056 Spanish More Adjectives

large – grande

small – pequeño

long – largo

short – corto

good – bueno

bad – malo

rich – rico

poor – pobre

strong – fuerte

weak – débil

easy – fácil

difficult – difícil

fat – gordo

thin – Delgado

high, tall – alto

low, short – bajo

pretty – lindo, bonito

beautiful – hermoso

ugly – feo

wide – ancho

narrow – estrecho

heavy – pesado

light – ligero

hard – duro

soft – blando

sweet – dulce

sour – agrio

bitter – amargo

When any form of the definite article is placed before an adjective, then the adjective becomes a noun.

pobre – poor; el pobre – the poor man

If the neuter article lo is placed before a singular masculine adjective, the latter becomes an abstract noun.

bueno – good; lo bueno – the good (everything that is good)



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