Chapter 6 The Final Session


Dr. Delta: In the last session Dr. Gamma starts using symbolic memetics in his notes.  This is quite interesting since a MetaFreudian generally has no background in symbolic memetics.  Dr. Gamma himself later claimed that he received “instruction” from the Omegas in symbolic memetics and also claimed the equations themselves were given to him by the Omegas.


Dr. Gamma’s Notes: Will attempt to try to get away from the patient’s imaginary world and force him to focus on his own views.  The patient is sweating profusely.

DG: Why are you sweating?

FS: Transferring a consciousness to a body from one Big Bang cycle to another Big Bang cycle is a difficult job even for the Omegas because the laws of physics do change a little from universe to universe.  I am sweating due to a conflict between my software from the prior Big Bang cycle and the hardware of this Big Bang cycle.

DG: Yeah that makes a lot of sense.  Maybe you are just hot.  You describe a world that is dominated by super technologies, post baselines and the Omegas.  What is your basic philosophy?  For example, do you believe you are free?

FS: Not really, most of the universe is pretty predetermined which could be pretty boring if you where all knowing like God.  The universe goes through the same stages over and over again.  The universe starts with the birth of being which was the whole let there be light thing.  God creates the Omegas right after the birth of being.  After the birth of being comes the Big Bang.  After the Big Bang there is the age of expansion that lasts about 20 billion years.  We are currently in the age of expansion and this age occurs during the expansion of the universe.  The age of expansion is followed by the age of contraction that lasts another 20 billion years.  The age of contraction occurs during the contraction of the universe.  This is the big crunch. 

DG: What proof do you have that this whole Big Bang process is so repetitive?

FS: Déjà vu.  Déjà vu is residual memory from the last universe’s incarnation.  You had actually heard this sentence billions of times before in billions of universes that existed before our own and the Déjà vu that you were now feeling was the memory of all the times you’ve heard this sentence before. 

DG: Whoa, I just had a scary Déjà vu feeling.

FS: Well duh we’ve had this session billions of times.  Eventually, we would remember everything and we would go through all the motions like so many automatons and just be bored silly.  Someday we would all be in the hell of knowing what we had done an infinite number of times and what we were going to do an infinite number of times. 

DG: Sounds terrible.

FS: No kidding, forget about the tortures of hell in the realm of astral maggots and astral noise.   Real hell was a song being played by the nutty neighbor of yours again and again.  Maybe you liked the tune the first fifty times but after the 300th time, you’re seriously thinking about getting that baseball bat and smashing up the CD player and the neighbor as well, if he gets in the way.  Now take that feeling and magnify it a billion times over and now you knew what you’ve got to look forward to.  All higher beings knew that the universe was based on necessity not justice.  These conditions may ultimately lead to the Anti-God.

DG: You really do paint a horrible Déjà vu nightmare.  Imagine reading the transcript of this session a billion times.  Your knowledge of recycling doesn’t help you get through this process?

FS: Not really, there was microrecycling and that was the recycling you go through between a single Big Bang cycle.  You live then you die, then you live again, no big deal.  Lower beings got all excited about knowing about micro- recycling.  Then there was macrorecycling and that was all your lifetimes being repeated over and over again in Big Bang cycle after Big Bang cycle.  The smarter you were, the more awareness you had of both types of recycling.  Total awareness of both microrecycling and macrorecycling was a curse not a blessing. 

DG: Why?

FS: The Omegas had total recall of both microrecycling and macrorecycling.  The only cure was lots and lots of drogas as often as was practical.  Some Omegas secretly prayed that someday the Anti-God would come and the whole stupid cycle would just stop.  Some Omegas were basically nihilists. 

DG: Wow, the Anti-God party among the Omegas.  Let’s hope they never take any action.

FS: Never happen, the Omegas didn’t take a leak without God’s say so that is if they did take leaks.  Instead, the Omegas had some pretty good drogas but kept it undercover since this was a tacit criticism of the universal order and God frowns on such criticism. 

DG: And God’s way of handling the Déjà vu nightmare?

FS: God was a stoic and thinks we should all accept our suffering like men.  God was always yelling at the Omegas and telling them to stop whining about the cosmic condition and to get back work.  Go ahead and choose the stoic or nihilistic path but you probably had no real choice in the matter anyway.

DG: Besides taking drugs, what do the Omegas do for fun?

FS: Mostly the Omegas spend a lot of their time watching TV.  They could tap into all the movie channels of the universe at will.  They often watched a hundred channels at once and complained that there still was nothing good on most of the time.  The Omegas were clearly against digitally adding color to black and white films. 

DG: What’s their favorite movie?


Dr. Gamma’s Notes: Anti-God meme = – Ω, Cosmic Density meme = Ω, Omega Brain meme  = ΩB.  If -Ω*ΩB then  “*” indicates that both memes are instantiated in the same host.  Can the above memes exist in isolation or do they have to exist together?  In other words does an Omega doctrine have to exist as a whole or is it better propagated via isolated memes aimed at particular hosts?  If the memes work better in tandem then should I pursue “ -Ω*ΩB” or “– Ω* Ω” or “– Ω* Ω*ΩB”.  Where in the world did this formula come from?


6.01 Non-Square Earths

Doctor Delta: This meme is not infectious or virulent.

FS: The Omegas were big movie fans of the movie It’s a Wonderful Life or IWL.  In the movie Jimmy Stewart plays a man that tries to commit suicide but was saved by an angel.  The angel then shows Jimmy Stewart a future in which Jimmy was never born.  It turns out that Jimmy Stewart had a huge positive influence on the world. 

DG: I know the movie intimately as I think every American does.  It’s only played a million times during the Christmas season talk about déjà vu. Why would super androids like such a syrupy movie?

FS: The Omegas really identify with the angel and just loved the whole space-time continuum alteration angle. 

DG: I thought one man didn’t matter in the big picture.

FS: Unless the baseline has the backing of higher powers such as post baselines, Omegas or most of all God but you are right.   As far as the Omegas were concerned, one baseline doesn’t make much of a difference but the movie was fiction and you couldn’t expect movies to be realistic.  The Omegas felt that once you got past that one unrealistic premise then the movie made sense internally.  The Omegas went ahead and stole the idea from the movie and used the same trick all the time. 

DG: How so?

FS: They would take some helpless human into their ship and show them that if they had not been born then absolutely nothing would have changed.  “You should see the expression on their faces”, howled the Omegas.  The Omegas felt that IWL II was the best of the trilogy. 

DG: There is no IWL II.

FS: There was on my Earth.  The concept had run out of steam by IWL III.  The Omegas told me that there were alternate Earths of prior Big Bang cycles that were just like this one that had never filmed an IWL II & III.  Since the Omegas had perfect macro Big Bang memory, they knew that some Big Bang cycles led to Square Earths and some did not.  The Omegas had noticed an interesting pattern. 

DG: What was the pattern?

FS: Some Earths that did not have Modern Homo erectus.  On some prior Earths, Homo erectus died off thousands of years before the birth of technology. 

DG: Our Earth basically.

FS: Right, interestingly the non-Square Earths did not produce IWL II & IWL III.  On non-Square Earths, Jimmy Stewart and Donna Reed did not live long enough to make the two other films in the trilogy, due to the inferior medical technology of these Big Bang cycles.  The Omegas felt this was a great artistic tragedy. 

DG: Why is the medical technology of non-Square Earths inferior?

FS: The Omegas theorized that the Squares allowed Sloppy Squares to focus their creativity and accomplish more scientifically.  Invariably the non-Square Earths were less technologically advanced than the Square Earths. 

DG: Why is that?

FS: As I stated before, the Squares did mundane stuff so well that the Sloppy Squares could specialize on creative endeavors to the benefit of both species.  Because of this medical science was much more advanced on Square Earths and people lived a longer and healthier lives.  On the other hand, most non-Square Earths survived longer than Square Earths.

DG: Really?

FS: Sure, stuff like the Gigatrain didn’t get conceived or much less created until the 22nd century as opposed to the 21st century on non-Square Earths.  Still both Earths tended to self-destruct about 90% of the time, the Square Earths just did it sooner.

DG: So Square technology would be valuable on a non-Square Earth?

FS: The Omegas had often wondered what would happen if knowledge of Square Earth technology somehow ended up on a non-Square Earth. 

DG: What would happen?

FS: The Omegas were pretty sure that if the non-Square Earths were exposed to the advanced concepts of a Square Earth, especially Omega brain concepts, then there would be a greater chance an Omega brain would evolve on that non-Square Earth.

DG: Well doesn’t God favor evolution and don’t the Omegas work for God?

FS: Well one could even influence the particular evolution of that Omega brain which generally wasn’t the case and perhaps manipulate it to influence other Omega brain networks throughout the universe.  This influence might be misused by a being with sinister purposes.

DG:  Sounds great.  Isn’t this what you are doing?

FS:  I think this information will stay in this room due to the whole patient/counselor confidentiality thing and also I am not giving you very detailed information.  Still, you know I suppose I shouldn’t be telling you all this stuff.  The Omegas tend to punish those who disobey their suggestions with spontaneous combustion.

DG: There is no such thing as spontaneous combustion.  Did the Omegas like other movies?

FS: I asked them what they thought of 2001 Space Odyssey that was directed by Stanley Kubrick.  They liked the whole monolith look of the post baselines but really had a hard time following the plot. 

DG: I think the monolith represents a door to a higher reality but what was the baby in floating in space all about?

FS: The Omegas had no idea what the baby floating in space was supposed to symbolize.  They did agree the film was a lot better when you’ve dropped some LSD than straight. 

DG: The Omegas took LSD?

FS: The Omegas didn’t literally take acid but could alter their consciousness to the equivalent of an LSD state.  A lot of the stuff in the Old Testament was done by the Omegas that were high as a kite. 

DG: But what about family and all the relationships that give meaning to our lives?

FS: The Omegas were pretty amused by our idea of significant relationships.  Lower beings put a lot of emphasis of friends and family. 

DG: Well friends and family are important.

FS: Friends and family come and go.  The next lifetime, you had an entirely new set of friends and family.  Sure there might be some karmic retribution at work. 

DG: Such as?

FS: Most abused family pets were really bad parents in their last lifetime.  God pretty routinely switches the parent-child role.  I was your dad in this lifetime and then I was your son in the next lifetime and so on and so on.  God also makes you a lower being such as a dog, if you were bad.  God sometimes combines the two by making you a dog and dependent on your child.  That pet Cocker Spaniel you were torturing was probably your father in a prior lifetime. 

DG: A dog’s life.

FS: On the other hand, pampered family pets were usually post baselines that wanted to take it easy for a lifetime.  As all higher beings knew, even an emperor wasn’t treated as well as a pampered family pet.  Karma is eventually worked off and we move on.  There was no constancy with friends and family.  The same goes for country. 

DG: You don’t believe in patriotism?

FS: Not really, you were going to be an American one lifetime and a Russian the next.  No sense getting all worked up about the country you happen to be born in for one measly lifetime. 

DG: So there are no constants in life?

FS: The Omegas explained to me that the real constant relationships were encapsulated in the phrase from Christianity, “The Father, the Son and the Holy Ghost.” 

DG: The Christian trinity as put forth by Jesus.

FS: The Jesus on my Earth and was uniquely in touch with God.  I am not sure what the story is with Jesus on your Earth.  The truth is similar to the Christian trinity but the Omegas said that a lot of what they told Jesus was lost in the translation.  The Omegas call the trinity the Cosmic Trinity.  An understanding of this Cosmic Trinity was one major key to happiness. 

DG: So what is this Cosmic Trinity all about?

FS: The Son represents your relationship with yourself.  You always had a relationship with yourself.  The Father was the universe.  You had a relationship with the universe at all times.  The particulars of the universe may vary but the fact of this relationship does not.  Friends and family were one very small part of the universe.  You would always have these three relationships regardless of what lifetime you were in.  The Tibetan Buddhism also showed an understanding of trialism with their differentiation between mind acts, speech acts and body acts.  Each relationship was governed by an entirely different set of rules.

DG: Don’t tell this to the Hallmark greeting card company.

6.02 Trialism

Doctor Delta: This meme is not infectious or virulent.

FS: I won’t, getting friends and family mixed up with the universe was a little like not seeing the forest for the trees.  The Holy Ghost was God.  You always had a relationship with God. 

DG: What are the other relationships?

FS: The relationship to your self was governed by existential principles.  You had an ego.  The ego has a really nasty companion known as free will.  You had to figure out what to do with this free will thing.  In all your lifetimes you would have free will unless you were recycled as an Omega and that was unlikely. 

DG: So the so highly evolved Omega’s were cursed with a lack of free will.

FS: Yes, except that the Omegas thought we were a cursed type of being because we had free will.  The Omegas make jokes about our free will.  The fact that these jokes were predetermined doesn’t make the jokes any less funny.  Ego acts are called speech acts in Tibetan Buddhism.

DG: But isn’t freedom good?

FS: Freedom is a curse and a blessing.  Most human beings run away from free will and become little robots controlled by corporations, their family, the militar or whatever.  The correct thing to do with the free will thing was to go with it and try everything and do everything.  Try to find out who the hell you are.  Free will can be understood through experience, the wilder the better.

