Photo Essay

What did you think of the smoking photo essay overall?

Which photo was the most effective photo?

This photo essay had more photos than the first one.  Did you think the extra photos made a difference?

This photo essay had narration as opposed to the first video.  Was the narration effective?

This photo essay had music in addition to narration.  Did the music add to the emotional impact of the photo essay?

These two photo essay went with a combination of text and music.  What do you think of this approach?

This photo essay used pictures and music.  What do you think of this combination?

Which photo essay did you like the most?

What sort of media mix will you use in your photo essay?

1) Pictures only

2) Pictures and narration

3) Pictures, narration and music.

4) Pictures, text and music

5) Pictures and music

My Own Photo Essays:

The videos above were made with Animoto!

Photo Composition Online Worksheet

WereVerse Universe Baby!

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