Celebrity Apprentice – Managing Your Boss

Directions: Put the correct number in the circles in the picture above and then fill out the boxes below.


1.0) Describe the participant1.1) Personality

1.2) Appearance

2.0) Write down your evaluation of the team members performance

3.0) How well did the team member manage the boss?

1)Bret Michaels -Rock Star, “Poison
2)Holly Robinson Peete – Actress
3) Osbourne, Sharon-Music Manager / TV Star
4)Curtis, Stone Celebrity Chef
5)Maria KanellisFormer WWE Diva
6) Lauper, CyndiGrammy Winning Singer
7) Sanders, SummerOlympic Gold Medal Swimmer
8) Goldberg, BillActor & Wrestler
9) Ebanks, SelitaTenacity Project Manager

Victoria’s Secret Angel

10) Johnson, MichaelOlympic Gold Medal Sprinter
11) Blagojevich, Rod

Rocksolid Project Manager

Former Illinois Governor

WereVerse Universe Baby!

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