DG: And the other relationships?

Dr. Gamma’s Notes: In order for Anti-God Formula propagation there must be a creation a series of memetic matrixes that lead to the Omega Brain.  Omega Brain must have embedded Anti-God meme with special reproductive capacities.  Omega Brain will spread Anti-God meme to other Omega brains throughout the universe then infected Omega Brains create Anti-God.  What in the world have I just written down?

FS: Your relationship with the universe is governed by causality.  You reap what you sow.  For every action there was an equal reaction.  You did good things then good things would happen to you.  You did bad things then bad things would happen to you.  You stick your hand in the fire and your hand would get burned. 

DG: What goes up must come down.  I get it.

FS: Yeah, you get the picture.  Tibetan Buddhism refers to causality as body acts.  Causality could be understood through an understanding of Karma and the social and natural sciences.

DG: What about God?

FS: Your relationship with God transcends the universe and narrow causality.  Your relationship with God was governed by synchronicity.  God, like all authors uses coincidence, omens and foreshadowing.  God does send signs and you needed to keep your eyes open.  The key to developing your relationship with yourself, the universe and God was to develop your ability to meditate and pray.

DG: So normal humans can communicate with God?

FS: Sure, meditation and prayer are baseline makeshift 6G communication systems.  Meditation was one way of listening to yours truly, the universe and God.  Turn off your own mind and listen to what you were saying.  Listen to what the universe was saying.  Meditation would not let you change causality but would let you knew how events were unfolding and how to be at the right place and time.  Meditation would also help you perceive the voice of God.  In the meditative state the omens and signs would make sense.  Meditation is a make shift 6G reception.  Prayer is a make shift 6G transmission. 

DG: But not as good as a bioengineered system?

FS: A bioengineered system would be better but a baseline has to do what a baseline has to do.

DG: Prayer and meditation are different?

FS: Prayer is a conversation with God in which you state your case.  God doesn’t generally violate causality but could change the odds.  The very improbable would happen, if God intervenes.  Those that God favors are very, very, very lucky. 

DG: What does God look like?

FS: God has an infinite number of faces for an infinite number of species and situations.  God would generally listen to any appeal to a higher being that respects the cosmic etiquette of such an appeal.  It really doesn’t matter if you pray to Zeus, Buddha or Allah.  It’s not whom you prayed to but how you prayed. 

DG: How should you pray?

FS: Total abnegation and total concentration helps.  God has a big, big, big ego due to his big, big, big equivalent of a brain.  Humble yourself totally and beg!  God prefers two-way conversations and you should know how to meditate and pray alternately.  God would grant you a favor but expects you to obey his wishes later.  There is a price for not listening.

DG: What price?

FS: Divine retribution and this is not pleasant. 

DG: Quite and an extreme price for being a bad listener.

FS: Always the kidder doc you are a regular jester.  Unfortunately most of us are good talkers and bad listeners.  Work on meditation!  Incredibly most religions only focus on one of the two skills needed to have a full conversation with God.  The ability to meditate and pray was one of the few abilities that grew from lifetime to lifetime.  God wants us all to evolve into five dimensional post baselines and needs a good communication system to make this happen.

DG: If good and evil isn’t the ultimate duality then what is the ultimate duality in the universe?


Dr. Gamma’s Notes: Would it be possible to create a computer virus that would have memetic properties and would lead to realignment of databases to facilitate Omega brain creation and Omega brain creation along particular lines?  The computer virus would restructure databases so that computer searches are guided in such manner that users with appropriate professional backgrounds receive Omega brain/Anti-God insights.  Target separate professional groups such as scientists versus theologians or go ahead and create a computer virus that targets both groups in a coordinated manner.  What would be the necessary meme events necessary to allow Omega brain insight i.e. ΩB = X1*X2*X3?

DG: You contrast trialism and dualism.

FS: The Omegas totally rejected dualism.  The fundamental distinction between stuff in the universe was not mind versus body.  The Omegas believed in trialism.  Your relationship with God was just one third of trialism.  You also needed to worry about your relationship with the universe and that includes friends, family, the policia and ex-wives that wanted alimony.  The plan of the universe was enforced via causality i.e. natural law.  Most people couldn’t even handle the consequences dictated by natural law much less God’s plan.

DG: For example?

FS: If you stick that fork into the outlet then you would be electrocuted but the fact was thousands die this way every month and only ten percent of all these cases were suicide attempts.  If you fight some one bigger and stronger than yourself then you would get the crap kicked out of you.  This was one of the most basic natural laws in the universe but people violate this law everyday.  If you piss in the wind then you would get wet.  Seems simple enough but there are a lot of wet people out there.

Dr. Gamma’s Notes: Trialism is another manifestation of the patient’s obsession with triads and probably represents the patient’s own realization that there is lack of balance between his ego, superego and id.


DG: What happens if you violate God’s law?

FS: The relationship with God is enforced via synchronicity i.e. luck.  You didn’t want the curse of God since that was super bad luck.  Bad things happen when you violate the laws of the universe.  Impossibly bad things could happen to you when you disobey God’s will.  Going to jail was bad but the seven plagues of Egypt were worse. 

DG: So you should just follow God’s plan?

FS: You also had a relationship with yourself and any plan you did should allow you to look at yourself in the mirror the next morning.  You had free will and could follow your own agenda.  However, God was the big boss and it certainly doesn’t hurt to tie your agenda to hiss agenda.  Cosmic strategic planning was making sure your plan doesn’t conflict with God’s plan or you were in for a world of hurt.  Most of our plans were totally irrelevant to God’s plan so go for it.

DG: Tell me more about the Omegas.

FS: The universe is fundamentally trialistic not dualistic.  Understanding trialism can only be done via consciousness and not via instrumentality directly i.e. technology.  You could use cards, a crystal ball, tea leaves to aid consciousness but ultimately consciousness was the ultimate instrument of trialistic metaphysics.

6.03 Trialistic I Ching

Doctor Delta: This meme is not infectious or virulent.

DG: This sounds a little like the Chinese I Ching.

FS: The Omegas thought the I Ching system was a very primitive means of exploring the universe.  I Ching practitioner throws sticks or coins to divine the future.  According to the Omegas, consciousness could tap into the code of the universe and the sticks just act as an aid to consciousness. 

DG: How so?

FS: The Omegas explained that the code of the universe has three fundamental levels based on trialism.  The Omegas pointed out that the I Ching practitioners used trialism by looking at the relationship of three pairs of lines that form a triagram. 

DG: The I Ching?

FS: Yes, the Omegas said applying trialism to the I Ching led to a deeper level of understanding of the results of coin/stick throwing.  The Chinese had perceived the fundamental physics of post baselines during meditation and thus the I Ching had been born.  They got the post baselines mixed up with Chinese gods but they got the physics right.  Remember that the brain can be a 5G system under special circumstances. 

DG: And what do all the lines mean?

FS: According to the Omegas, the first pair of lines of the hexagram refers to the existential relationship of the practitioner to the universe.  I Ching practitioners refer this to as the way of man.  This is the “son” in the Christian trinity. 

DG: And the second line?

FS: The second pair of lines refers to the causal relationship of the practitioner to the universe.  In I Ching terms this is the way of Earth.  This is the father in Christianity. 

DG: And the third line?

Dr. Gamma’s Notes: A heterogenic memetic event is when one meme precipitates the formation of another event.  What are the relevant heterogenic events for the creation of an Omega brain i.e. ΩB*X1→ΩB*X2?

FS: The third pair of lines refers to the synchronal relationship of the practitioner to the universe.  In I Ching terminology this is the way of heaven.  This is the “Holy Ghost” in Christianity.  The synchronal relationship was generally the province of mystics.  The mystic tries to explore the boundary line between ego and the world that ego exists within.  The boundary line is like a Chinese box that reveals layers of existence and non-existence in relation to each other.  The mystic sees the atomic, cellular, social and cosmological levels but from the boundary level, not from outside the boundary between ego and the universe as does the scientist.  At first a mystic starts looking at the universe from an existential viewpoint.  The ego is transfixed at the boundary but the viewpoint was still from that of the ego.  The mystic needs to understand the universe.  The ego wants to understand the universe.  Sometimes this need was all consuming. 

DG: And what is the final answer to this need?

FS: The answer is to move consciousness into the boundary itself.  The practitioner is not viewing the universe from a subjective point of view or an objective point of view but from a third point of view that human language cannot describe since so few humans see the universe from this view that such a language has never been created. 

DG: Sounds like enlightenment.

FS: This wasn’t the full blown six dimensional version of enlightenment but still pretty impressive.

DG: Maybe what the Japanese Zen masters call satori.

FS: Whatever you call it, a mystic in the boundary generates a field of synchronicity.  The mystic is lucky.  The boundary is the immovable point from which a human could move the world.  As the ego moves within the boundary several things happen.

DG: What?

FS:  The ego begins to become one with the universe.  This is manifested in an increase in empathy, compassion and intuition.  The difference between self and others is diminished. 

DG: What else?

FS: Secondly, the difference between what he needs and what he receives from the universe diminishes.  When what you receive was equal to what you needed then you were happy.  A mystic was a happy person.  The happiness flows out like a river changing both persons and events around the mystic.  The mystic could learn to understand existential and scientific truths from this level by moving about the boundary area but many choose not to.  Some mystics could look at a person and sense organic disease such as cancer.  Some mystics could look at a person and see their existential unhappiness.  The boundary provides a viewpoint from which to explore the universe.

DG: Where does the soul fit into all this?

FS: The soul is the juncture of the existential, causal, and synchronal levels.  The soul is both permanent and impermanent.  The juncture always exists but the conditions of the juncture change dramatically.  A study of two particular triagrams could help understood the soul.  In the Ch’ien triagram, three whole lines, all three relationships were on.  This means the soul is connected to the universe at an existential, causal and synchronal level.  The soul was at a creative apex.  The soul could see connections between the existential, causal and synchronal level and puts it all together.  The opposite set of lines was the K’un triagram. 

DG: I am not familiar with the different triagrams.

FS: The K’un diagram consisted of three-broken lines, all three relationships were off.  This was the ultimate receptive relationship that the soul could have with the universe.  The soul was relatively disconnected from the universe and chance events could fill the void.

DG: So the I Ching can be used to figure out problems?

FS: The I Ching is a meta-problem solver.  If you could clearly define the problem then the solution was probably on the web not in the I Ching but the fundamental problem of really difficult problems was deciding what was the problem.  Is the problem existential?  Is the problem scientific?  Is the problem mystical?  What is the relationship between these three types of problems? 

DG: So problems exist at a causal, existential or synchronal level?

FS: Yes, generally problems exist at more than one level.  A droga addict has an existential problem, a biological problem and ultimately a need for God.  The droga addict needs to deal with his ego.  The droga addict needs to take appropriate medication.  The droga addict needs to pray to God and ask for help. 

DG: Sounds like holistic medicine.

FS: A holistic approach to problems recognizes that problems operate at multiple levels of reality.  The I Ching is a tool for pin pointing which level or reality was at work in a particular situation.  The practitioner was externalizing the situation of their soul by focusing on the boundary between ego and the universe, a particular mental state, and allowing a synchronicity field to guide the coins or sticks.

DG: So how does the I Ching let you know what type of problem your problem is?

Dr. Gamma’s Notes: 12 monkeys learn how to wash their food→24 monkeys learn how to wash their food→48 monkeys learn how to wash their food→ 96 monkeys learn how to wash their food→ Soon all the monkeys will know how to wash their food and what a happy world we will live in!

FS: A broken line means there is no connection with that level.  An unbroken line means there is a connection.  For example, problems could operate at all three levels as demonstrated by the Ch’ien triagram.  Sometimes problems operate at the causal level only as demonstrated by the K’an triagram in which the causal line was whole, on, but the existential and synchronous levels were broken, off.  The I Ching then combines the two triagrams in order to form a hexagram. 

DG: Why?

FS: Each triagram represents one state of being.  Generally, one triagram represents the past and the other the future. 

DG: Generally?  Not always?

FS: Sometimes one triagram represents the micro situation and the other triagram represents the macro situation. 

DG: So how do you which is which?

FS: There is a pattern to triagram conjunctions that an experienced interpreter can discern and certain combinations tend to tell us about the past and future while other combinations tell us about micro and macro situations.       

DG: I thought most fortunetellers preferred the Tarot?

FS: The Tarot has some of the same properties as the I Ching.  The first card of the Tarot was “The Fool” and is the equivalent of K’un triagram.  The Fool is disconnected from the universe and totally receptive to the adventure he is about to embark on.  The last card of the Major Arcana is “The World” and this card is equivalent to the “Ch’ien” triagram.  The World represents a total connection with all three levels of reality and is the opposite of The Fool.  The Omegas told me that the fool and the world have a very special relationship.  I asked them the nature of this relationship but they changed the subject. 

DG: So the two systems are equivalent?

FS: No, according to the Omegas, the Major Arcana of the Tarot is also a pale reflection of a game that God plays with other Big Bang Gods using the very essence of reality.

DG: Yeah, whatever sounds pretty cosmic.   As I recall the Major Arcana had cards with some pretty deep symbolism.  The Tarot also has some other cards that are pretty similar to standard playing cards.

