The Gods Must Be Crazy – Management Exercise

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1) The student will compare and contrast Western and Aboriginal culture as portrayed in The Gods Must be Crazy with an emphasis on how management has to be adapted to pre-industrial cultures.

Case Study

Global warming means that the home of the Ju/’hoansi Bushmen, the Kalahari Desert will be inhabitable due to a lack of water.  Your management team must come up with a strategy to integrate the Bushmen into modern society.

1) What sort of industry and/or service can the tribe provide in order to make money that they will need as members of a modern society?

Cultural Tourism vs. Indigenous Handicrafts

2) The items of the table are ranked alphabetically.  Rank the items on the basis of importance from least important to most important.  Are there any items in the table that can be safely ignored?

3) Fill out the table provided and come up with an overall management strategy to handle the social integration of the tribe.

Key Concepts



Barter economy


Kinship System

1) Economy

2) Education

3) Family

4) Gender Roles

5) Health Care

6) History

7) Interethnic Relations

8) Language and Communication

9) Political Organization

10) Recreation

11) Religion

12) Social Organization

The Gods Must Be Crazy Management Exercise Table Resized

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