America – The Story of Us ~ Episode 04 – Division

Commerce and industry thrive across the new nation, now one of the wealthiest in the world. The Erie Canal brings big risk and bigger reward. In the South, cotton is king but slavery fuels a growing divide. Violence flares across the territories and abolitionists make a stand for freedom. The election of Abraham Lincoln is a catalyst of war.

1) The student will describe the Erie Canal.

2) How did the Cotton gin change the world?

3) What is the relationship between slavery and cotton?

4) What does Lowell, Massachusetts produce?

5) What is Ready-to-wear clothing?

6) What was Whale oil used for?

7) Who is Frederick Douglass?

8) Who is Harriet Tubman?

9) What was the Fugitive Slave Act of 1850?

10) What is an abolitionist?

11) Who is John Brown the abolitionist?

Worksheet for this lesson at Scribd:

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