039 Spanish More Negatives

To make sentences negative, you place no before the verb.  Other negatives may precede or follow the verb, but if they follow, they must follow a negative verb (a double negative).  The word order is either no + verb + negative or negative + verb. Nunca means ever when it follows a comparative; jamás means ever when it follows an affirmative verb. Ya no + verb means the same thing as no + verb + más (no more, no longer).

más                               no more, no longer

nada                              nothing, (not) anything

nadie                             nobody, (not) anybody

ninguno (a)                   no, none

tampoco                        neither, either

ni                                   nor

ni…ni                             neither… nor

ni siquiera                    not even

nunca, jamás                never, ever

No bailas nunca. = Nunca bailas. You never dance.
No juego más. = Ya no juego. I no longer play.




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