America – The Story of Us ~ Episode 03 – Westward

Trailblazing pioneers set out to conquer the west in the mid-19th century, but find the land already occupied. Wagon trains meet hardship on the road to California’s gold. The steamboat ushers in a new era of commerce, industry, and unprecedented wealth.

The student will be able to answer simple questions about America: The Story of Us: Episode 3 Westward.

1) Who is Daniel Boone?

2) What was the Lewis and Clark Expedition?

3) What are the Rocky Mountains like?

4) Why are beavers valuable during this time period?

Beaver Hat

5) What is a Grizzly bear like?

6) What is the Battle of the Alamo?

7) What is a Gold rush?

8) What is a wagon train?

9) What happened to the Donner Party?

10) What is the Mississippi River?

11) Classify and label some of the factors in America: The Story of Us: Episode 3 Westward as an incentive (I), aid (A) or obstacle (O) to American Westward expansion:

Beaver Trade ( ), Friendly Native Americans ( ), Gold in California ( ), Grizzly Bears ( ), Hostile Native Americans ( ), Mexican Government in Texas ( ), Mississippi River ( ), Rocky Mountains ( ) and Wagon Trains ( ).


Beaver Trade – Incentive

Friendly Native Americans – Aid

Gold in California – Incentive

Grizzly Bears – Obstacle

Hostile Native Americans – Obstacle

Mexican Government in Texas – Obstacle

Mississippi River – Aid

Rocky Mountains – Obstacle

Wagon Trains – Aid

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