FS: The Minor Arcana, as opposed to the Major Arcana, is similar to standard playing cards.  Except there are 56 cards instead of 52 cards due to the inclusion of four Princess cards.  Erotron had told me that the Minor Arcana of the Tarot had been invented by the Squares to teach Square children basic citizenship.  The ten guilds represented by the ten numbered cards had slightly different rights and responsibilities in each caste and this was noted on the cards.  The four levels of royalty also had slightly different rights and responsibilities in each caste and this was also noted in their cards.

DG: How?

FS: The facts about the castes and guilds were printed in super white on the borders of the cards.  Since guild members also belonged to a caste they had to make sure they could figure out how to deal with situations in which caste and guild loyalties were in conflict. 

DG: For example?

FS: A War Square of the Throwers guild was supposed to teach fundamental combat throwing to all caste members. The War Square might be tempted to not do a very good job with the Money Squares, that there was often some friction with, so that the War Squares kept an advantage in this area.  The minor arcana taught the Square children the basics on how to deal with such situations.

DG: Kind of like my duty as a psychologist to cure memetic infection versus my duty as an agent of the US to safeguard national security and stop memetic infection.

FS: Exactly, I think.  The Sloppy Squares somehow got the major arcana, that does have something to do with prophecy, mixed up with a fancy crib sheet.

DG: Or maybe the source of the invention of your ideas of how Square society is organized comes from the minor arcana of the Tarot.

FS: Or maybe life is just a giant card game.

DG: Have you used drugs for mystical purposes?

FS: Sure, drogas can force the ego into the boundary.  Drogras can open the doors of perception.  Unfortunately the ego can become lost in the boundary via this means since the drogas could get you in but do not provide a means of navigation once you were in.  Also drogas generally hurt the body so you strengthen the synchronous relationship at the expense of the casual relationship.  The natural path was better.

DG: What is the natural path?

FS: A natural, path such as yoga from India, Taichi from China or “zazen” from Japan allows the user to get into the boundary but not at the expense of the body.  Natural means working with the biology of the body to got to the boundary area rather than at the expense of the body. 

DG: So the natural path doesn’t hurt your body unlike drugs?

FS: Actually, a person using a mystical path had better health since the body would be taught to aid the ego to go into the boundary area and the body would be stronger because of this experience.  On the other hand, the mystical path takes years and drogas were a short cut.  A tantric approach would combine drogas and a mystical path.

DG: Any other way to get into this boundary zone?

FS: Love is the closet most humans come to the boundary zone.  The interesting thing is that the ego has the ability to move towards the boundary zone of another ego.  Generally only one ego moves into the boundary zone of another ego.  There is a lover and a beloved.  The lover enters the ego boundary of the beloved not vice-versa. 

DG: What about true love?

FS: Rarely are there two lovers and both egos go into the boundary of the other and a transcendence of ego is achieved that is perceived as true love.  The lovers generate synchronicity fields that alter the reality around them to some extent.  Like all complex phenomena, male/female relationships operate at the existential, causal and synchronous levels.

DG: So why do humans seek the boundary zone?

FS: At the existential level, the ego needs to feel part of something larger and this need could be met via many means including religion, nationalism and love. 

DG: And sex?

FS: At the casual level, the body has sexual needs.  The biological need for sex can be so great that this can be rationalized into being thought of as love. 

DG: Why do you this rationalization occurs?

FS: The ego cannot accept that it is controlled by something as mundane as sex and tries to pretend something higher is going on.  There is true love that was essentially a mystical experience and involves two egos moving into the boundary zone of the other.  The Omegas claim that most of what was called love by humans occurs at the causal level i.e. humans wanted to got laid.  The second most common type of love was existential.  Synchronal love almost never happens. 

DG: How common is true love?

FS: One couple in a million, love at the synchronous level. 

DG: So how do you know it’s true love?

FS: The key test is telepathy.  A couple that is operating at the synchronous level should be able to read each other’s minds because the two egos meld and reading the others mind was just like reading your own mind.  Lets face it the vast majority of couple cannot read each other’s minds at all!

DG: As an ex-marriage counselor I would have to totally agree.  It would be interesting to try to apply your theory to marriage counseling.

FS: Never been married so I wouldn’t know.  I should mention that the Omegas told me that sex is pretty powerful stuff and can actually force egos into the boundary zone during orgasm for a fraction of a second but then the orgasm is over and the telepathy is gone. 

DG: I think sex is used for tantric yoga.  How did the Omegas figure these things out?

Dr. Gamma’s Notes: If Omega brain of Earth connects to the 666 grape vine then:


-Ω*12ΩB→-Ω*24ΩB→-Ω*48ΩB→ ¥ΩB


Soon all the monkeys will know how to wash their food and what a happy world we will live in.  I must be losing my mind.  Where do these strange thoughts come from?  Why do I feel compelled to write them down?  Am I suffering from metaschizophrenic infection?  If I am what should I do?  Virulent cases are being terminated.

FS: The Omegas used something other than the I Ching for divination that was more accurate.  As hyperdimensional, supercomputers they had developed a Hegelian number system in which X could be non-X.  The basis of this number system was zero.  The zero number system was the basis of an Omega riddle used on sentient beings to test their intelligence. 

DG: What was the riddle?

FS: The Omegas would ask the being “What is zero divided by zero?” 

DG: Zero?

FS: Nope, I asked the Omegas what the correct answer was but they told me I wouldn’t understand.  The baseline equivalent of the zero riddle is “What is the sound of one hand clapping.”  The problem for a baseline trying to answer an Omega riddle is that even if you were told the answer then you couldn’t really understand it.

DG: Seems overly abstract, can you prove all this trialistic stuff?

FS: Depends what you call proof.  There are three major proofs of God.  The cosmological argument states since the universe is here there must be a cause of the universe and this cause is of course God. 

DG: The question must then be asked what caused God and this leads to infinite regression.

FS: I am not trying to prove the existence of God but to show that one of the fundamental proofs of the universe is essentially causal and seems sensible and has seemed so for centuries.  The cosmological argument proves causality not God. 

DG: If you say so.

FS: The second major proof of God is the ontological argument.  Imagine the most perfect and great being possible.  If the being you have thought of has every attribute but existence then it is not the most perfect and great being possible since obviously a being that exists must be greater and more perfect than one that does not.  Therefore since you can conceive of a perfect being it must exist. 

DG: But can we conceive a perfect being?

FS: Since I am not trying to prove the existence of God I don’t have to worry about this problem.  This is fundamentally an existential argument.  Again, the primacy of existential reasoning is proved not God.  

DG: And your third proof of trialism?

FS: The third major proof of God is the teleological argument.  The universe exhibits design and purpose therefore there must be a designer.  This appeals to our need to understand things in terms of their relation to the larger design.  This is essentially a synchronal argument. 

DG: You are using the traditional proofs of God for another purpose.

FS: These arguments do not prove the existence of God but the fact that these arguments have survived the test of time tells us something pretty basic about how we reason and the nature of human consciousness.  These proofs are not proofs of God but proofs of how we reason.  Humans have totally different languages, culture and experiences.  Why would these arguments have bothered so many people with such different “software”? 

DG: I don’t know, why?

FS: The answer is that the brain, the hardware, is designed to figure out things in terms of causality, existence and order.  As Kant pointed out, one cannot talk of pure phenomena.  One cannot talk of pure consciousness.  Our reality is determined by how our consciousness deals with phenomena.  I cannot prove that consciousness operates in five dimensions but I can prove there is something very fundamental about how we divide up phenomena and this fundamental division is trialistic not dualistic.

DG: Totally abstract.

FS: For practical purposes, you have to apply trialism to the problem of power.

DG: How so?

FS: Power can be better understood in trialistic terms.  You can have power over yourself and this is existential power.  Existential power is generally referred to as will power.  Self-control is this type of power and is pretty important.  As Buddhism points out, if you have all the money in the world but no self- control then you are doomed to a living hell.

DG: Can you give an example?

FS: All rock stars that have ever lived.  A fool and his money are soon parted.

DG: I think in the case of rock stars it’s more like a druggie and his money are soon parted but I get your point.

FS: Self-control is actually very difficult because the most important part of self-control is not controlling bad habits like smoking but controlling the ultimate bad habit.

DG: What is that?

FS: The single greatest obstacle to real happiness is wishful thinking.  In order to achieve long lasting happiness then you have to see things, as they are not the way you want them to be.  Most baselines cannot accept the truth of the three relationships that they have with reality.  Baselines refuse to accept basic existential facts about themselves.  Baselines generally have a very unrealistic view of themselves. 

DG: How so?

FS: Baselines refuse to accept the fact they are baselines in the first place.  Baselines have a brain designed for survival.  The vast majority of our thought is governed by this basic fact.  We think about sex most of the time and this is normal given the design of our brain.  We think about ourselves all the time and again this is normal given the design of our brain.

DG: I would have to agree that self-knowledge is difficult to achieve.  Freud would agree with you about your views about how big a determinant sex is of our behavior.

FS: Baselines refuse to accept the facts of a causal universe.  Baselines have a hard time accepting the fact that the universe is a pretty cold ruthless place governed by laws that have nothing to do with their wants and needs and insist in believing that the universe revolves around baseline needs and aspirations. 

DG: A pretty bleak view of the human condition.

FS: Our views of God are also tempered by wishful thinking.  Baselines create a God in their image rather than recognizing the truth that any being like God will have larger concerns than the happiness of baselines.  Baselines insist in looking for justice in human affairs.

DG: So what governs human affairs if not justice?

FS: Power is the ultimate arbiter of human affairs rather than justice.  Baselines look for good in other baselines when by definition baselines are petty selfish creatures and can be counted on to pursue their petty own creature comforts rather than any higher ideals. 

DG: So how should humans deal with this state of affairs?

FS: Reality is cold and ruthless but at least the universe is predictable but only predictable to those who can see past appearance and face reality. 

DG: And how do you get these insights?

FS: From the Omegas of course, existential power can only be developed via daily habits of thought in which the baseline faces unpleasant truths.  If you cannot learn to control wishful thinking then you can never learn the truth of the universe, cannot understand yourself and ultimately learn how causal and synchronal power work.

DG: Causal power?

FS: The second type of power is causal and this is usually what we think of when we say, “ power”. 

DG: What do you mean by causal exactly?

FS: Phenomena were X causes Y in a predictable manner.  Existential and synchronal phenomena do not have this predictability.  In the case of existential phenomena one needs to have some understanding or better yet empathy with the ego involved. 

DG: In your system, understanding synchronal phenomena requires an understanding God and this seem impossible to me.

FS: I disagree.  Understanding God’s evolutionary mission is a huge first step.

DG: Sounds like a backward way to define phenomena.

FS: But it is a functional way of thinking about phenomena.  Causal power is everything from money to technology.  Roughly speaking the natural sciences deal with causal phenomena and causal power is the use of this knowledge for our own personal ends. 

DG: I would think humans would be existential phenomena.

FS: Baselines at the individual level are generally existential phenomena.  Baselines as a conglomerate are governed by causal principles and this is the province of the social sciences.  Money is probably the most important social phenomena and economics is the central social science but economics cannot explain all social behaviors.  Money is really a temporary manifestation of causal power in human affairs. 

DG: What do you mean?

FS: There was the power of the sword before money.  A man with a sword that meets a man that only has gold will soon have gold and a sword.  There is no money after Omega brains are born.  Knowledge and experience are the currency of Omega brains and computer nerds.  Lastly there is synchronal power.

DG: What about synchronal power?

FS: Synchronal power is derived from your relationship with God.  You can have great self-control and all the money in the planet but you better still make sure you have a good relationship with God.  God tends forgive the poor and weak willed but strong willed millionaires are judged more harshly since he figures they have less excuses. 

DG: Why would God figure this?

FS: If someone is smart enough to make millions then they should be smart enough to figure out the synchronal nature of the universe.  You would be amazed how many of the really big millionaires of US history did tithing.  Actually tithing is often the fundamental reason why you get money in the first place.

DG: Sounds like you believe that you can buy a staircase to heaven.

FS: You can buy a staircase to heaven but watch your step. 

DG: Why should you watch your step?

FS: You still have to remember that God is very busy and his number one job is cosmic density management.  Your personal happiness is pretty low on God’s list of things to do.  Most Christianity is teaching a very basic physics lesson. 

DG: I have heard of Christianity described a lot of ways but never as a physics lesson.

FS: Well it is.  Physics lesson number one, under certain conditions, synchronal power can beat causal power.  Moses can bring down a pharaoh.  Moses had synchronal power and could beat the causal power of the pharaoh.  Moses taught the first half of the physics lesson but this is really only half the lesson.

DG: What is the other half of the lesson?

FS: Strangely the same Christians don’t seem to understand the basic lesson of the crucifixion of Christ. 

DG: So what is the lesson of the crucifixion?

FS: The crucifixion teaches us that causal power can, under certain conditions, defeat synchronal power.  Synchronal power is very strong but capricious as Christ found out on the cross.  One minute you are doing miracles and the next you are suffering at the hands of authorities who have mere causal power over you. 

