153 Spanish Sewing Vocabulary

band collar – cuello de tira

batwing sleeves – sisas tipo murcielago

bias cut – cortado con bies

braid, trimming – vivos piping,

button – boton

center – centro

coating – racleado

collar stay – ballenita

cotton – algod  on

fabrics – punta knit

facing – vista

fasteners  – avois

fold – doble

front placket – cartera delantera

front placket – delante

interior collar band – macarr  on (de cuello de)

lace – encaje

leather, skins, fur – piel

lining – forro

neckline – escote

needle – aguja

patch – de plast  on

pin (noun) – alfiler

pleat – tabla

pleated ruffle or flounce – volados

pocket – bolsillo

pull tab on zipper – cursor

ribbon, rosette – cocarda

ruffles – chorreras

side seam – costadillo

side seam – lado

silk – seda

skirt – falda

sleeves – mangas

Tapered-leg / skinny-leg – pitillo tobillero

teeshirts – poleras

thread/grain – hilo

to sew – coser

tying, binding – ligar, ligamentos, ligados

vest, waistcoat – chaleco

waist – cintura

waistband – pretrina

wide strap (halter) – lazada ancha

wool – lana

woven – plana

zipper – cremallera

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  1. Maggie Garancosky

    What does punta caida mean? Is that the felling stitch? A question was asked on Craftsy about a “fallen stitch”. As another student for the class, I couldn’t tell if the felling stitch would be appropriate for a men’s trouser waistband or not. Thank you for your help.

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  3. I need the Spanish for seam, seam allowance and baste. 🙁

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