Humans must become more logical or go extinct!

Today in January 22, 2023 and the Chinese New Year! I have a message for all who read my website. We face a series of tests of logic as a species we must pass or God will erase our species and start again.  I had a breakthrough of sorts February 14th, 2023.  Two super-hot girls gave me roses for Valentine’s Day.  I have worked hard for the last two years of self-improvement. I swim 25 laps a day, one day is for upper body strength, one day is for lower body strength.  I have engaged in self-study to survey all the major religions in an honest pursuit to figure out how the human race can become more logical. I received a reward of sorts on Valentine’s Day when I chose that day to finish waxing my whole body. 

A body wax if done correctly does remove hair permanently and is painful but I do look better and the massage parlor gals were impressed how I took the pain in a stoic manner and even joked and laughed.  I did a full body wax in Thailand long ago and that removed about half of my hair and the second body wax removed all my hair permanently except for the throat which took four treatments.  By the way waxing your hair from your throat is the most painful procedure. I would say the genitalia area is number two. The least painful area for wax removal is the arms and legs.  I hate cold places and if I have any choice then will stay in a tropical and subtropical climate and no body hair makes you feel fresher and cooler and it easier to wash your body in the shower. There is some marginal improvement in the area of athletic performance.

The prettiest gal of the massage parlor bought me a red rose, a real rose, not one of those cheap plastic ones.  I was very touched.  When I came back to my apartment the most beautiful women working for the apartment greeted me with another real rose and a big one at that.  An omen?  Who knows.  I have tried to lead a mindful life the last two years. I am benevolent to all as Confucius suggests or rather that is my interpretation of Confucius. I treat people with respect and they in turn treat me respect. I am not a pacifist and one vile bar girl did throw a beer in my face without provocation and I stopped doing business with that bar which calls itself a coffee house despite selling more beer than coffee. Lies are part of human condition.

From Buddhism I have learned that emotional management is crucial for happiness and social harmony.  So far, I have studied Christianity, Islam, Buddhism and Confucianism and based on this self-study I have come to the conclusion all the creeds studied ask that humans should treat each other with respect NOT love.  Love is a slippery word and to love humanity is too ambitious as I have observed in 65 years on this planet. Let’s try to treat each other with respect and maybe in some distant future we can aim for love. I would argue with the Christians that love presumes respect and that Christians do not treat none Christians and none Westerners with even respect so work on treating other humans with respect and then preach love.

1)The problem of war – MAKE MONEY NOT WAR!

The human race has the economic resources to create a utopia but we burn money literally on the pursuit of war. Economic problems create revolutions. Revolution leads to dead rich people. Some rich people make money from war but not most. I urge the plutocrats that make money in times of peace and want to stay alive to make money not war. All men are brothers? What nonsensical prattle! Human are born selfish. We care about our biological brothers more than are so-called brothers in Christianity. I appeal to the self-interest of the rich and the poor. Peace is good for business in the LONG run. War is bad for business in the LONG run. Forget compassion. Humans need to become more logical not more compassionate. A race of devils, and we may very well be such a race, would make peace to make money! Conventional weapons alone can destroy nations and we come up with ever new ways to destroy ourselves. When elephants wrestle the grass suffers and elephants need grass to eat. If we damage the environment more than we have with war then we cannot eat. Endless war is not sustainable. Heck even our current population of eight billion is not sustainable. Make money not war! I have no army or fortune and my internet infrastructure is pretty pathetic but logic has power! One more time with feeling “Make money not war”. Humans are tribal by nature but also greedy and rational. May our greed and rationality triumph over our xenophobic nature.