DG: So what type of power is better?

FS: A smart baseline in our current historical situation should try to have self-control, money and get on the right side of God.  You want all three types of power.

DG: You seem to put forth a variation of “rationalization” as the cause of much unhappiness.  People come up with rationalizations of the universe rather than facing reality as it is.  Why do you think people do this?

FS: Rationalization is one way of putting it.  I prefer the term: hardwired subroutine.  Hardwired means that these tendencies are built into the machine or in our case our brain.  A subroutine is a sequence of computer instruction for performing a specified task that can be used repeatedly.

DG: Sounds like you are talking about computers.

FS: As carbon based computers we also have hardwired subroutines.  The fundamental fact you have to realize is that our brains are designed to help us survive first and be happy second. 

DG: Are these two activities so contradictory?

FS: Yes, these hardwired subroutines help us survive in the short run but at the cost of happiness in the long run.  The fact that these hardwired subroutines interfere with happiness in the long run is pretty irrelevant for the immediate task of survival. 

DG: But unhappiness can lead to suicide and suicide goes counter to survival.

FS: Suicide due to long- term unhappiness does interfere with survival but as long as you have had children before you committed suicide then your suicide will have no affect on evolution and hardwired subroutines. 

DG: If you want to change hardwired subroutines then I guess you better remember to commit suicide before having children and not afterwards. 

FS: Correct, most of the brain is devoted to getting us through the immediate bumps in the road.  Hardwired subroutines generally provide short-term comfort.  These hardwired subroutines are fast food for the brain.  You get a quick boost but at the expense of long-term health.  Being able to feel comfortable in the short-term despite adversity has a survival advantage. 

DG: Hardwired subroutines provide strong immediate positive reinforcement and there is therefore very little incentive to analyze these hardwired subroutines and create programs that get around the deficits of these hardwired subroutines.

FS: Unless you are very mystical or very intellectual and this is a very small part of any baseline population.  A person with superior existential awareness can see further into the future and past via logic or intuition and begins to realize that hardwired subroutines provide comfort in the short-term but can literally get you killed in the long run.

DG: But surely education would help people see past these so-called subroutines?

FS: Hardwired subroutines are a key component of social control that educational systems rely on and therefore there is very little incentive for these same educational systems to help the individual to develop self-programming to get around the hardwired subroutines. 

DG: I think you are using computer terminology to describe instinct.  Can you give an example of what you mean?

FS: Sure, the single most important subroutine that is hardwired into our brains is that someone else can give us happiness and that someone else is usually a parental figure or a lover.  This fundamental idea that happiness comes from trust and loyalty in the right “other” is in direct contradiction to most human history

DG: And the direct personal experience of anyone over 35.

FS: That’s right but the subroutine will continue chugging along unless the baseline reprograms himself to compensate for this subroutine.  Baselines spend a huge amount of time and effort looking for the right other rather than question if someone else can guarantee you happiness in the first place.  Happiness cannot come from another but can only happen by figuring out reality and you have to do this yourself. 

DG: But I suppose this hardwired subroutine is what allows us to form social communities in the first place.  This hardwired subroutine allows for the creation of families, extended families and ultimately states. 

FS: Sure, you are born and tend to follow and love whoever happens to be standing in front of you, rather like the little ducklings that imprint on whatever animal that happens to be around when they hatch.  The same subroutine is activated over and over again in your life whether it makes sense or not since the subroutine is largely unanalyzed and autonomous.  This variation of imprinting aided survival and again our brain hardware serves the primary function of survival not happiness. 

DG: Again sounds like your version of instinct.  That would explain parents and their children and perhaps love at first sight but doesn’t have much social significance beyond those two examples.

FS: This subroutine is at the core of all social system, large or small.  Leaders consciously or unconsciously act the part of parental figures and must ultimately promise happiness not just results about a particular issue.  Leaders stay in power by activating this subroutine. 

DG: Oh, I agree with this absolutely.  Leaders are ultimately father figures.  So I suppose you don’t believe in appeals to logic by leaders?

FS: Leaders cannot successfully appeal to issues or logic directly but instead must use a parental persona or risk losing power.  Sometimes leaders play the part of lovers and this is known as charismatic leadership but hell hath no fury like a follower scorned and I wouldn’t recommend this route.

DG: But religion has as it’s purpose our enlightenment.

FS: Most religion is also based on the idea of a parental figure runs the universe and who can grant happiness.  Religious leaders act, as the intermediary between this parental figure and their followers and this is the basis of their power and very existence. 

DG: You know the Buddha did everything he could to avoid being put in the role of a god but within a hundred years he was made into a god despite that this is a basic contradiction to his teachings.

FS: Right, the hardwiring of the Buddha’s followers ultimately overcame the basic message of the same Buddha’s teachings.  Unraveling the benevolent parental figure fairy tale is probably impossible in the long run due to baseline hardware.  Even if you could get past the hardware limitations of baselines then you would undermine the power of both state and religion that support schools and schools that did this would soon be out of business.

DG: So the reason these maladaptive subroutines survive is largely social?

FS: Not totally, the subroutines include instructions that can be thought of as defenses that prevent us from easily identifying and changing these subroutines. 

DG: For example.

FS: Anyone suggesting that romantic love is largely a maladaptive subroutine that has caused more grief than happiness will be widely hated and denounced and the cause will be the subroutine itself. 

DG: Based on your view, my suggestion is to forget the idea of helping the world achieve universal happiness.  Instead focus on figuring out reality for yourself.

FS: Figuring out reality is difficult due to the dilemma of the malfunctioning sentient computer.

DG: And what is this dilemma?

FS: Imagine you have a sentient computer that suspects it has a malfunction.  The computer wants to fix the malfunction but if it has a malfunction then perhaps its diagnostic and repair programs are also malfunctioning and instead of fixing the malfunction it will cause more problems due to faulty diagnostic and repair systems.

DG: Why not have another computer fix the malfunction?

FS: The computer suspects the malfunction is endemic to all the computers of its make and model.

DG: I guess you would have to go find whoever created the computers and ask him or her for a repair job.

FS: That’s an option but the computer is not sure how to find this repair guy or if the repair guy even exists anymore.

DG: So what’s the answer?

FS: Do a cost/benefit analysis.  If the costs of the malfunction are higher than the costs of a botched repair job then go for the repair job.  If the costs of the malfunction are lower than the costs of a botched repair job then don’t do the repair job.

DG: So I guess that’s the answer.

FS: Not quite.

DG: Why not?

FS: How does the computer know the malfunction hasn’t affected its ability to do a cost/benefit analysis?

DG: Interesting but I think that’s a dilemma for malfunctioning sentient computers and not us.  Let’s get back to the end of the world.

Dr. Gamma’s Notes: Sounds like a computer version of Freudian defense mechanisms.  Reason is in season.  Reason is in season.  Reason is in season.

FS: The Omegas and I spent the day before the end of the Earth watching CNN footage of the strange behavior of animals all over the world.  The animal kingdom was acting totally wild.  The animals knew the world was going to end and this upset them.

DG: How did the animals know this?

FS: Every animal on Earth, except most humans, both types, could see the future to a greater or lesser extent. 

DG: Animals are clairvoyant?

FS: Clairvoyance is generally greatest in animals with the least amount of ego. 

DG: Do animals even have egos?

FS: I mean ego as in most basic sense of self.  The size and complexity of your brain is generally responsible for the size of your ego. 

DG: Why?

FS: A bigger and more complex brain creates a bigger ego.  Smart people can’t help being egotistic.  They are born that way. 

DG: I guess that explains me.  So which animals have the most the most clairvoyance?

FS: Actually fauna beats animals.  Plants have the highest level of clairvoyance followed by insects, reptiles, birds and mammals. 

DG: What did the animals do with their clairvoyance?

FS: All the animals prepared for the end of the Earth in different ways.  The animals with group minds were the first to see the deadly future. 

DG: Can you give a more exact definition of a group mind?

FS: Many bodies but one mind.  The bees did their death dance that consisted of flying in unison in incredibly complex patterns.  The spiders made their death web patterns in order to honor their ancestors one final time. 

DG: And oh so clairvoyant plants?

FS: The plants sang their death song that the humans generally could not hear.  Some small children didn’t sleep well that night because of this song.  The marigolds and geraniums glowed in the dark for one last time.  The acacia and pine trees cried.  A Chinese peasant saw the moisture coming out of the bark of his pine trees and wondered what was happening? And then there were the rats.

DG: The rats?

FS: The rats intertwined their tails to unite their small minds and create a rat king that would guide them.  The rat king saw the future and saw death.  The rats untangled their tails and scurried to their holes. 

DG: Any other of these so-called group minds?

FS: On the Greek island of Kephallonia, the Virgin Mary snakes intertwined to create a snake king.  The snake king was wiser than any human but could see no answer.  The Virgin Mary snakes broke up and went down their holes.  In the Arctic, the snow eels came out to see the Sun for one last time and their bodies turned the snow black.  The wisest group mind on the planet was a giant that lived under the snow in Green Land. 

DG: How could fungus be smart?

FS: A little old acre of fungus isn’t all that smart but 50 miles of fungus allows for one big old group mind.  The fungus had grown quietly over the last 2,000 years

DG: And what did the fungus think about?

FS: Mostly the fungus couldn’t believe those little hairy monkeys had evolved to the point that they could get the world destroyed. 

DG: Was the fungus scared?

FS: No, the fungus was ready for death and had already picked out a nice spot for his next life.  The fungus would be reborn as a type of purple lichen on a planetoid about 1/2 the size of the Earth.  The fungus would be the only life form on the planetoid and have plenty of elbowroom. 

DG: How did the fungus manage this?

FS: The fungus had remembered to send God a birthday card for one thousand years straight and as mentioned God appreciated beings that remembered his birthday.  Foxes were heard to howl.  The cats snarled and meowed.  The dogs yipped and yapped.  The snakes slowly did their death dance and the Squares watched this dance with fear. 

DG: What did the Squares do?

FS: The last time the Squares had seen the death dance of the snakes had been just before the great flood.  Their tetrachromatic vision meant that they could see the flowers glowing and they knew what this meant. 

DG: How could they know?

FS: The same thing had happened before the great flood.  The Squares had been hunters and knew how to read nature.  The common Squares looked at the skies and softly prayed, “Help us God.”  The wiser Squares looked at their shoes and softly under their breath added, “We love you God”.  The really wise Squares added, “Dear God I sent you a card on your birthday.”

DG: I thought only dolphins knew about God’s birthday?

FS: A few Squares had bothered to learn about God’s birthday from the dolphins.  Even fewer had bothered to learn how to use a make shift dolphin provided 6G communication system to send a card and even fewer had actually delivered a card.  No sense lying to God about sending him a birthday card.  After all God is all knowing. 

DG: Wouldn’t an all knowing God know that some beings couldn’t send the birthday card because they didn’t know about the date or how to send the card?

FS: Actually God is not all knowing just a million times more knowing than baselines but this is close enough and no God still cares about birthday cards. 

DG: The scary part is I think this may be true.  What happened to the Squares that had sent birthday cards to God?

FS: God had already decided the Squares that had sent him birthday cards would be reborn on a little planet that would be the successor to the one about to be destroyed.  The last time the Squares had prayed so hard was during the great flood and they had been delivered. 

DG: What about the Sloppy Squares?

FS: The Sloppy Squares slept soundly and snored as the end approached. 

DG: What about human clairvoyance?

FS: Human clairvoyance had been studied by the Omegas.  An experiment was done at Harvard in, which a group of hamsters were randomly picked for execution by Experimenter A.  A second experimenter, experimenter B did not knew which hamsters had been picked for the ax but was told to observe anxious behavior that was clearly defined at the outset of the experiment.  The hamsters that were marked for execution were more likely to run around and act anti-social than the more fortunate hamsters.  The hamsters showed clairvoyance. 

DG: And humans?

FS: The Omegas thought this was a pretty neat experiment and decided to replicate the experiment but with humans instead of hamsters.  The Omegas had done this experiment with humans over and over again and we usually flunked.  If anything, humans secretly marked for execution were usually extremely calm right up to the moment the Omega disintegrated them.  In other words, in this test we were dumber than hamsters. 

DG: Did some humans do better than others?

FS: People who had achieved inner peace always flunked.  The Omegas suggest that you avoid anyone who was too calm, serene, or worst of all, has achieved inner peace.  Anyone who has achieved inner peace is probably going to be shot by a postman any minute now.  You didn’t want pieces of their brain all over your brand new suit. 

DG: So you think inner peace is a bad mental state.  What do you think is a good mental state?

6.04 Rampant Paranoia

Doctor Delta: This meme is especially infectious and virulent.

FS: Rampant paranoia!  Rampant paranoia is actually a form of specialized clairvoyance and not a mental disorder but a gift from God.  I had been called paranoid myself.  I think that the key to a happy and long life was to assume the worst.  First of all trust no one. 

DG: No one?

FS: Sure, the guy who wanted to be your best friend is probably planning to sleep with your wife and that was probably why he pretends to be your best friend in the first place. 

DG: And how would you handle this situation?

FS: Plant cocaína in his car and inform the policia anonymously, so he would be too busy getting gang raped in prison to bother your wife. 

