List of Persuasive Speech Topics


Abuse of the Elderly

Abused Women

Academic Dishonesty

Academic Freedom

Acid Rain



Affirmative Action

Affirmative Action Laws



Age Discrimination

Aging Population

Agricultural Policy

Aids choices for Life


Air Bags

Air Pollution

Airline Safety

Alcohol Abuse

Aliens and UFO’s

Alternative imprisonment

Alternative Medicine

American Education Reform

Amnesty: Should prisoners receive this?

Animal Experimentation

Animal Rights

Animal Welfare

Anorexia Nervosa


Arab-Israeli Conflict

Armed Conflicts

Arms Control

Arms Trade

Assisted Suicide


Atomic Energy

Ballot Initiatives

Battered Women

Beauty is more than skin deep

Beginning of Life Issues

Bermuda Triangle


Bilingual Education


Biological and Chemical Weapons

Bird Flu

Birth Control

Body Piercings

Books: are they a thing of the past?

Brand Names cost more, but is the quality any better

Breast Feeding in Public

Breast Implants

Budgeting as well as spending


Cameras in Courtrooms

Campaign Finance Reform

Campus Issues – Dating

Campus Issues – Greek Life

Campus Issues – Student Fees

Campus Issues – Student Funding

Campus Issues – Student Govt.

Campus Issues – Student Life

Campus Issues – Technology

Capital Punishment

Censor Hate Speech

Censorship of Internet

Censorship of Press

Chain Gangs

Chat Rooms: Are they safe?

Child Labor

Church State Issues

City Curfews

Civil Rights

Climate Change Policy


Condoms in Schools

Conservation and Recycling: Is it Important

Creationism vs. Evolution


Cults Kill

Death Penalty



Disabilities Act

Discrimination Laws

Divorce: Does it destroy children?

Does dieting lead to Eating Disorders? Domestic Violence

Donor Insemination: Selling Babies

Dr. Kevorkian

Drinking Age

Drug Legalization

Drug Policy

Drunk Driving

Eating Less Meat Ebonics

Endangered Oceans

Endangered Species

Espionage and Intelligence Gathering

Ethnic Violence


Family Violence

Fat Tax on Food


Filtering Internet

Food Additives

Food Stamps

Foreign Oil Dependence

Foreign Policy

Foster Care


Fur is not a Fashion Statement (using animal fur for coats)



Gay Marriage

Gay Rights

Gene Testing

Genetic Engineering

Genetically Engineered Foods


Ghosts: Are they real?

Global Resources

Global Warming: Fact or Fiction

Government Fraud and Waste

Government Regulation of Utilities

Gun Control

Gun Laws

Hate Crime

Health Care Policy

Home Schooling

Homeland Security

Homeless in America

Human Cloning

Hunting Laws

Illiteracy: Is it a problem

Immigrants and Illegal Aliens


Immunity Rights for Political Leaders

Infectious Diseases

Inner City Poverty

Internet Chat rooms


Islamic Fundamentalism

Juvenile Crime

Language Policy

Legal System

Legalized Gambling

Legalizing Marijuana


Mandatory Seatbelt Laws

Marriage and Divorce

Media Ethics

Media Violence

Medical Ethics


Medicinal Marijuana

Medicine Abuse

Minimum Wage

Missile Defense System

Mothers should stay at home

National Tobacco Settlement


Nuclear Technology

Nuclear Weapons

Online Gambling

Organ Donation

Organ Transplants

Organized Crime


Pesticide Use

Physician-Assisted Suicide




Prayer in Schools

Priests: Should priests be allowed to marry?

Prison regime

Privacy rights for Celebrities

Public Office Terms

Race Relations

Racial Profiling

Rain Forests



Religions: Should they interfere with medical care? Religious Right

Reproductive Technologies

Right to own Pit bulls

School Uniforms

School Violence

Sex Education

Should American companies go overseas for workers?