There should be a conversation about the peaceful transition of global leadership from the US to the China.China has so far been a more rational international citizen. China is not perfect but building roads and other infrastructure for trade and money seems a more sustainable enterprise than starting wars and supplying weapons like some other nation does. No names for I am logical not brave. This other nation has been known to eliminate actors that interfere with profits via accidents. Logical people in general do not do well. The examples of Socrates and Galileo came to mind. China has slowly but surely used the Belt and Round Initiative to build a global network of friends and if not friends then nations that wish to be neutral in any struggle for influence between China and the United States.   China offers trade and stable leadership.  China works through influence and the power of profits rather than the use of military bases and endless wars.  The United States on the other hand. Well only an idiot doesn’t know what the United States does at this point in history. Let’s me just write that the USA seems to get involved in an awful lot of conflicts defending democracy or human rights or whatever.

2. Reality Confusion

From my POV as dire as the current geopolitical situation is this is not the biggest threat to human existence. The internet is powerful. The internet allows me to access information and educated myself and others but the internet is also addictive. Internet addiction is a real problem. People get cyber space mixed up with reality. The internet is used as a tool by the USA to start wars. People see transgenders online and transgender medical procedures are normalized. Teen are depressed like teens have been for millennia but can now decide the “cure” for their depression is gender transforming surgery that is largely irreversible. As far as I am concerned social media is a greater danger to the human race than nuclear weapons. Nuclear weapons threaten our bodies but not our souls. Social media leads to sloth and obesity and threatens the soul of humanity as well. If I had a button that would destroy the internet then I would press it. Unfortunately, I have no such button so will use my feeble internet infrastructure to rail against the internet and social media in particular. I am fighting fire with fire. I am fully aware of the irony of my position. However, God does provide miracles and perhaps my feeble internet infrastructure will grow. I have 5.4k followers on Facebook despite no effort to get any followers. I have a back log of friend requests in the hundreds which I ignore. I guess I have to become an idol to have more than five thousand friends. The Bible is quite clear about idolatry!

“You shall have no other gods before me. This is expressed in the Bible in Exodus 20:3, Matthew 4:10, Luke 4:8 and elsewhere, e.g.: Ye shall make you no idols nor graven image, neither rear you up a standing image, neither shall ye set up any image of stone in your land, to bow down unto it: for I am the Lord your God.”

I am 65 and even if I live to a hundred my time on this earth will soon be at an end. I am not becoming and idol and risking hell or a bad reincarnation or whatever awaits me after death. I do not even know most of my so-called friends and unfriend them at a drop of a hat to make room for actual new friends. I generally send a link of one of my writings and ask the so-called friend or wanna be friend what they think and no response means I unfriend or block them. An amazing number want to switch to Instagram that is even worse than Facebook in my opinion. You flunked the first test but want to make me join a worse social media site than Facebook? ILLOGICAL! TikTok is the worst site invented so far but sure clever people will make something even more injurious to human mental and spiritual health. 

Gender Dysphoria is a form of reality confusion.  The link I provide suggests that surgery is the answer rather than counseling. Perhaps our desire to change gender should be examined rather than using counseling and surgery to alter our gender which is a one-way trip. We are born male or female and perhaps this is a condition we should just accept. Gender dysphoria is another great problem we face as a species. Transgenderism aided by medical science is a Frankenstein approach to reality that leads to monsters. I suppose in the future humans will want to be cats or dogs and choose to have surgery to become cats and dogs. Just because you desire something it does not mean one should follow this desire. I may want to fly but attaching paper wings to my shoulders and trying to fly is not a good idea.


1)The solution turn-off the internet one day a week.

Internet addiction is a problem. Millions of humans spend time on screen entering a constructed reality that less and less semblance to reality which causes them to lose touch with reality.  Humans question their gender and worse the Infographics Channel in particular is trying to sell WW III as a viable solution to the loss of US global authority and influence. The internet is a valuable resource. 

I depend heavily on YouTube to process information that would take me twenty more times vial analog technology i.e., books BUT there is always too much of a good thing.  I will try to use a food analogy. Food is necessary for our survival but too much food and the wrong food leads to obesity, heart attacks, high blood pressure and actually interferes with survival.  The internet is a technology that can be used for creating a better society or a worse society.  How about turning off the internet one day a week at the server level. At this point nations can turn off the internet without any sort of help from the global community.  Use that day for prayer, good works, reading, playing with your children, or even something as simple as saying hello to your neighbor.  Of course, there will be resistance and some loss internet commerce but for one day a week humans can become in touch with reality and ponder how none stop usage of cell phones to watch porn and other nonsense affects their mental health.