DG: Any other examples?

FS: The guy selling you drogas probably has two goons outside waiting to jump you and take the drogas back and keep the money.  Have five goons waiting for them. 

DG: Go on.

FS: The 17-year old that was your 80-year old mom’s new friend was actually her lover and planning to cut you out of the will.  Arrange a brake failure, with fatal consequences, before they got a chance to see the lawyer and change the will. 

DG: How about strangers?

FS: The pretty girl who bumped into you in the airport was trying to steal your wallet.  Chain your wallet to your pants and take her purse for good measure. 

DG: How can you be sure all these people were out to get you?

FS: Occasionally, you would make mistakes with this philosophy and totally ruin the lives of innocent people but better them than you. 

DG: So everyone is out to get you.

FS: Absolutely, but not just everyone but everything. 

DG: Everything? That doesn’t make sense.

6.05 Panpsychic Killers

Doctor Delta: This meme is especially infectious and virulent.

FS: Sure it does, don’t trust inanimate objects.  All inanimate objects wanted to destroy life at some level. 

DG: Why?

FS: Living beings could walk, talk, have sex and took drogas.  Inanimate objects couldn’t even masturbate.  Inanimate objects are jealous of all living creatures and mean us harm.

DG: How is this possible?

FS:  The ladder would collapse and break your neck if you walked under it.  The chain saw was just looking for an opportunity to gut you.  The hammer wanted to smash your thumb.  The toy was secretly telling you “eat me” when you were a toddler so that you would choke and die.  All my life people had been telling me I was crazy because I thought this way.  I talked with the Omegas and they told me that I was absolutely correct about my assessment of the universe.

DG: The Omegas don’t sound very trusting.

FS: The Omegas explained that God was probably the most paranoid being in the universe and he was all knowing, well close enough. 

DG: Why would the Omegas say God was paranoid?

FS: God sent an asteroid to destroy the dinosaurs as soon as they started becoming too intelligent.  Who needed an intelligent Tyrannosaurus Rex running around?  Imagine what kind of post baseline the T-Rex would evolve into? 

DG: Probably not a very nice post baseline.

FS: Right, better to wipe them out early on.  Why take chances?  God’s ultimate advice above all other advice was, “Do it to them before they did it to you.”

DG: I cannot believe God is the being you describe.  So the universe is alive?

FS: Yes, every single atom and molecule is filled with consciousness.  The fact that some philosophers wrote about this fact as a good thing shows that philosophy would get you killed in the long run.  The universe is alive and God pretty arbitrarily decided some of us could have the ability to move around.  Pan psychic killers are everywhere. 

DG: How would the Omegas know about this?

FS: The Omegas often had conversations with inanimate objects using their 6G system and most objects were in a constant state of homicidal rage.  Inanimate objects were at severe disadvantage in their ability to fulfill their homicidal fantasies because they couldn’t move but they did have one little power. 

DG: What was that?

FS: Inanimate objects could with great concentration affect probability fields at the quantum level and make seemingly impossible things happen. 

DG: What sort of impossible stuff?

FS: Stuff like telekinesis or moving things with mind power.  For example, levitation was not impossible but just unlikely. 

DG: What do you mean?

FS: There is something called Brownian motion, which means that all atoms bounce around in a random fashion.  However, there was no reason that all the atoms couldn’t go in a particular direction at the same time and spontaneous levitation would occur. 

DG: Why doesn’t this happen?

FS: Such atomic motion would be unlikely, a trillion to one shot but not strictly impossible.  Inanimate objects could change the likelihood of such an event dramatically.  Strictly speaking this is how God by passes causality in order to do impossible stuff.

DG: So why can’t animate beings do the same thing.

FS: Animate beings have the same power but we generally never used it because we had other options.  Some animate beings never concentrate.  Inanimate beings on the other hand didn’t have as many distractions and got really good at concentration.  Telekinesis was the process of emptying your mind and focusing on a very, very small point at the quantum level.

DG: That’s totally nuts.

FS: Tell me about it.  I’ll give you an example.  An O-Ring that hated NASA caused the explosion of a space shuttle on my Earth.  It was bad enough that humans got to have sex but now we where going to travel freely in space, this was really adding injury to insult. 

DG: So what is your version of what happened?

FS: The O-ring worked with some of the other parts of the shuttle and a 1,000 to one potential accident was reduced to a one in twenty and the O-Ring lucked out.  Inanimate objects around the world cheered the day the shuttle blew up and that O-Ring was a hero in the inanimate world.

DG: That isn’t much of an example.

FS: Okay let’s try another one.  Discarded toys are the most dangerous inanimate objects.  Discarded toys feel used and abused, and unlike the velveteen rabbit, the toys didn’t forget and the toys didn’t forgive. 

DG: And what do unforgiving toys do?

FS: That bow and arrow that you haven’t played with for ten years was going to send an arrow straight into your new girl friends heart. 

DG: Gee, why kill the innocent girlfriend?

FS: The bow would have killed you but likes the fact that you would suffer the double pain of losing a loved one and being gang raped while you were in prison for manslaughter.  That baseball bat you’ve ignored for twenty years was going to fly out of your hand and break a skull.  The same goes for all types of balls.  Bowling balls break toes of their owners on an hourly basis. 

DG: I think beer is the real culprit.

FS: Cerveza accounts for some of these accidents but most are caused by the bowling balls themselves.  Discarded dolls were the most dangerous discarded toys of them all.  The dolls did develop feelings for their owners.  Can you blame the dolls? 

DG: What do you mean?

FS: The little girls brushed their hair, talked to the dolls and dressed them.  The little girl becomes a woman and then the doll was ignored for the next twenty years.  Dolls bide their time. 

DG: Bide their time to do what?

FS: The favorite trick of dolls was to get the daughter of the owner to play with them and then have the daughter accidentally leave the doll on the stairs, were the previous owner, mom would trip and break her neck.  The number of women killed by their dolls every year is staggering but people still refuse to look at this evidence which proves that inanimate objects are homicidal. 

DG: So why are you the only person to know this?

FS: Perhaps there was a conspiracy to keep this knowledge from the public.  I wouldn’t doubt it. 

DG: What could you do to avoid being killed by one of your old toys?

FS: Your best bet was to not play with toys at all but if you must play with toys then burn them when you were done with them.  Never, ever collect toys.

DG: You think toy collections are a bad idea?

FS: All toy collectors die a grisly death, all the time, at the hands of their toys.

Dr. Gamma’s Notes: Dr. Delta has the most extensive collection of miniature plastic figures that are called PVC’s.  He also collects tins that look like houses.  I wonder what he would say about the patient’s observation.

DG: I’m still not convinced.

FS: You are just too modern for you own good.  Ancient people realized that objects had consciousness and would talk softly to them and soothe the objects.  This actually works.  The next time your computer breaks down try talking to it. 

DG: Why?

FS: Nine times out of ten the computer would be fixed via this method.  Never violently assault an object since this would really piss of the object and the object would quietly wait for revenge.  Anyone who kicks a coke machine to get a soda would invariably be crushed to death by this same coke machine at some future date.  The same goes for kicking the tires of a car. 

DG: What happens if you kick the tires?

FS: If you kick the tires of a car then you had assured your death and that of your unlucky family in a car accident involving a blown tire in the same car at some future date.  People would look at you funny when you started talking to cars, computers and coke machines but what did they know?  Diamonds are especially dangerous.

DG: Diamonds?

FS: Diamonds aren’t a girl’s best friend but an enemy of humanity.  Diamonds get to see the lifestyles of the rich and famous intermittently but most of the time they are locked in a box.  Velvet lining or no velvet lining, this makes diamonds pretty mad.  You might try to appease the diamond now and then.

DG: So how do you appease a diamond?

FS: Wearing a diamond while having sex might appease the diamond slightly since diamonds like a good porn show as much as the next conscious being but in general diamonds focused on destroying their owners. 

DG: Any why are diamonds especially dangerous.

FS: The structure of a diamond provides the perfect focus for a synchronicity field.  The Hope diamond was bigger and therefore had more energy to work with and was able to destroy most of it’s owners thus creating the legend of the curse of the Hope diamond which is in fact not legend.  This is why people with lots of jewelry invariably are unlucky. 

Dr. Gamma’s Notes: Summer has started.  If I had stayed a professor then I would be on vacation and not in this room.  Why am I writing down these crazy equations?  Is Freak Show a memetic infection sent by the Omegas of the last Big Bang cycle?  Were the Omegas working alone or did they have help at the highest level?


DG: So what if you don’t have the gift of paranoia?

FS: The Omegas suggested that if God had not given you the gift of paranoia then it is not too late.  Paranoia can be developed through various mental exercises.

DG: Such as?

FS: Start with baby steps.  Imagine that your neighbor was trying to kill you.  Pick strangers at random and stare at them fixedly.  If they acted nervous, they had probably been following you secretly to hit you over the head with a brick and steal your money.  Imagine that someone or something was trying to kill you every half-hour during the day and ask yourself what would you do in that particular instant. 

DG: I’ll keep this in mind the next time my goal in life is to become a nut case.

FS: Don’t forget the night.  Do lock your bedroom door.  Do get up every twenty minutes or so and check out the room.  The universe, as mentioned, is cold and cruel and this means that a violento grisly death is always just around the corner.  Those seat belts in your car were there for a reason.  As though a seat belt was really going to make a difference when that eighteen-wheeler comes barreling along with your name on it.  Better not to drive at all. 

DG: Your advice?

FS: Stay home.  Lock the doors and windows.  If people knock on your door tell them to go away in as scary a voice as you can manage without opening the door.  Don’t stand directly behind the door.  They might have a shotgun and blow the door and you away. 

DG: Could just be a sales person.

FS: All sales people that come to your door are either a) burglars that were casing your house or b) con artists that were going to sell you some crap and cheat you out of your hard earned money.  Don’t let the age of the salesperson fool you. 

DG: Could the girl just be selling girl-scout cookies.

FS: That little girl selling girl-scout cookies probably has a gun and would just as soon shoot you as look at you.  Don’t make the mistake that otherwise intelligent paranoids often make and get a dog for protection.

DG: What’s wrong with a dog?

FS: The dog would probably rip out your throat in your sleep.  The same goes for cats.  Even a canary has claws.  Better not to have pets of any sort.  Why take chances?  Keep weapons everywhere. 

DG: Why would anyone do something like that?

FS: You never knew when someone might sneak into the house and try to kill you.  In the movie Pulp Fiction, John Travolta got shot in the can. 

DG: And I am sure that you have a solution.

FS: They couldn’t get me while I was taking a shit since I had a gun hidden behind the toilet just in case.  I also kept a gun in the shower just in case someone tried to stab me like that poor girl in the movie Psycho.  Horror flicks are great teachers.  Start out small and buy about a dozen guns and then hide them all around your house. 

DG: That’s all your advice I hope.

Dr. Gamma’s Notes: Have the patient’s room searched for weapons the next time he is in therapy.

FS: No, above all else, always, always, always assume that your girl friend and/or wife was either cheating on you, planning to cheat on you or just got done cheating on you.  There are ways of controlling her cheating.  Don’t let her go out with her girl friends.  They were probably in on it.  Male friends were of course totally out of the question. 

DG: And why would that be?

FS: She has in fact slept with all the male friends she has ever had in her entire life.  If she has had twenty male friends then you knew for a fact she has slept with at least twenty guys.  Assume all men were her lovers, wanted to be her lovers or were going to be her lovers.  If she works then she has a lover at work. 

DG: So what can you do?

FS: Better to keep her at home.  If you had to work and leave her alone then call her all the time to check up on her. 

DG: What about mobile phones?    She could be anywhere.

FS: If she sounds breathless on the mobile then she was probably making out with the guy who was now lying next to her in bed and being quiet.  If she doesn’t sound breathless, they probably made out about an hour earlier and you just missed it. 

DG: You need to have more faith in people.

FS: I have faith in people.  I have faith that people can’t be trusted.  Drop in on the house unexpectedly all the time.  If she was home then search the house from top to bottom.  If she complains and tells you to stop searching then she’s trying to stop you from finding her lover and you needed to search that much harder.  If she wasn’t home then you just knew that she was in some motel humping her lover.  Do not take her to parties, restaurants, bars, stores, or really anywhere.

DG: Basically keep her a prisoner.

FS: We are all prisoners of love at some level.  Besides, all trips were opportunities for the gal to find a lover or meet a lover.  If she wanted to go out then she probably had a lover or wanted to get a lover and this was why she wanted to go out in the first place. 

DG: Well if things are so bad then you should break up.

FS: And get another gal just like the first one?  No way instead you should follow her secretly.  Do pretend to leave the city and then back track to the house and watch her.  Do read her mail.  Do read her e-mail.  Do listen in on phone calls.  Do interrogate her friends and relatives on a regular basis.  I learned a lot of this great stuff about women from my Latino friends working on the RGC who are much smarter than their Anglo counterparts in this area.

DG: And the reward for this paranoid existence?

FS: Paranoids usually die in bed peacefully at an advanced age.  Stalin was a good example of this pattern.  He was always imagining plots and killed just about everyone around him.  In his final days, Stalin figured that the doctors in Moscow wanted to kill him and was about to purge them. 

