SWOT Analysis of Kathryn Janeway


Captain Kathryn Janeway starred in Star Trek: Voyager. The Starfleet vessel USS Voyager becomes stranded in the Delta Quadrant (on the far side of the Milky Way galaxy, 70,000 light-years from Earth. Voyager has to make the estimated 75-year journey home.


Captain Kathryn Janeway was a trained scientist. In contrast, Captain Jean-Luc Picard was an accomplished diplomat. Captain Picard’s approach to technical solutions is to say “Make it so”. Captain James T. Kirk was a “space cowboy” that focused on conflict not technology. Standard warp technology means that the Voyager’s journey will take over 70 years so novel transport options are explored in several episodes. As a scientist, Captain Janeway can understand the science behind the solutions provided by the crew and can add input to improve on the technical aspects of the solutions proposed.


Captain Kirk had a strong relationship with an inner circle rather than with the crew in general. If you wore a red shirt and went on a mission with Captain Kirk then you were probably not going home after the mission. Captain Picard had, as Spock noted in Star Trek: The Next Generation Unification II, an “almost Vulcan quality” that affected his interpersonal style. Captain Janeway tended to have a more empathic, personal relationship with many of her subordinates. Perhaps because of this, Captain Janeway hesitates to send subordinates into high risk situations even when this makes tactical sense.


Captain Janeway was constantly looking for opportunities to cut down the 75 year travel time from the Delta Quadrant to the Alpha Quadrant.


Captain Janeway and her crew are stranded in the Delta Quadrant so the main threats are the Borg, Kazon and Vidiians. In contrast other Captains have had to deal with Beta Quadrant threats such as Cardassians and the Klingons.

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