American versus Japanese Culture

This is an application of the Fox Cultural Lesson Plan System. The student will be able to discuss historical, etiquette, traditional culture and pop culture approaches to understanding Japanese culture.


1) What are the historical roots of Japanese culture?

Edo Neo-Confucianism – Japanese version of Chinese Confucianism

Zen Buddhism – Japanese version of Buddhism

Japanese Bushido is similar to Western Chivalry

Seppuku is part of Bushido but not Chivalry

2) How did the Meiji period affect Japanese culture?

-Japan modernized more quickly than any other country in Asia prior to WW II

American vs Japanese Culture - Meiji Restoration

-WW II era Japanese nationalism develops and is a combination of bushido and other philosophies

-Kamikaze has some similarities with seppuku

Kamikaze Attack on US Ships in WWII / Атака камикадзе на ВМС США


3) What are some of the martial arts of Japan?

-do versus –jutsu






Fox Martial Arts Taxonomy




4) Describe Akihabara?

Werefox in Akihabara


5) What is Anime?

6) What is the difference between anime and manga?

7) What is the difference between American and Japanese superheroes?



American Comic Books versus Japanese Manga

Understanding Comics

8) What is cosplay?

0Hugh Fox Cosplay Collage

9) What is J-Pop?

Fox Rap

10) What are some Japanese subcultures?

9 Japanese Subcultures


11) What are two distinctly Japanese types of cinema?


Tokusatsu more or less mean special effects in Japanese but has some distinct features such as  suitmation not CGI and a focus on some subgenre’s of science fiction such as the kaiju genre

12) Compare and contrast the modern kawaii aesthetic principle with the traditional wabi-sabi aesthetic principle.

An example of kawaiiHello Kitty vs. Godzilla

A discussion of the wabi-sabi principles: Zen Design Exercise

13) IE System

Cultural Dimension: me or we

IE System - Soto Uchi


14) Japanese Soft Power

Cool Japan

cool japan 1  

Not So Cool Japan!!!  


Miyahara, A. (1992) Introduction to Communication Theory. Tokyo. Shohakusha.

Nomura, Naoki and D.C. Barnlund. (1983). “Patterns of Inter per son al Criticism in Japan

and United States.” Inter nation al Journal of Intercultural Relations. 7, 1-18.

Ueda, K. (1974) “Sixteen Ways of Saying ‘No’ in Japan” Intercultural Encounters with Japan, John Con don & Mitsuko Saito eds. Tokyo: SimulPress.

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