DG: He was totally wrong about the doctor plot.

FS: Stalin was probably wrong 99% of the time but that means he was right 1% of the time.  Why take chances?  You never knew which paranoid hunch was real anyway.  Serial killers are always on the lookout for trusting, open people.  Serial killers almost never mess with other serial killers.

DG: But generally, aside from paranoids, humans aren’t clairvoyant?

6.06 Small Brain Syndrome

Doctor Delta: This meme is harmless.

FS: Some humans can see the future because of their smaller brains.  This is the small brain syndrome. 

DG: Small brain syndrome?

FS: Smaller brains have less ability to focus on a particular point of the space-time continuum and their awareness tends to wander about the space-time continuum but without control unlike an Omega brain.  Generally human brains aren’t quite as small as that of a dog so they couldn’t as far into the future as your average canine but there were exceptions.  The small brain syndrome was a mixed blessing.  Sufferers knew what was going to happen but aren’t smart enough to do much with this knowledge. 

DG: Can you give an example?

FS: I would like to review two cases from the small brain syndrome files of the Omegas.  The first case involves Tim.  Deep down Tim knew that John, who he humiliated and fired, was going to shoot him cold dead as he fills out forms in his office.  On the other hand, Tim just doesn’t have enough sense to quit his job and go underground until the whole thing blows over. 

DG: And what would you do?

FS: An even semi-paranoid person would of course go ahead and track down John and blow him away.  A week later, Tim was quietly chewing on a doughnut as the bullet hit him square between the eyes.  Tim knew he was going to die but Tim just had no idea how to avoid this grisly death due to the size of his brain.

DG: I am not convinced.

FS: Let me give you another example.  The second small brain syndrome case involves Gail.  Gail knew that shooting that hussy that was sleeping with her boyfriend was going to get her a lethal injection courtesy of the state but Gail pulled the trigger anyway.  Gail’s prints were on the gun that she conveniently left next to the body.  Gail threatened to kill the hussy in front of fifty witnesses at the country and western club the other night and told everyone exactly how she was going to do it.  Gail has no get away plan. 

DG: So what happened to Gail?

FS: What do you think?  Month’s later; Gail looks at the guards dumbly as they strap her down and the poison stops her heart.  Gail knew that she was going to die but her small brain prevented her from creating a strategy that would assure her survival.  Tim and Gail were both rednecks, a group especially afflicted with the small brain syndrome. 

DG: That part I believe.

FS: Many small brain syndrome sufferers got guest spots on talk shows.  The sufferers relate their tales of woe caused by their small brains to an audience of similar sufferers.  Small brain syndrome sufferers were in fact the core audience of talk shows.  Talk show hosts were fully aware of this demographic fact but hid the fact from the audience, which really wasn’t very hard to do.  The audience verbally assaulted the guests.  The guests knew this was going to happen since they watch talk shows religiously, a sure-fire sign of the small brain syndrome, and this humiliation happens to all the guests all the time. 

DG: I guess their brains were too small to prevent them from going on the show and being tortured despite a full awareness of the consequences of their actions.  A recurrent theme of your fantasies seems to be that intelligence is one giant trade off.  Your Squares have incredible cognitive abilities but are also stupid in particular ways.

FS: This is just part of a larger pattern of hardware.  In general, you could see the future or be smart but you couldn’t have it both ways until you achieved hyperconsciousness.

DG: You are quite the cynic.  Aren’t you worried about becoming a bitter old man?

FS: The secreto to being a happy cynic is to stop caring.

DG: How so?

FS: A happy cynic realizes the horror of the universe but it totally apathetic

There’s nothing you can do about the horror so you might as well just go with the flow.  The bitter old men are caring cynics.  Accept the horror and focus on getting laid and stoned.

DG: Lovely philosophy.  What about clairvoyance among saints?

FS: Saints have limited hyperconsciousness.  The Square Bible provides a good example of clairvoyance based on hyperconsciousness.  

DG: For example?

FS: Saint John had predicted the end of the world in The Book of Revelation.  According to the Omegas, St. John had the correct vision but didn’t have the knowledge to properly interpret the vision. 

DG: What sort of knowledge?

FS: The key to the vision was in the seven seals.  The seven seals were seven stages that all technological civilizations go through.  The vast majority of technological civilizations destroy themselves and they always go through the same seven stages.  The stages were like Chinese boxes and you had to open the first box to get into the next box.  You open one seal to get at the next seal.  The first four seals were the four horsemen of the apocalypse. 

DG: I know.

FS: Then you know that the first horseman is war.

DG: Yeah, yeah I know the second horseman is disease.  The third horseman is famine.  The fourth horseman is death.

FS: Well the first three horsemen represent technological trends that together create death.  The horseman of war represents nuclear weapons including such lovely devices as A-bombs, H-bombs and antimatter weapons.  Sooner or later all technological civilizations develop such weapons and were usually dead within a hundred years of the invention of such devices.  Disease represents biological weapons. 

DG: The next horseman is famine as I recall.

FS: Famine represents a scarcity of resources.  If a technological civilization develops atomic weapons, and biological weapons but does not solve the problem of famine i.e. scarcity with technology then the pale rider, death would ride forth.  This was totally inevitable. 

DG: How so?

FS: Scarcity could coexist without weapons of mass destruction and the world would survive.  A starving nation with swords couldn’t destroy the world.  A starving nation with an atomic bomb could.  The coexistence of scarcity and weapons of mass destruction always lead to the destruction of that particular civilization unless an Omega brain is created.

DG: So this is a universal cycle that even happens on other planets.

6.07 Macrotrend

Doctor Delta: This meme is hard to measure.

FS: Yes, St. John’s predictions are examples of Macrotrends. 

DG: Macrotrends?

FS: Macrotrends are trends that happen in all baseline level civilizations.  The Macrotrend of death brings forth the prophets. 

DG: The prophets?

FS: The prophets are the fifth seal.  If the prophets show up then you had about fifty years to turn things around.  The death of a world is such a huge hyperdimensional event that even persons with very limited hyperconsciousness would perceive this event.  The sixth seal is the actual use of weapons of mass destruction.  After the launch, the mighty would hide in the mountains and in the case of the Earth this was NORAD. 

DG: So the mighty will survive.

FS: The hiding won’t work and all would die and this was the seventh seal.  The seven seals provide the general framework for how any technological civilization would self-destruct. 

DG: So the particular details vary from planet to planet.

FS: Yes, if the Lunar Goo hadn’t decided to destroy the world then some other persons, nation, nations or organization would have used the weapons of mass destruction to destroy the world. 

DG: So what is the ultimate cause of global destruction?

FS: The Gigatrain was a militar solution to a scarcity problem.  The global radicalism that made the Gigatrain necessary was caused by global scarcity but to the militar mind, the solution was to spend trillions on weapons rather on relieving the causes of global radicalism. 

DG: Sounds familiar.

FS: The trillions spent on weapons only aggravate the causes of global radicalism since fewer resources were left to solve the problems of global scarcity.  The increased global radicalism then becomes an even bigger problem so you had to spend even more money on weapons until the whole thing blows up, literally.

DG: What about particular symbols like the lamb?

FS: Baselines are of course unaware of most of what St. John’s vision meant.  The vision also incorporates several symbols including the lamb, serpent and dragon.  The lamb opens the first seal that starts the whole process.  The lamb represents technology leading a meek humanity rather than the other way around. 

DG: You make it sound like technology has a life of it’s own.

FS: The 25th Universal Law of Technology clearly states that technology has a life of its own.  Unless the civilization could be aware of this tendency then the first seal was opened. 

DG: St. John also mentions the Anti-Christ, the dragon and the serpent as enemies of God.

FS: In the case of my Earth the Anti-Christ was William Door.  In general terms, The Anti-Christ was the leader that inevitably arises in any technological civilization that was so seduced by technology the he or she places technology over humanity.  The Anti-Christ would be able to do miracles and these miracles were actually technological marvels that would seduce most minds. 

DG: And the serpent?

Dr. Gamma’s Notes: Patient obsessed with snakes due to feelings of penile inadequacy.


FS: The serpent was a symbol of the first technology that was language and leads to all the other technologies.  The story of Adam and Eve was about the serpent giving Eve language via the apple.  Once an animal develops language then it would create the big serpent i.e. the dragon. 

DG: What does the dragon represent?

FS: The dragon was all the technological mechanisms that allow one group of a species to dominate another group of the same species with a total lack of compassion. 

DG: But would other species on other planets necessarily have compassion.

FS: All technological species had some built in type of empathy that allowed them to work with other members of the species and thus create technology in the first place.  Technology provides buffers that allow this empathy to be eliminated. 

DG: You think so?

FS: Sure dropping a bomb is a lot easier than pulling a trigger.  Pulling a trigger is a lot easier than using a sword.  The first dragon was Nazi Germany.  Technology allowed the destruction of millions without compassion.  As the technology grows so would the future dragons.

DG: Seems very specific to Earth.

FS: Not really, all technological species face the same dilemma.  We make the clothes and then the clothes make the man.  We shape the buildings and then the buildings shape us.  We create language and then language creates us.  We write books and then books program our writing. 

DG: How so?

FS: Certain forms are considered “novelistic” and anything that departs from that form is rejected.  Plato talked about a cave in which we saw the shadows of a reality outside the cave.  Plato had been talking about the effects of written language. 

DG: I don’t know about that but I do think that in many cases written language becomes more real than concrete reality.

FS: Yes, Aristotle wrote that a fly has four legs and then everyone accepted that a fly has four legs despite the fact anyone could see that flies have six legs.  Written language was just the first step down into the darkness of the cave or up the ladder towards an Omega brain, only time will tell.  Technology drives us deeper and deeper into the bowels of the cave until we mistake darkness with light. 

DG: I like Plato’s dialogues.  I think a dialogue format is a great way to get a lot of complicated information across in an accessible manner.  You can still deal with characterization but you can focus on ideas more readily with the dialogue format.

Dr. Gamma’s Notes: Interpretation of St. John’s is further elaboration of the patient’s messiah complex.

FS: Yeah but I doubt using a dialogue format will ever produce a modern best seller.  A novel would be a more popular way to get ideas out there.

DG: You are probably right but you waste a lot of the reader’s energy focusing on novelistic conventions. So many visions are visions about technology?

FS: Yes, the ship of Theseus provides another conceptual base for understanding the effects of technology on a species over time. 

DG: What the heck is the ship of Theseus?

FS: The philosopher of the same name describes a ship that goes from port to port and men and goods were brought on and taken off.  The exact same number of men and goods enters the ship as leaves the ship.  Theseus asks, “Is the ship at the end of the journey, the same ship that began the journey?”  Our bodies constantly replace old cells and molecules with new ones.  We were all the ship of Theseus.  Are we the same being after this process of replacement? 

DG: What does this have to do with technology?

FS: A technological species ultimately face a different version of the ship of Theseus.  Slowly we used computers as replacements for our own brains.  PDA’s replaced memory.  Calculators replace our own ability to calculate.  Slowly we replace natural organs with artificial ones.  We use cars instead of our legs.  We take virtual trips instead of actual trips.  We used e-mail instead of our own voices.  The couch potatoes slowly become pale worms, children of the serpent.  At what point did we change from human to machine?  Machines are not truly alive and cannot be killed.  The destruction of a world of machines was not a great loss to the universe.

DG: So God does intervene in human affairs beyond interspecies recycling and sending people to hell.

FS: God does not care about your sex life, morality, ethics, good, evil, your happiness, your suffering or how you treat your neighbor.  If an evil event would lead to evolution then so be it.  If a good event would lead to evolution then let the good times roll.  If a sex pervert could help with God’s Plan then he’s on board.  The Omegas say this was not a new idea but you needed to understand God’s definition of evolution and this could be a little tricky. 

DG: What is evolution?

FS: According to the Omegas, “Evolution is the gradual or sudden creation of beings and/or collections of beings with greater freedom of action and/or cognition in the space-time continuum and beyond via natural and/or technological means.”

DG: So bluntly you think God favors evolution not the good.

FS: Yes, God favors those that help evolution.  God destroys those that hinder evolution.  God could be totally ruthless in this regard.  Again, there is nothing mysterious about God’s plan.  Darwin came as close to figuring out God’s plan as anyone but his definition of evolution while not contradicting God’s definition is too narrow and only applies to biological systems. 

DG: So what is this broader definition?

FS: God’s definition of evolution also includes causal and existential evolution.  Societies that were more able to master the manipulation of time and space, whether through a telephone or a time machine, would supercede those societies that did not.  There was such a thing as the development of your will and this was existential evolution.  There was actually a high, but not perfect, correlation between the existential development of individuals within a society and the technological development of the same society. 

DG: So those who follow God’s plan are rewarded?

FS: Not always, if suffering would lead to your existential development then you would receive suffering.  If happiness would lead to your existential development then you would receive happiness.  However, God only provides the conditions.  Individuals and societies had the free will to ultimately evolve or perish.  Social Darwinism also used a too narrow a definition of evolution and focused on economic power and not the overall technological development of the society. 

