006 Spanish To Be and to have

ser – to be
soy somos
eres sois
es son



estar – to be
estoy estamos
estás estáis
está están



tener – to have

tengo tenemos
tienes tenéis
tiene tienen


Ser is used to identify or describe. It tells what something is, its basic characteristics, or its origin.  

Estar is used to tell the location of something or how someone feels.


Common Expressions with “to be”

to be afraid – tener miedo

to be at fault – tener la culpa

to be careful – tener cuidado

to be cold – tener frío

to be curious – ser curioso (a)

to be happy – estar contento (a)

to be hot – tener calor

to be hungry – tener hambre

to be in a hurry – tener prisa, estar de prisa

to be jealous – tener celos

to be lucky – tener suerte

to be patient – tener paciencia

to be successful – tener éxito

to be thirsty – tener sed

to be tired – estar cansado (a)

to be against – estar en contra





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