a spectroscope?

573) What is a stationary front?

574) What is a steam turbine?

575) What is a stranded gas reserve?

576) What is a stratus cloud?

577) What is a subatomic particle?

578) What is a substance?

579) What is a symbiotic relationship?

580) What is taxonomy?

581) What is a temperate zone?

582) What is a terrestrial ecosystem?

583) What is a Tesla turbine?

584) What is a thermal power station?

585) What is a thermometer?

586) What is a thunderstorm?

587) What is a tornado?

588) What is a tributary?

589) What is a tropical rainforest?

590) What is a tropical zone?

591) What is a trough?

592) What is a Tyson turbine?

593) What is a universal indicator?

594) What is a valley?

595) What is a variable?

596) What is a virus?

597) What is a volcanologist?

598) What is a warm Front?

599) What is a water cycle?

600) What is a water turbine?

601) What is a wavelength?

602) What is a weather forecast?

603) What is a weather instrument?

604) What is a weather map?

605) What is a weather pattern?

606) What is a wedge?

607) What is a wheel and axle?

608) What is a wind farm?

609) What is a wind turbine?

610) What is a wind vane?

611) What is acceleration?

612) What is acid rain?

613) What is action in physics?

614) What is activation energy?

615) What is adaptation?

616) What is agronomy?

617) What is air pressure?

618) What is alkali metal?

619) What is amplitude?

620) What is an anemometer?

621) What is an atom?

622) What is an atomic number?

623) What is an ecosystem?

624) What is an electrical grid?

625) What is an electron cloud?

626) What is an electron?

627) What is an element?

628) What is an endangered species?

629) What is an endothermic reaction?

630) What is an energy level?

631) What is an energy pyramid?

632) What is an energy tower?

633) What is an environmental factor?

634) What is an environmental resource?

635) What is an enzyme?

636) What is an estuary?

637) What is an exothermic reaction?

638) What is an external combustion engine?

639) What is an igneous rock?

640) What is an implosion?

641) What is an inclined plane?

642) What is an independent variable?

643) What is an inhibitor?

644) What is an ion?

645) What is an ionic bond?

646) What is an isotope?

647) What is an ocean basin?

648) What is an oil platform?

649) What is an oil refinery?

650) What is an oil spill?

651) What is an oil well?

652) What is an omnivore?

653) What is an oxygen cycle?

654) What is an unbalanced force?

655) What is anatomy?

656) What is animal adaptation?

657) What is animal population?

658) What is anthropology?

659) What is archaeology? 660) What is astronomy? 661) What is atmospheric science?

662) What is atomic energy?

663) What is atomic mass?

664) What is atomic theory?

665) What is bacteriology? 666) What is biochemistry? 667) What is biology? 668) What is biophysics? 669) What is botany?

670) What is balanced force?

671) What is biodiesel?

672) What is biodiversity?

673) What is biogas?

674) What is biomass?

675) What is a biome?

676) What is biotic?

677) What is bitumen?

678) What is bubble fusion?

679) What is buoyancy?

680) What is camouflage?

681) What is capillary action?

682) What is cartography? 683) What is chemistry? 684) What is climatology? 685) What is computer science? 686) What is cosmology? 687) What is criminology?

688) What is chemical weathering?

689) What is climate?

690) What is cloud cover?

691) What is coal?

692) What is cold fusion?

693) What is combustion?

694) What is competition?

695) What is compressed air energy storage?

696) What is concentrated solar power?

697) What is condensation?

698) What is conduction?

699) What is conservation of energy?

700) What is conservation of mass?

701) What is convection?

702) What is decomposition?

703) What is deep lake water cooling?

704) What is deforestation?

705) What is density?

706) What is dermatology? 707) What is developmental biology?

708) What is design constraint?

709) What is diesel fuel?

710) What is diffraction?

711) What is disease?

712) What is does heterozygous mean?

713) What is does homozygous mean?

714) What is dominance (biology)?

715) What is a dominant plant?

716) What is a Dyson sphere?

717) What is earth science?

718) What is ecology?

719) What is economics?

720) What is electricity?

721) What is electromagnetic radiation?

722) What is embryology?

723) What is energy?

724) What is entomology?

725) What is entropy?

726) What is epidemiology?

727) What is ergonomics?

728) What is erosion?

729) What is ethnology?

730) What is evaporation?

731) What is evolutionary biology?

732) What is exobiology?

733) What is extinction (biology)?