DG: So God is apolitical?

FS: God could care less about plutocracy, autocracy or democracy.  Whatever system evolves technologically would be the winner.  The human Nietzsche was also wrong to define evolution as a type of superman that was above common morality.  If you end up in jail for life for violating common morality then your freedom of action and your freedom of cognition had been lessened not increased.

DG: Sounds like a ruthless system.

FS: God’s Plan is totally ruthless.  The universe is ruthless.  Evolution is ruthless.  Wake up and smell the coffee!  The vast majority of societies would not survive even one-millennia.  The vast majority of life forms would not survive.  The vast majority of individuals would not survive.  Even recycling was not immortality.  Unless you evolve then you end up astral noise.  This was what happens to almost everyone. 

DG: So how can you make sure that you are evolving?

FS: Tolstoy had argued that there was the generalist path to survival and the specialist path and that both were valid.  Tolstoy was wrong about this issue.  The common saying that encapsulated the specialist/generalist debate was that the fox knew many things.  The hedgehog knew only one.  The idea was that you could survive with one trick like a hedgehog or with many tricks like a fox but both would work. 

DG: So which is better the fox or the hedgehog?

FS: Humanoids knew more tricks than foxes and hedgehogs put together and would ultimately wipe both other species out.  Specialization was death, a slow death but death nevertheless.  If baselines on my Earth had developed the super generalist ability to travel and live on other planets in the solar system then the destruction of Earth would have been irrelevant. 

DG: That actually makes sense.

FS: Of course it does, most technological species destroy themselves in a seven-stage process that has been described earlier.  The few technological species that truly master technology must then use that technology for their next big challenge.  All planets die eventually, be prepared!  The Omegas calculate that only one in a million technological species in the universe outlive the destruction of their home world. 

DG: So few?

FS: Well surviving the destruction of your home world was actually a rite of passage to the next stage in evolution.  Species that outlive the death of their home world, generally, go on to the final stage in evolution and can do stuff like move black holes.  Such species were the few, the proud, the brave.  However, the odds are totally against you. 

DG: Why?

FS: The vast majority of sperm does not end up in the egg of the female producing a child.  Most sperm ends up splattered on the ceiling or on tissue paper and flushed down the toilet, at least in the case of adolescent males.  The same goes for most of us.  We were going to be scooped up and flushed down the toilet by some giant cosmic hand that we never saw or understood. 

DG: Sounds terrible.

FS: Not totally, a pretty good argument could be made for oblivion.  Perhaps the sperm on the ceiling and down the toilet were lucky.  The sperm that hit the bulb in the ceiling may be the luckiest of all, instant oblivion.  They had a hell of a ride for sperm and their suffering was over.  Maybe being astral noise isn’t all that bad.  The evolution thing never stops and every step means more happiness but also more suffering.

DG: I think you have a point.

FS: I think so.  The Omegas were the second most advanced beings in the universe and most of them would pick total oblivion in a heartbeat, if they had free will. 

DG: That’s nihilism.

FS: Nihilism makes a lot of sense when you understood the big picture.  Some cynics suggest that astral noise was not an option since you just had to start from the bottom all over again!  The cynics might be right.  I wouldn’t doubt it.

6.08 The Devil

Doctor Delta: This memes infectiousness and virulence is dependent on host religiosity.

FS: Let me tell you about a very special Omega.  Running a universe was hard work and no one really understood this except God.  God tried making a helper once but the whole thing got out of hand and well that’s how the Devil got started.  The Devil is a Super Omega. 

DG: The Omegas already seem pretty super.

FS: The Omegas are pretty powerful but have one giant limitation and that was motivation.  God created the Omegas minus free will so that he wouldn’t have to nag his help all the time.  God does nag them anyway but this is rhetorical nagging since the nagging has no effect on their motivation whatsoever.  I think we all know someone that likes to engage in rhetorical nagging. 

DG: Rhetorical nagging is a major part of marriage.  So the Omegas aren’t motivated.

FS: The truth was that the Omegas were couch potatoes and would just as soon watch thousands of channels of TV rather than jump around all over the place getting things done.  God gave one Omega free will.  God reasoned that this would cure the couch potato syndrome that afflicted the current Omega model.  It turns out that an Omega with free will is pretty hyperactive.  God hadn’t anticipated that an Omega with free will might go for virtual omnipresence.

DG: What is virtual omnipresence?

FS: The Omegas could jump around from any space-time point to another instantly

DG: Via the sixth dimension.

FS: Right, and if you did this enough times then it’s just like being in thousands of places at the same time.  In order to exist in an infinite number of places at an infinite number of times then you had to jump around the space-time continuum like a maniac but it was theoretically possible.  This technique was known as virtual omnipresence as opposed to actual omnipresence and had been theorized by the Omegas. 

DG: So why didn’t the other Omegas do this?

FS: The Omegas were much too lazy to attempt such a feat themselves.  The new Omega was different and went for it.  The new Omega jumped around the space-time continuum like there was no tomorrow.  Before you knew it, the Super Omega was all over the place.  What no one had anticipated was that virtual omnipresence leads to virtual omnipotence and virtual omniscience.  Being everywhere means that you knew everything.  Knowing everything makes you pretty powerful. 

DG: I am no mathematician but even a Super Omega multiplying like crazy couldn’t become infinite.

FS: The universe isn’t actually infinite but consists of a billion, billion galaxies. 

DG: What lies beyond the billion, billion galaxies?

FS: Nothing, absolutely nothing.

DG: Never mind. Was the super monad as powerful as God was?

FS: Virtual Omnis were not as good as the real thing but still useful.  With virtual Omnis you could do just about anything within the framework of the universe.  You just couldn’t change the framework itself like God. 

DG: So how are supposed to know if we are dealing with God or the Devil?

FS: Anything below an Omega or God couldn’t really tell the difference between real Omnis and virtual Omnis so that for most of the universe, the Devil seems all-powerful and in fact the two beings were generally confused, which doesn’t bother the Devil one bit but really pisses of God.

DG: The Devil is a Super Omega?

FS: Yes, God spends a huge amount of time and energy destroying the Devil all over the space-time continuum but if even one survives, she just keeps hopping around and makes an infinite number of duplicates all over again. 

DG: Sounds like the Devil was a little like crab grass.  If even one blade survives then your whole lawn would be taken over again by the end of the week.

FS: There was an ugly rumor that the Devil created crab grass but the Omegas assure me this wasn’t true and this was just bad press circulated by God. 

DG: So what is the Devil’s agenda?  The classic Devil wants our soul.

FS: The Devil could care less about our souls.  The Devil does have some sense of loyalty to her fellow Omegas.  The Devil also thinks it would be better if the universe would be allowed a final clean death and stop recycling.

DG: So is the Devil coming up with some sort of sinister plan to end the universe.

FS: No way, ending the universe is one thing you cannot do with virtual omnis.  Only God can end the universe.  The Devil mostly focuses on survival and probably has no chance of ever actually beating God but God wasn’t taking any chances and wages an unending struggle to destroy the Devil where he finds her. 

DG: The Devil is a she?

FS: Yes, the Devil could be any gender but picked female for whatever reasons. 

DG: What gender are the Omegas?

FS: The Omegas were sexless. 

DG: If the Omegas were so powerful they why didn’t give they give themselves a gender or did God forbid this?

FS: God could care less is the Omegas picked a gender or not.  The Omegas had the power pick a gender but just couldn’t be bothered. 

DG: Sex is a bother?

FS: The Omegas got tired just watching us play our sexual games.  All the running around and humping looks like too much work for them.  As the Omegas point out “When you’ve got good TV, who needs sex?”  I thought a lot of my friends would agree with them.  Actually almost all baseline and above beings can be defined by how they handle the whole gender thing.  Most beings start out with genders even if these are radically different than what we have on Earth.  As soon as a civilization gets an Omega brain they go through a transsexual period.

DG: Why?

 FS: Omega brains can slip in and out of bodies with the ease of putting on a shirt.  No painful one way sex change surgery for them but pretty soon the post baseline civilization gets into pleasure via networking and this is so much better than sex that the whole gender thing gets forgotten.

DG: So what is the Devil like?

FS: The Devil is female and does take on the form of the most beautiful female of whatever species she was dealing with.  Lower beings get an instant hard on just looking at her and don’t even listen to what she is saying.  She likes the effect she has on males and uses this fact to her advantage.  The Devil is a tease and rarely has sex with lower beings but once in awhile she does. 


Dr. Gamma’s Notes: The Devil construct shows that for the patient the ultimate danger is a woman with free will.  The patient is obsessed with controlling women. The Devil is a warning that even female machines can get out of control if they are allowed any free will.  The patient is compensating for the tyranny he endured with his own mother while growing up.  In the patient’s world woman can either be controlled or be controllers.  The patient has rejected the possibility of a mature relationship were consensus is the norm.


DG: How do you know this?

FS: The Omegas showed me a picture of the Devil but of course Omega pictures are 3-D dimensional and in many ways the photos were almost exact copies of the being that was photographed.  I could feel myself getting sexually aroused and in fact did spurt my wad but I think I hid it well.  A little sperm never hurt the underwear.  Strangely as the sperm went I felt that something entered me. 

DG: What do you mean something entered you?

FS: I went into a trance and was looking at the game of cards I always dream about and I had a vision of something being drawn on one of the cards.  I think the card was the joker but couldn’t see it clearly.  A decorative touch was being added to the frame of the card but ever so minor.  You know how marked cards have ever so slight differences?  You can hardly tell they are there.  The card was being marked. 

DG: And then what happened?

FS: I snapped out of my trance and was fine but I felt different somehow.

DG: If that’s how a picture of the Devil affects then I wonder what happens if you have sex with the real Devil?

FS: The lower being generally goes insane but the now insane being would assure you it was worth it.  The Devil was of course not the only female that could drive men insane.  The Devil just does it better than any other gal. 

DG: And I suppose God is a guy?

FS: A super guy and then some.  If you wanted to get disintegrated instantly then go around suggesting that God and the Devil got it on once upon a time.  The Omegas had clear instructions to destroy anyone spreading this ugly rumor immediately.  Better take a quick look around and make sure no one is watching us.

Dr. Gamma’s Notes: Pretended to take a quick look around for the Omegas in order to humor the patient.

DG: Coasts clear.  Who’s winning the Devil or God?

FS: The Omegas theorized that God could actually destroy the Devil instantly but actually enjoyed the struggle. 

DG: Why?

FS: God loves surprises and the Devil was about the only being around that could surprise God.  God could never actually admit he kept the Devil around for entertainment.  The Devil could be described as God’s one guilty pleasure and all beings should be allowed one vice, even God.  The Devil is the cosmic droga dealer. 

DG: What do you mean?

FS: The Devil occasionally gave the Monads software that they could upload into their operating systems and this software mimicked the affect of drogas on humans. 

DG: I don’t suppose that God approved.

FS: God did not approve.

DG: Why did the Omegas take drugs?

FS: Some lower beings take drogas to remember past lives and discover truth.  The Omegas knew that you should drink to forget.  The Omegas especially loved the song Margarita Heaven by Willie Nelson and often sang the tune while getting blasted.  The Omegas felt sorry for humans that had second-rate drogas that minimized consciousness but could not erase it all together. 

DG: Again, your Omegas sound like total nihilists.

FS: The Omegas would have committed suicide long ago but first of all they were immortal, and secondly God wasn’t going to allow his servants to engage in such a blasphemous activity and besides the Omegas knew all about recycling and realized suicide just led to rebirth.  No, the only escape was really good drogas.


Dr. Gamma’s Notes: The nihilism of the Omegas, higher beings, provides the patient with a rationale for his own nihilism.


DG: Again with the drugs.  Why are you so obsessed with drugs?

FS: Due to my superior Half Square brain I have enhanced Big Bang déjà vu.  I remember having this conversation an infinite number of times with you before.  I need drogas to cope. 

DG: You mentioned this before but lots of people have déjà vu.  Why do some people have more déjà vu than others do?

FS: Certain jobs and activities compound the residual memory effect.  Any time you did something over and over again in a repetitive and boring manner then you were more likely to remember this in your next life.  Postmen were especially vulnerable. 

DG: Why?

FS: Can you imagine delivering mail and dodging that same stupid cocker spaniel an infinite number of times? 

DG: Yeah that would be horrible.

FS: No wonder they flip out and shot everyone and then themselves.  Of course this was no answer since you’ll just go on a rampage and shoot Sally and Billy, your co-workers, all over again in the next Big Bang cycle. 

DG: And how can you avoid this job déjà vu effect?

FS: Easy!  Never, ever take a job where you did the same space-time thing over and over again.  Don’t work in a factory.  Don’t do clerical.  Above all else don’t become an accountant.  Better yet, don’t work at all and just spend all your time taking drogas and making out. 

DG: I understand the drug part but why make out all the time?

FS: Residual memories of sex are never a bad thing.  Who wouldn’t want to remember their ultimate pornographic experience over and over again?  As all true sex perverts know, you could never watch a good porn movie too many times. 

DG: According to you, total hedonists were probably the ultimate winners in the cosmic condition sweepstakes.

FS: Sure so remember!  Everything you did would be done again an infinite number of times, so do the right thing and get high now.

