Siem Reap Santa

God noticed that the Siem Reap people were the Godliest people on Earth and gave them a new Santa that was part fox and part Christmas spirit. This is the Siem Reap Santa not to be confused with the USA Santa that is quite mad due to an overdose of Coca Cola! Siem Reap is Buddhist of course for he knows God has deemed the Christians very naughty!

The Siem Reap Santa is slimmer than Hotei and therefore not quite as powerful for the belly is the source of his power and probably Hotei’s. However, the Siem Reap Santa is getting a bigger belly daily having wonderful Khmer food served joyfully by beautiful Khmer women. How can Siem Reap Santa do his job when constantly distracted by the aspara beauties of Siem Reap. What is the job of the Siem Reap Santa anyway? The Siem Reap Santa has forgotten for he enjoys the sights, sounds and most of all the food of the paradise known as Siem Reap on this Earth.

Siem Reap Santa with his favorite waitress (Jee Jee Ra) at his favorite breakfast place at Chongkran Sor! Jee Jee Ra is a FRIEND not a wife or a girl friend for Siem Reap Santa must remain single to do his duties.

The Coca Cola Santa Claus had totally failed to promote the spirit of Santa so God decided to use a fox (kitsune) this time. The fox only had one tail but when combined with the powers of Santa was a super Santa or a super Kitsune. I guess this depends on your point of view.

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