734) What is farming?

735) What is fauna?

736) What is flooding?

737) What is flora?

738) What is food?

739) What is force?

740) What is forestry?

741) What is fossil fuel?

742) What is freezing?

743) What is friction?

744) What is fuel efficiency?

745) What is fuel?

746) What is fusion power?

747) What is gasohol?

748) What is genetics?

749) What is genomics?

750) What is geology?

751) What is geothermal heating?

752) What is geothermal power?

753) What is gerontology?

754) What is glaciology?

755) What is global warming?

756) What is grassland?

757) What is gravity?

758) What is grid energy storage?

759) What is ground water?

760) What is habitat reduction?

761) What is habitat?

762) What is hematology?

763) What is herpetology?

764) What is high-altitude wind power?

765) What is histology?

766) What is horticulture? 767) What is hydrology?

768) What is Host (biology)

769) What is hydroelectricity?

770) What is hydrogen storage?

771) What is hydropower?

772) What is hypothesis? 773) What is theory as opposed to a hypothesis?

774) What is ice?

775) What is ichthyology?

776) What is immunology?

777) What is inertia?

778) What is inorganic chemistry?

779) What is interdependence (biology)?

780) What is kinesiology?

781) What is kinetic energy?

782) What is latitude?

783) What is length?

784) What is light crude?

785) What is light?

786) What is linguistics?

787) What is liquid fuel?

788) What is liquid nitrogen?

789) What is longitude?

790) What is marine biology?

791) What is mass?

792) What is materials science?

793) What is matter?

794) What is measurement?

795) What is mechanical design?

796) What is mechanics?

797) What is meiosis?

798) What is melting?

799) What is metallurgy?

800) What is metamorphic rock?

801) What is meteorology?

802) What is methanol?

803) What is microbiology?

804) What is mineralogy?

805) What is mitosis?

806) What is molecular biology?

807) What is momentum?

808) What is morphology?

809) What is motion?

810) What is natural gas vehicle?

811) What is natural gas?

812) What is neurology?

813) What is neuroscience?

814) What is Newton’s 1st Law of Motion?

815) What is Newton’s 2nd Law of Motion?

816) What is Newton’s 3rd Law of Motion?

817) What is nuclear energy?

818) What is nuclear fusion?

819) What is nuclear physics?

820) What is nuclear reprocessing?

821) What is nutrition?

822) What is ocean thermal energy conversion?

823) What is oceanography?

824) What is oil drilling?

825) What is oil shale?

826) What is oncology?

827) What is optics?

828) What is organic chemistry?

829) What is ornithology?

830) What is osmotic power?

831) What is over population?

832) What is oxidation?

833) What is paleontology?

834) What is parasitological?

835) What is pathology?

836) What is peat?

837) What is petroleum?

838) What is petrology?

839) What is photosynthesis?

840) What is physics?

841) What is physiology?

842) What is political science?

843) What is pollution?

844) What is potential energy?

845) What is precipitation?

846) What is pressure?

847) What is prey (biology)?

848) What is psychology?

849) What is quantum chemistry?

850) What is quantum physics?

851) What is radiation?

852) What is radiology?

853) What is recycling?

854) What is refined oil?

855) What is renewable energy?

856) What is respiration?

857) What is robotics?

858) What is rock erosion?

859) What is run-off?

860) What is sedimentary rock?

861) What is sedimentation?

862) What is seismology?

863) What is sexual reproduction?

864) What is small hydro?

865) What is sociobiology?

866) What is sociology?

867) What is soil composition?

868) What is soil erosion?

869) What is soil?

870) What is solar energy?

871) What is solar thermal energy?

872) What is solar water heating?

873) What is solid fuel?

874) What is sound Energy?

875) What is speed?

876) What is straight vegetable oil?

877) What is sustainable design?

878) What is synthesis?

879) What is temperate deciduous forest?

880) What is temperature?

881) What is the carbon cycle?

882) What is the cause of acne?

883) What is the cause of baldness?

884) What is the cause of cancer?

885) What is the crust of the Earth?

886) What is the difference between a hurricane and a typhoon?

887) What is the dominant animal?

888) What is the effect of a magnetic field on plant growth?

889) What is the effect of different amounts of air movement on plant growth?

890) What is the effect of different lubricants on gears?

891) What is the effect of increased or decreased oxygen on plant growth?

892) What is the effect of light on rate of seed germination?