2. Time for new global leadership!

The US rules the internet and the military-industrial complex uses the internet to create consensus and endless war to the detriment of all and ironically to the detriment of Americans most of all. A few fat cats make obscene profits and it’s the working class that loses arms and legs and even sanity in wars that serve no purpose but to generate profits. Let’s do a little trip through history.  The Vietnam War gained the US nothing and destabilized SE Asia and led to the Killing Field/Cambodian Genocide and every time I see a beggar without legs, I realize Americans are clueless about history.  Then the US started a war with Iraq over Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD’s) and when none where found the war became one for democracy and broadened into a larger war against Islam in general and radicalized Islam.  The Muslims do not hate us because we are free but because we bomb and torture them.  Who know what the Chinese are doing with their Muslims but simple logic tells us that pales in comparison to the treatment of the US of the Muslims. Interestingly, Muslims are quite logical and friendly to me, an American while be fulling aware of what the US military-industrial complex has done to the Muslims. Muslims on the whole can differentiate between me and my government. Unlike Americans who fall for Yellow Peril arguments and interned Japanese Americans during WW II. The came the war in Afghanistan that led to us fleeing and leaving billions of dollars of the latest military equipment and thus making the Taliban the best armed military in that region and able to coerce India and Pakistan. The military-industrial complex of the US started a war in Ukraine after repeatedly ignoring Putin’s reasonable demands not to allow Ukraine to join NATO or be a NATO controlled country. 

Now the military-industrial complex wants to start a war with China! A war with China will lead to total defeat of the US in Asia even it stays conventional. WW III with nuclear weapons is not survivable and all the Infographic Channels and propaganda on the internet will not change this fact.  It is easier to not spill wine than put spilled wine back into the glass it came from. Is rebuilding Ukraine going to be the mission of the EU for the next fifty years. Does Europe to be the cleanup crew for the mess the US made with a totally unnecessary war? Where are all the people displaced by the Ukraine War going to go? Not the US but EU countries.

The EU already faces an immigration crisis and now this crisis will be compounded by the Ukraine War. The Ukraine will require billions of dollars to rebuild if it becomes a member of the EU. This means more taxes and European nation states already are taxed at some of the highest levels in the world. The EU was created to make the lives of Europeans better not worse. Time for the world to look for new leadership of our fragile planet. I suggest China. China focuses on product i.e., money not process i.e., democracy and a rule based international order which in reality the US makes rules that benefit the US at the expense of the world including Europe. Wake up Europe!

I pose a problem to the Chinese leadership if and when they assume global leadership. The US can solve its debt problem by cutting back of defense spending dramatically. The 800 plus US military bases make enemies for the US and make the US less secure not more secure on a daily basis as I have watched daily in Asia. I have been in Asia since 1999. I deliberately wore my hair long in South Korea and Japan so I would not be mistaken for a US GI. The South Koreans and Japanese hate US GIs and who can blame them. The GIs get drunk, disrespect the local women, take drugs, sell drugs and generally treat the people of the host nation with blatant disrespect. I have had many German friends in Asia and they spit on the ground when you mention US GIs. I would extrapolate that anywhere US GIs are stationed they make enemies.

