America – The Story of Us ~ Episode 05 – Civil War

The American Civil War rages. The formidable Confederate army cannot match the Union’s mastery of technology; railroads, manufacturing capacity, supply lines and the telegraph become new weapons in a modern war.

1) How did the invention of the Minié ball impact the fighting & number of casualties (deaths) during the Civil War?  How does the number of casualties compare with other American wars?

2) What were some other important inventions that affected the course of the war?

Civil-War weapons-of-war

Field artillery

Spencer repeating rifle



3) What was medicine in the American Civil War like?

4) Who is Clara Barton, and why was she significant?

5) What is embalming and how did embalming change the American Civil War change funerals?

6) When was the Emancipation Proclamation signed and why?

7) Why is the Battle of Gettysburg still considered to be a turning point in the war?

8) What was the message of the Gettysburg Address?

9) What is Sherman’s March to the Sea?

10) Why did the North win?

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