893) What is the effect of pH on the lifespan of tadpoles?

894) What is the effect of salt on the boiling temperature of water?

895) What is the effect of toothpaste brand on teeth-cleaning power?

896) What is the environment (biology)?

897) What is the field of tectonics?

898) What is the Fischer-Tropsch process?

899) What is the food chain?

900) What is the food web?

901) What is the Francis turbine?

902) What is the metric system?

903) What is the periodic table?

904) What is the Punnett square?

905) What is the scientific method?

906) What is the scientific model?

907) What is the sulfur-iodine cycle?

908) What is the Sun?

909) What is the universe made of?

910) What is thermal depolymerization?

911) What is thermal energy?

912) What is thermodynamics?

913) What is thorium?

914) What is tidal power?

915) What is Time?

916) What is topographic map?

917) What is topsoil?

918) What is toxicology?

919) What is transmutation?

920) What is tropism?

921) What is uranium?

922) What is urology?

923) What is vacuum energy?

924) What is vaporization?

925) What is vegetation?

926) What is velocity?

927) What is vibration energy scavenging?

928) What is vibration?

929) What is virology?

930) What is viscosity?

931) What is volcanology?

932) What is volume?

933) What is vortex energy?

934) What is water quality improvement?

935) What is water?

936) What is wave power?

937) What is weather?

938) What is weathering?

939) What is wetland restoration?

940) What is wind direction?

941) What is wind energy?

942) What is wind speed?

943) What is wood fuel?

944) What is wood gas?

945) What is xenobiology?

946) What is xylology?

947) What is zero-point energy?

948) What is zoology?

949) What kind of glue holds two boards together better?

950) What kind of juice cleans pennies best?

951) What kind of things do magnets attract?

952) What makes popcorn pop?

953) What makes us human?

954) What material filters oily water the best?

955) What material is the best to keep heat in?

956) What materials dissolve in water?

957) What materials provide the best insulation?

958) What melts ice the fastest: sand, cat litter, or mineral rock salt?

959) What percentage of corn seeds in a package will germinate?

960) What plant foods contain starch?

961) What principles and factors affect the efficiency of electric motors?

962) What type of chocolate melts the fastest?

963) What type of cleaner removes ink stains best?

964) What type of liquid takes out the most stain?

965) What type of oil has the greatest density?

966) What type of soil filters polluted water the best?

967) What type of soil filters water the cleanest?

968) What type of water affects the growth of plants?

969) What types of bacteria are found in tap water?

970) What types of flowers attract the highest number of butterflies?

971) What’s the difference between bacteria and viruses?

972) Where is the best place to store home baked cookies to keep them fresh longest?

973) Which activity has the most change in blood pressure and pulse?

974) Which age group can remember the most facts?

975) Which air freshener lasts longest?

976) Which amount of air space is the best insulator for storm windows?

977) Which antacid is the most effective in neutralizing an acid?

978) Which best helps prevent soil erosion on a slope: plants, rocks, or mulch?

979) Which brand of breath mint lasts longest?

980) Which brand of chocolate bar melts fastest in the sun?

981) Which brand of diaper holds the most water?

982) Which brand of disposable diaper absorbs the most liquid?

983) Which brand of mouthwash kills the most bacteria?

984) Which brand of paper towel holds the most water?

985) Which brand of popcorn leaves the fewest unpopped kernels?

986) Which brand of popcorn pops the fastest?

987) Which brand of popcorn pops the most kernels?

988) Which brand of potato chips has the least grease?

989) Which brand of soap makes the most suds?

990) Which bridge type holds the most weight?

991) Which can support more weight: paper or plastic grocery bags?

992) Which cereal brand stays crunchy in milk the longest?

993) Which cheese grows mold the fastest?

994) Which chocolate melts the fastest?

995) Which cleans teeth more effectively: baking soda or toothpaste?

996) Which detergent will take out the most grape juice?

997) Which diaper holds the most water?

998) Which dish soap makes the most bubbles?   Testing

999) Which dissolves better in water – salt or baking soda?

1,000) Which do people prefer: a booth or a table toward the middle of a restaurant?

1,001) Which electromagnet design is the strongest?

1,002) Which engine oil reduces friction the most?

1,003) Which frozen dessert melts slowest: ice cream, frozen yogurt, or sorbet?

1,004) Which grows faster: fingernails or toenails?

1,005) Which has a better chance of survival: grass that was planted as seed or sod?

