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1Hugh Fox PowerPoint Design

1) How would you like to be a PowerPoint designer?

2) Professional PowerPoint Presentation Template Flat Design Style

3) Brilliant presentation example

2Graphic Design and PowerPoint Design Resized

4) Graphic Design Theory

5) Graphic Design for Beginners






-Complementary colors

-Analogous colors

6) Color Theory

7) Color relationships



8) 5 Forbidden Color Combinations | Graphic Design Tips from PrintPlace.com



9) Typography


10) The History of Typography – Animated Short



11) Typography | Off Book | PBS



12) A Defense of Comic Sans



13) Comic Sans Must Die I The Feed


2serif-sansserif 3popular_serif_fonts 4popular_sans_serif4_fonts


5Percentage Saying they Would Use a Font Various Media

14) Typography Design History




15) PowerPoint Templates


16) How to Create and Apply PowerPoint Templates For Dummies



17) PowerPoint Slide Analysis Exercise

PowerPoint Slide Analysis Exercise

1) How does the above slide use contrast?

2) How does the above slide use repetition?

3) How does the above slide use alignment?

4) How does the above slide use proximity?

5) How does the above slide use color?

6) Does the slide use complementary colors?

7) Does the slide use analogous colors?

8) Is the type serif or sans serif?

18)  International PowerPoint Template Collage Exercise

1) The student will select a template for an international organization such as an international college.

2) What category do you prefer?

3) Which slide do you prefer in each category?

International PowerPoint Template Collage Exercise

More PowerPoint Templates at:


Worksheet at:


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