Hofstede and Organizational Culture

The student will be able to discuss the relationship between organizational cultural and cross-cultural issues.

1) What is the overall message about Dilbert and organizational culture?

2) What Hofstede cultural dimension is dealt with in Dilbert indirectly?

3) What is a strategy gap?

4) The Culture Eats Strategy for Lunch video states that strategy is market driven, logical and futuristic, is that true?

5) The Culture Eats Strategy for Lunch video states says that organizational culture is people driven, emotional and historical, is that true?

6) Do you think the market versus culture strategy gap is the same in Thailand and in the US?

7) Do you think organizational culture is the same in Thailand and in the US?

8) Do you there is some truth to the “yes say yes” organizational culture of the Office Parody video and if so why?

9) Describe the company culture at Zappos.

10) Could the Zappos company culture exist and/or work in Thailand?

11) Can Googleplex be duplicated in a country other than the US?

12) Would Googleplex make Thai employees more or less efficient and why?

13) How is diversity taken into account at Googleplex?

14) What is liberal racism?

15) Describe Microsoft’s views about diversity and inclusion.

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