Resume: Computer Skills Section


1) The audience of this lesson is non-computer professionals who have above
average computer skills for their professional category and want to highlight
this fact in a succinct manner.  First, categorize your computer skills.  Below
is a list of computer skills by category:

Art & Graphics – Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, Corel Draw, Logo Creators, Maya, Shade

Audio Editors – Aviary Myna Audio Editor, Chirbit, Electro-House Blender, Jamglue, Looplabs, Mad Creator, Soundation Studio

Client Server/Networking/Hardware – CISCO Routers, WAN (Wide Area Networks), TCP/IP, Apache Web Server, Active Directory, Microsoft Exchange Server, Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle Database Server, Checkpoint Firewall, Novell Console One

Communications Software MS NetMeeting, AOL Instant Messenger, IRC, ICQ, CU-SeeMe, Skype

Database software – MS Access, Filemaker Pro, AppleWorks, MS Works

Database/Statistics – Microsoft Access, FileMaker Pro, SPSS, Quick Books Pro, Windows QSB

Desktop Publishing – Microsoft Publisher, Adobe InDesign, QuarkXPress

Engineering Software – AutoCAD, Matlab, MathCad, Pro E, PT Modeler

Operating Systems – Windows 2000, XP, Vista, Solaris, Unix, Linux, MSDOS, HP/VX, AIX, Mac OSX

Presentation – Microsoft PowerPoint, Prezi, Macromedia Flash, Keynote, HyperStudio, Flash, Director, Digital Chisel, SuperCard, Corel Envoy

Programming – Microsoft Visual Basic.NET, Basic/Qbasic, C Programming, C++ Programming, Java Programming, SQL, Fortran, Cobol

Spreadsheet – Microsoft Excel, Quattro Pro, Lotus 1-2-3, MS Works

Video Editors – Animoto, CaptionTube, EditorOne, JayCut, Movie Maker, One True Media

Word Processing – Microsoft Word, Corel Word Perfect

 2) Organize your computer skills by categories.  Example below:


Graphics: Comic Life, Logo Creators

Presentation: PowerPoint, Prezi

Spreadsheet: Excel

Video Editors: JayCut, Movie Maker

Word Processing: Microsoft

First draft, write your own Computer Skills section below:

Second draft:

Also, make sure to include documentation of your computer skills
in your interview portfolio.  The computer skills documentation should go in the work samples section of your portfolio.   If your computer skills are much higher than others in your professional category make sure to mention this when the interviewer asks you about your strengths during the interview.

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