Geography is and always has been the best defense of the USA LOGICALLY. Two huge oceans and weak neighbors are a better defense than any wall or billions spent on needless bases abroad. George Washington warned us of “foreign entanglements”. Oh. Hitler is used as the argument for the demise of US isolationism and the rise of US globalism. Hitler knew crossing the Atlantic to invade the US was mad and Hitler did not attack the US but Japan and how in the world was Japan going to invade California. Well we have nuclear weapons now and can destroy any nation trying to create an invasion fleet within an hour-long distance. Hypersonic missiles mean we can do a surgical strike against a fleet being built. Retain the air force and space program but get rid of the bases and give the world hope we are making real progress in solving the debt problem. China has a huge interest in at least a stable US economy for we have a symbiotic economic relationship as any intelligent educated person in the US knows. Anyway, what nation with an ounce of sense is going to invade a nation where common citizens are armed and belong to militias. China? Russia? Mexico has far more to fear from armed Americas who consume drugs than US citizens have to fear from Mexicans.

I realize threat creation via marketing regardless of the truth of such a threat is necessary to keep the military-industrial complex of the US in power and making profits but this machine has destroyed any chance of global peace and a sound environment and now goes forward and threatens to start WW III. The military-industrial complex does NOT have the interests of the US citizens as a consideration at all. One cannot expect a ruling class to voluntarily give up power. When has any ruling class ever given up power voluntarily? Plus, if the troops are withdrawn from NATO and Asia and well everywhere what will they do for a living. Unemployed soldiers are prone to use violent and criminal means to survive. However, the US soldiers do have technical skills and are relatively disciplined. Surely there must be some sort of infrastructure project they can do. I have some excellent ideas as to how the US military-industrial complex can be overthrown minus WW III with surgical precision. I reserve the right to pass on these ideas orally rather than on the internet. I do not have all the answers but do have a lifetime of international experience, a doctorate and read thousands of books. I do think stating the problems we face is a good start to solving a problem. I am intellectual not a Buddha. LOL! The US is ahead of the rest of the world in the area of space exploration and could use this technology to beam energy from the sun using satellites and airships. If the temperature goes up then domed houses are possible. However, the problem is deeper. Humans are great at technology but mad humans cannot use that technology to solve the myriad of problems we face.


Turning of the internet would be my one giant suggestion above all other suggestions. Well, I write to an empty room.  No one reads what I write but at least I try and I will be a more handsome corpse due to my daily exercise regime and I did receive two roses out of the blue on Valentines Day 2023 before I left this mortal coil. The religions are quite clear on the topic of suicide.  Suicide is not an option.  Anyway, I am not a quitter. Not now, not in the past and not ever! I am hopeful despite logic. Perhaps there is an ET or God or Gods or some larger force that watches over us. Humans are so much more intelligent than the other species on this planet. Why? I did state humans are more intelligent not wiser that other species. If some higher being did help us evolved this intelligence then perhaps it has a vested interest in our survival. No rapture or anything so dramatic but a nudge here and a nudge there.

Perhaps I will have a CIA arranged accident soon. I am more than a bit fatalistic and can accept that humans as a species has a set lifetime on this planet like all species but do have a sense of duty to try to, so trite, save my species. Well, I am no Batman but getting a doctorate made me literate. I can put forth my argument for logic. Perhaps logical self interest can work were compassion has failed. I can face God, Jehovah, Allah, the Tao or whatever and say I did try my best with the limited powers I had in this life.

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I am 65 and have lived in ten countries for 40 years. I have more questions than answers despite having the advantages of education, travel and relative wealth. I can only offer some personal advice. If a person tries to convert you just smile and walk away. Turn the other cheek so to speak. I have found out via experience that logic and argument rarely work in the case of religion. There seems to be some part of the brain that shuts down when the subject of religion comes up. My core belief is that harmony and logic are good things and I have found in my life that Buddhism is logical and leads to harmony. Perhaps the experience of others is different. I might be a Taoist? I don’t really understand Taoism but there seems to be a sort of metaphysical wind or wave that governs the universe and if you surf it like the Silver Surfer (Marvel) you are happy and if not then you are less happy. I know rather silly. I do ask the question. Can religion be a force for unity and harmony among humans. I am not sure. I suppose old age and experience will help me find the answer. I can offer one piece of advice. When in doubt lift weights or swim or do some sort of exercise. Less screen time and more body time works for me. I also know that in general peace is preferable to war.

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