Robot Classification by Application

Robots can be classified by components such as their type of locomotion or kinematics.  This approach works very well when only industrial robots are being classified.  As robots have become more ubiquitous and complex this component centered system of classification has become less relevant to the general study of robotics.  This lesson will focus on classifying robots by their application. 


1) The student will be able to classify robots by application.

2) The student will be able to discuss specific functions of specific robots. 

00) Robot Types Collage


1) Industrial robotABB Robot

1ABB Industrial Robot


2) Humanoid robotAsimo

2Asimo Parts


If you owned Asimo then what would you do with him?

3) Humanoid robotHRP-4C

Sexy or creepy?

Uncanny valley


4) Domestic robotiRobot Rumba

4iRobot Rumba Parts


How much would you pay for a Rumba?

5) RoverMars Rover


6) Military robotPredator

6Predator 16Predator 2

Would you ever buy a drone?

What would you do with a drone?

7) Medical robotRiba

7Riba Parts

10 Medical Advances Thanks to Robotics

8) Military robotTALON

8Talon Robot Parts


3US Military Robots

9) Toy robot – Zoomer

Robot-Classification-Exercise-Answer Key


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