Single Parent Families


Smoking in Public Places

Social Security Reform

Social Welfare

Space Exploration

Space Program

Speed Limits

Stadium Taxes

Stem Cell Research


Stomach stapling

Tax Laws

Tax Reform

Teen Pregnancy

Term Limits


Test Tube Babies


Tobacco Industry

Trade with China


Urban Terrorism

US Budget

US War on Drugs


Violent Video Games

Voluntary National Testing

War Crimes

War on Drugs

Water Resources

Weapons Disarmament

Welfare Reform

Women in the Military

Women’s Rights

Working Women

World Trade Wrestling and Football: Should girls be allowed?

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  1. Hi guys,

    My name is John and I am from Stirling. I have freshly discovered this forum and I like it alot.
    I am a little bit shy so I will not talk much about myself but maybe when I will get confortable, you will get to know me better!
    My main hobbies are cooking and watching movies. I also like outdoor activites but the temperature has been very bad for the last days or so here in Stirling.

    I was wondering if anyone else here is from the UK too?

    I am glad to have joined this forum!


    PS: Sorry if this was posted in the wrong section. I could not find the right one!

  2. dwd

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  4. What is in some cases mistakenly assumed is that all the disciplines originated in the Significantly East and all are historic. The reality is they have advanced in several distinct cultures of the world more than time, a person case in point being that of the Maoris of New Zealand.

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    The martialarm is a martial arts property education associate which enables repetitive observe of instruction techniques and assault approaches mainly because it simulates and reacts like a serious opponent actually throwing a punch or an enemy in an aggressive guard. As you coach on the martialarm it develops these assault methods and it permits the use of whole electric power in your strikes.

    Chandni Chowk To China’ is the initial Bollywood flick that falls in the Kung-Fu comedy style. Once more, there are quite a few theories describing how it obtained there.
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  5. Shuri-te karate master Anko Itosu (1830-1915) pioneered this growth and, though not on your own, his student Funakoshi Gichin is the Okinawan most frequently credited with the establishment of karate in Japan. In the early ’20s, Funakoshi impressed Japan’s Crown Prince with a karate demonstration and his art was later offered guidance by Judo’s popular founder, Jigaro Kano, securing karate’s acceptance by the Japanese.

    The Japanese has their very own martial artwork known as Jujitsu, and this was developed originally for the function of complimenting weaponry combating of their Samurais. Nonetheless, it evolved over time to concentrating on hand to hand battling. Nonetheless, weapon usage is nonetheless a component of their teachings and continues to be exceptionally important.

    Okinawa’s regional warring ongoing right until 1429, when the rival groups came less than one particular rule as the Ryukyu Kingdom. Kung fu school. In 1507, feudalism (a technique whereby peasants farmed for a wealthy lord and fought in his military) was abolished and personal possession of weapons was outlawed. This, suggests Kyoshi McCarthy, “describes why the Uchinanchu started intensively cultivating an unarmed implies of self-defence”.

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    The picket dummy commonly expenses hundreds of pounds but is however only designed to take up your blows and enhance your type. It doesn’t respond to your assaults like a real husband or wife would. So even while you get excellent repetition schooling, which is okay for obtaining the fundamental principles down, it can be complicated to use and can get tedious fairly swiftly.

    In other terms, he is a mega-watt movie star, but we’re uncertain of his Packers lover cred. Be a Chinese princess or a Chinese female-warrior.
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    • Wow wonderful comments, the picket dummy can also make a fighter overly aggressive if relied on to much. Line up the class into two lines that face off and one line tries to stick with the system being taught and the other line gets to just use whatever but of course there have to be some rules. This exercise forces people to deal with their “system’ in a more creative and spontaneous way and of course a guy like Bruce Lee was kind of an anti-system guy but I think this is more a theoretical idea than a practical idea. A normal person has x number of hours per week to study and cant electically create their own system given time constraints. Martial arts on a list of things a person worries about is rarely in the top ten. Job, the wife, the kids, even groceries are higher on the list and that’s just a practical fact so the sensei needs to come up with a good teaching technique to force the boundaries of the system into the real world were people do not square off using the same martial art but often just make up moves which can be very disorientating. Again maybe repost all this great stuff at:

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