Super Soldier Timeline

5-10 Years from now

Camouflage via color shifting nanotechnology

Exoskeleton – see HAL latter in this lesson

Helmet – gas mask, stereoscopic night vision cameras, voice activated commands

Nanotechnology Carbon Tube Body Armor

Weapon – see XM25 later in this lesson


Programmable bullets!

US Military Robots

Robots don’t bleed!

10-20 Years from now

Hybrid Assistive Limb Suit (HAL)

There are several exoskeletons in development but HAL is the most futuristic.

20 years plus from now

Many new technologies can radically improve command, control, communication and intelligence:

3-D Flat-Panel Displays – Communication

3-D LCDs – Communication

Ambient Displays – Communication

Augmented Reality – Control

Artificial Intelligence – Command, control communication and intelligence

Biometric Authentication to Mobile Devices – Control, Intelligence

Chip Implants – Command, control communication and intelligence

Computer-Brain Interface – Command, control communication and intelligence

Digital Pens – Communication

Electronic Paper – Communication


Emotion Detection – Intelligence (detect lying)

Eye Tracking – Control

Exobrain – Command, control communication and intelligence

Fabric Sensors – Control

Futuristic Melee Weapons – Control

Gesture Recognition – Control

Handwriting Recognition – Intelligence

Head-Mounted Displays – Communication, control

Hibernation – Control – Leader can survive death

Intelligence Amplification – Command, control communication and intelligence

Machine Translation – Communication, control

Machine Vision – Control

Mobile Transphones – Communication

Neuroinformatics – Control

Organic Light-Emitting Devices – Control

Pico Projectors – Communication

Prescence – Communication

Public Virtual Worlds – Communication

Rich Prescence – Control

Speech Recognition – Communication

Speech-to Speech Translation – Communication

Surface Computers – Command, control communication and intelligence

Tangible User Interface – Command, control communication and intelligence

Virtual Assistants – Command, control communication and intelligence

Virtual Reality – Command, control communication and intelligence

Volumetric (Holographic) – Communication

Wearable Computers – Command, control communication and intelligence

30 plus years from now

 Robotic armies have largely replaced human soldiers but sometimes, intelligent tactical operations that require minimal collateral damage for diplomatic reasons require the deft touch of a human.  The creators of robot armies could make robots that are intelligent enough to replace humans on the battlefield but do not do this because of technical reasons but because the fear of robot rebellion is very real.

Smart Suit

In the future, a suit is created that allows the user to control robots at the
squad level and use sensory information from the robots.  In the short run, there is a use a combination of speech recognition and eye tracking to control the robots but in the long run an exocortex is created for robotic communication and control on the battle field.  Bulky Iron Man style suits have been abandoned.  They have been replaced by sleek smart suits that provide camouflage and a vast array of sensory information.  The suit extends tactile awareness so the user can feel movement of objects around it.  In short a type of tactile radar.  The user has 360 degree awareness of their environment and learns to use their suit and not just their eyes.  The suit can also act as a giant echolocation device so the user can feel objects in the dark.  Exoskeletons that cut the user off from the environment are replaced by suits that allow the user to have maximal environmental awareness and avoid harm rather than survive harm.

 In later years, miniaturized energy weapons are placed strategically around the
suit.  These energy weapons can intercept and destroy metal projectiles from primitive firearms known in the vernacular of the 20th century as “guns”.
Echolocation via sound is replaced by an invisible low energy field that
allows the suit to identify any projectile entering the field at greater than
the speed of sound and the projectile is disintegrated.  The human brain cannot operate at the speed of light so the processing function of the personal antiballistic system is handled by a neocortex that does operate at the speed of light.  Basically the soldier has her/his personal antiballistic system!

Bionic Robots

In this future, humans are the brains.  Robots are the brawn!  The new
style squad would consist of one human and three robots.  Bionic robotics has reached an apex.  Robots mimic animals that are the products of millions of years of evolution.  The robotic equivalent of animal musculature, sensory systems and lower and higher nervous systems has been created for many animals.

One of the robots is the robotic version of a dog and is used for tactical
reconnaissance and offensive capability at a distance.  This is the first bionic robot created.  The dog like robot has low intelligence but able to do all the military functions that dogs have provided in history but better.  The robot can sense IUD’s from a distance with a robotic version of an olfactory sense.  The robot also has sensory capabilities the human does not due to limitations of the human brain.

The second robot is mimics a gorilla and is basically a larger, stronger human and can do things like very heavy manual labor.  The ape like robot carries huge amounts of ammo and other equipment the squad needs.  The ape like robot does have a heavy exoskeleton that the human can use for protection by having the robot step in front of the human.  The robot can also carry the human in
situations that require such an action.  The ape like robot has higher intelligence than the other robots but is not too intelligent!  The makers of these robots have no desire for a robotic planet of the apes occur during their administration!

Insect Robots

The third robot is a bionic version of a flying insect for greater reconnaissance
than the dog like robot but has limited offensive capabilities perhaps
something like a stinger for the assassination of high yield targets like officers were the possible sacrifice of the robot is worth the cost.  The human is kept far away from danger and uses the robots for attack.  The ape like
robot operates within sight range.  The dog like robot seek out the enemy past sight range and has armor and offensive capability but relies on mobility for survival rather than armor.  The flying insect provides protection by providing intelligence rather than offensive capability.

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