1,006) Which has a longer life: an LED or an incandescent light bulb?

1,007) Which hearing is better, boys or girls?

1,008) Which holds hair in place for a longer period of time: gel or hairspray?

1,009) Which home insulation works best?

1,010) Which home smoke detector is the most sensitive?

1,011) Which house plant fertilizer works best?

1,012) Which increases your heart rate more: walking up and down real stairs or using a stair-master?

1,013) Which is a better insulator: wool, cotton, or down feathers?

1,014) Which is better at cleaning mold and mildew: vinegar or commercial cleaning agents?

1,015) Which kind of bread in which light conditions does mold grow the most?

1,016) Which kind of gum keeps its flavor longer: sugar-free or regular?

1,017) Which laundry detergent works the best?

1,018) Which lightens stains better: vinegar or lemon juice?

1,019) Which liquid causes plants to grow the tallest?

1,020) Which liquid has the highest viscosity?

1,021) Which liquid produces the most mold on bread?

1,022) Which lubricants make it most difficult to pick a screwdriver?

1,023) Which materials absorb the most water?

1,024) Which materials keep ice cubes from melting for the longest time?

1,025) Which metal conducts heat best?

1,026) Which nail polish best resists chipping best?

1,027) Which natural magnet is the strongest?

1,028) Which paper towel is the strongest?

1,029) Which plastic trash bag is the strongest?

1,030) Which self-adhesive floor tile resists wear the most?

1,031) Which solute raises the temperature most at which water boils?

1,032) Which stains dentures more: coffee, soda, or grape juice?

1,033) Which stays fresher longer: organic or non-organic fruit?

1,034) Which student in class has the greatest lung capacity?

1,035) Which toothbrushes last longest: ones with natural or nylon bristles?

1,036) Which travels faster-a snail or a worm?

1,036) Which type of bread toasts fastest?

1,037) Which type of bread turns moldy first: store bought or bakery bread?

1,038) Which type of container traps the most heat: a shoebox covered in aluminum foil, plastic wrap, or wax paper?

1,039) Which type of cup will keep a hot drink warm longer: paper, plastic, Styrofoam, or glass?

1,040) Which type of fertilizer helps plants grow taller?

1,041) Which type of fruit is more acidic: lemons, oranges, or watermelon?

1,042) Which type of line carries sound waves best?

1,043) Which type of liquid affects the size of a sugar crystal?

1,044) Which type of photos do people hold on to longer before making prints: digital or film?

1,045) Which type of soap removes more grease: dish soap, hand soap, or shampoo?

1,046) Which type of soda will degrade teeth the most?

1,047) Which type of sunglass lens blocks the most light?

1,048) Which type of wax will melt the fastest?

1,049) Which type\size of light bulb produces the most light?

1,050) Which uses more water: a shower or a bath?

1,051) Which videotape maintains the best picture for the greatest amount of use?

1,052) Who buys from the “sale” rack more often: kids or adults?

1,053) Who can balance better on the balls of their feet-boys or girls?

1,054) Who was Albert Einstein?

1,055) Who was Archimedes?

1,056) Who was Aristotle?

1,057) Who was Galileo?

1,058) Who was Louis Pasteur?

1,059) Who was Marie Curie?

1,060) Who was Michael Faraday?

1,061) Who was Nikola Tesla?

1,062) Who was Sir Isaac Newton?

1,063) Who was Thomas Alva Edison?

1,064) Why do boats float?

1,065) Why do cats always land on their feet?

1,066) Why do children play with toys?

1,067) Why do humans listen to music?

1,068) Why do I feel dizzy when I spin?

1,069) Why are my eyes the color they are?

1,070) Why do leaves change color in the fall?

1,071) Why do some objects, such as doors and windows, get bigger and smaller?

1,072) Why do stars twinkle?

1,073) Why do we dream?

1,074) Why does my hair stand on end when I take off my hat on a cold, dry day?

1,075) Why don’t the oceans freeze?

1,076) Will a ball bounce higher if it is dropped at a greater distance from the floor?

1,077) Will a rubber band stretch the some distance every time that the same amount of weight is attached to it?

1,078) Will adding bleach to the water of a plant reduce fungus growth?

1,079) Will bananas brown faster on the counter or in the refrigerator?

1,080) Will more air inside a basketball make it bounce higher?

1,081) Will the fin size and position affect a rocket’s flight?

1,082) Will water with salt evaporate faster than water without salt?

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