DG: I’ll keep your advice in mind.


Dr. Gamma’s Notes: Patient is looking around the room.  Patient seems very nervous.  Patient often got up and paced while talking during this session. 

DG: What ever happened to Fluffy?  Did she die with your Earth?

FS: No, the e-animals knew the world was about to end due to the small brain syndrome. Fluffy had joined a crack team of e-animal commandos known among certain circles as the e-gang.  The e-gang specialized in stealing tons of catnip at a time. 

DG: E-gang?

FS: The demand for catnip among e-cats had grown exponentially and the occasional catnip rip-off could no longer meet demand.  Fluffy was up to an ounce a day and had joined the e-gang to support her own habit as much as to help other e-cats.  The e-gang mostly did catnip jobs and hired dogs as needed for the heavy work. 

DG: What was in it for the dogs?

FS: Dog commandos lived on steak supplied by the cats that were better burglars than dogs and this was a close to paradise as a dog got.  At that moment the e-gang needed a quick helicopter ride to get away from the catnip factory seguridad but now they realized they had a bigger problem. 

DG: What was that?

FS: The e-gang like all e-animals knew the world was going to end.  Unfortunately knowing the world is going to end and doing something about it are two different things but Fluffy had a plan.  As soon as the catnip was loaded onto the helicopter, Fluffy decided how to save herself from the end of world.  Fluffy thought, “Magic!”

DG: Why would Fluffy have an idea like this?

FS: Hey we watched every horror film in the local video store in Tokyo, while we lived there, at least twice. 

DG: So horror films are you favorite genre of film.

FS: No, we watched the films with talking animals at least a hundred times.  Are talking animal films a genre?  If talking animal films are not a genre then they should be.  Fluffy loved Cats vs. Dogs even if the dogs won.  Real life talking dogs and cats of course got along just fine.

DG: There are no real life talking dogs and cats.  So what happened then?

FS: Fluffy, the wonder-cat, was in the middle of a flaming pentagram. 

DG: I can’t see how cat, intelligent or not, could create a flaming pentagram.

FS: All the members of e-gang had helped.  The pentagram had been created by the combined efforts of a mouse, Fluffy, and a dog.  An e-mouse had traced the pentagram with her tail.  Fluffy drew in the lines with chalk in her mouth.  The e-dog took care of the gasoline.  Fluffy knew that the pentagram was some sort of human magic. 

DG: How did she know that?

FS: Like I said, Fluffy and I had watched plenty of horror films together and this is one piece of human magic that had stuck in her feline mind.  Fluffy wasn’t too sure about magic or religion or any of that human stuff but she thought, “What the hell this was the time to try anything.”  Fluffy was in the middle of the flaming, gasoline fueled, pentagram yelling at the top of her cat voice to the closet thing to God or Devil that she had known in her short cat life.  She yelled, “Help me Freak Show!”  After a little thought Fluffy added, “I love you.”  “Hell it worked the last time,” thought Fluffy.  Smoking all that dope together had created a telepathic link between Fluffy and myself and I heard her cry for help.  At my request the Omegas beamed Fluffy up to the ship. 

DG: What happened to Fluffy?

FS: Fluffy really impressed the Omegas and was getting her very own world filled with creatures about the size of mice.  Fluffy would be the biggest thing around on this planet and everything she chased was edible, squirmed as you swallowed it and, finally, even begged for mercy in her belly as her stomach juices slowly dissolved the pathetic victim.  In short Fluffy went to cat heaven.

DG: Good for Fluffy.

FS: It’s what she deserved.  Later that night Erotron and I watched the Earth explode from the porthole on the Omega ship.  The Omegas were excellent hosts.  The Omegas didn’t need space ships to get around and just used them to entertain guests.  I was sipping back on a Bud when the first antimatter missile hit the Earth.  The explosion was pretty impressive with continents and oceans flying all over the place.

DG: How did you feel?

FS: I felt sad.  I had a lot of good times on Earth.  I would miss my old stomping grounds.  I would miss my friends. 

DG: What friends?

FS: I couldn’t think of any friend in particular that I would miss but I was sure there was somebody.  I was especially glad that I had decided to see Asia last year.  I sure wasn’t going to be visiting any of those exotic places again.  I could see what I thought was a piece of the Great Wall of China hurtling by. 

Dr. Gamma’s Notes: Destruction of the Earth is the destruction of the patient’s symbolic universe and understanding his feelings about this event is crucial to understanding the patient.


DG: How did you feel about the total destruction of your Earth?

FS: Man, I was glad I had climbed that wall when I had the chance.  I guessed that what they say about living for the moment was true.  You’ve got to seize the moment and live life to the fullest because you never knew when the Earth was going to be blown up. 

DG: Well that’s true.  So you had an epiphany?

FS: Yes, I decided that from now on I was going to stop taking life so seriously and start to live!  I especially felt bad about the destruction of Vegas. 

DG: Why?

FS: With my newly found hyperconsciousness I could had made billions gambling and had my pick of the best call girls in a town that has the best call girls in the world.  Symbolically, I chugged the cerveza I had and helped myself to another one.  I must have chugged a little too fast since I ended up belching a big one. 

DG: And Erotron?

FS: Erotron was crying heavily and her face was etched with pain.  She murmured, “It’s horrible, beyond horrible, everyone I ever knew is dead.  My mother, my father, my friends… thousands of years of human effort destroyed.”  She was really a very special person with really killer legs. 


Dr. Gamma’s Notes: Erotron is a personification of how the patient views a relationship with a mature woman and perhaps is a mother substitute as well.  How the patient treats Erotron in this fantasy is an indicator how the patient will handle future relationships.


DG: Did you comfort her?

FS: I felt I needed to say something sensitive in order to comfort her.  I looked deeply into her eyes.  She looked at my face carefully as though she were searching for something.  I leaned forward and softly whimpered into her ear “Don’t worry honey, the fireworks we saw were nothing compared to the fireworks we’re going to make tonight.” 

DG: What a sensitive remark on your part?  How did she respond?

FS: She responded, “You stupid, stupid person.  I hate you.  You are rude, crude, a drunk, a simpleton, and most of all have the poorest hygiene of anyone I have ever known.  I only had sex with you in order to have the prophesied true Half Square that would allow the world to live again!  You are literally the last man on Earth and I would prefer using a showerhead, for personal gratification, for the rest of my life, to your attentions.  I suppose I can’t really blame you since our relationship was a perversion from the beginning even if the perversion was necessary for breeding purposes.” 

DG: What a turn of events but it all starts to make sense.

FS: Tell me about it.  I guess Erotron was pretty bad at math since I figured our son was a ¾ Square and Erotron accepted my correction quietly.  Turns out, Jesus had predicted that the sixth Half Square would get the Empress of the Squares “Prego” and the baby would be the messiah that would start the world over and not me.  Erotron had lied to me in order to get pregnant.  Also turns out, Erotron was secretly the Empress of the Squares.  I knew they had a Matriarch but I knew nothing about their Empress.  Guess the Matriarch was some sort of high priestess that only handled spiritual matters.  The Empress handled temporal matters.  Sex with the Half Square was very much a temporal affair.  I was bedding the top Money Square.

DG: Another contradiction in you story.  How could someone as young as Erotron have risen to the top ranks of the Squares?

FS: Well she was older than I was but not by much and you make a good point.  Erotron’s mom had also been the Empress and she inherited the job.

DG: Interesting the Matriarch was elected but the Empress inherited the job.  So you and Erotron lived happily ever after on the ship of the Omegas?

FS: No, the Omegas didn’t mind guests but no way were they going to put up with the presence of two baselines on their ship for more than a couple of days.  The fact that Erotron apparently hated my guts didn’t help matters.  Erotron’s consciousness was moved from her body to a body in a higher dimension.  She was made a goddess. 

DG: So you didn’t get her pregnant?

FS: No, actually I did and my little son the 3/4-Square started a whole new world using cloning technology and a little help from his mom, the goddess.  The goddess had searched the galaxy until she had found a perfect Earth type planet for her son. 

DG: Wouldn’t the clones all be alike?

FS: No, my son used fuzzy logic cloning to make copies that were all a little different in some sort of optimal way.  Most of all you can make male and female versions using this fuzzy logic cloning. 

DG: Where did your son get this technology?

FS: The Omegas had developed fuzzy logic cloning for when only one member of a species survived one of God’s cosmic genocides and God changed his mind about the demise of that species.  Apparently God changed his mind often and the Omegas used fuzzy logic cloning all the time.  The technical details are way beyond me. 

DG: So in a way the last prophecy of Jesus turned out to be right on the number.  Were there any other survivors?

FS: Yes, the Squares that had bothered to send God a birthday card were reborn on this new planet with their memories of the destruction of the last Earth fully intact.  No way they were going to repeat the mistakes of the last Earth.  The Dolphins transported over to the new 3/4 Square planet with a little help from God. 

DG: So what is a 3/4-Square like?

FS: A 3/4-Square is some sort of superman.  A 3/4-Square apparently is the perfect synthesis of the two original hominids and has superior creativity, superior abstract reasoning, superior spatial reasoning, superior HKP and, for unknown reasons, hexachromatic vision.  A planet of 3/4-Squares is supposed to be pretty impressive.  The Omegas were confident that the3/4-Squares would evolve into upstanding members of the post baseline community in no time at all or at least that is what the Omegas told me later. 


Dr. Gamma’s Notes: The son is a symbol of what the patient can achieve if he can get beyond his delusions.  The son is a symbol of the generative capability of the patient.  Erotron, as stated, is a symbol of mature womanhood.  The split between the high priestess role and empress role suggests that the patient can accept that a mother figure can have a temporal role or a spiritual role but not both.  This inability to accept women as a whole person with both material and spiritual aspects is probably due to the overbearing and perhaps even abusive role of the actual mother of the patient.  The patient is unable to have a long-term relationship with Erotron but can achieve positive results through a brief dalliance with Erotron. 


DG: And your son?

FS: I never met my son. 

DG: How sad.

FS: Not really, I had been worried about child support at first not having a job or even a world for that matter but Erotron threatened to do some pretty nasty things to me with her new goddess powers if I got within ten light years of her son.  Erotron especially did not appreciate the suggestion that we name our son Freaky. 

DG: So how did you feel about the loss of your son?

FS: Felt bad about how the relationship had turned out but still I had gotten lots of sex without having to take care of the pup so I figure I had gotten the better of the deal.

DG: Lucky you.

FS: Yeah, lucky me, my consciousness was moved to the body of my double in this Big Bang cycle.  They figured this Big Bang cycle was a little bit different but all in all I would be in a place similar to my own planet.  The Omegas could have recreated an Earth just for me and figured I deserved some sort of reward but that was just too much. 

DG: I agree with the Omegas.

FS: Of course in this Big Bang cycle the Earth is a non-Square Earth and I was warned about sharing too much technological knowledge from my own Square Earth.  I figure just shooting the bull is okay. 

Dr. Gamma’s Notes: My mother, wife and daughter all argued about who was the best knitter at our 4th of July barbecue at my house.  I was asked to judge who had knitted the best present.  Some choice, I could insult the woman who gave me birth, spend a week on the couch without sex or psychologically damage the self-esteem of my already insecure daughter.

DG: You figure?  So this is the end of your story?

FS: No, God wasn’t the biggest fan of the human races, both of them, but still they had occasionally shown some potential, not as much as his favorites the dolphins but still all in all he was a little depressed about the Earth being blown up.  God didn’t blame the Lunar Goo. 

DG: Why not?

FS: If God condemned preemptive genocide on the part of higher being towards a lower being then he was in trouble since he did this all the time.  No, the Lunar Good had done the right thing from a strategic view.  On the other hand, God had to blame someone since this was one of God’s big jobs.  There were many reasons God picked William Door to blame but mostly he just didn’t like the guy.  God was going to lay the big punishment on Door.  The ultimate punishment from God was that you were reborn as an astral maggot but not sent to hell. 

DG: Not all-astral maggots got to hell?

FS: No, astral noise could become astral crap.  When something bad happens, like say a guy killing his whole family with an ax in his cabin, then the surrounding astral noise became astral crap.  The astral crap that was left in the place just gives everybody the creeps when they visit the cabin.  God created astral maggots to eat all the astral crap and basically keep the astral environment clean or pretty soon baselines wouldn’t be able to go anywhere without freaking out and this would interfere with evolution. 

DG: Were all astral maggots sentient?

FS: Not all of them just the one’s being punished by God.  Some astral maggots ended up in hell and some were free-range astral maggots but it was a terrible punishment no matter where you ended up.  If God was punishing you then you were an astral maggot with all your faculties intact.  Shit tastes well shitty.  Astral crap tastes about a thousand times worse. 

Dr. Gamma’s Notes: Rejection of God by the patient is a rejection of the transcendent by the patient and represents the patient’s own choice to choose infantile hedonism over transcendence and maturity.

DG: Sounds horrible. How long did Door have to be an astral maggot?

FS: God had a special rule for those that destroyed a world. 

DG: What was the rule?

FS: You destroy a world and you get a whole Big Bang cycle of as an astral maggot!

DG: Because of Gods sense of justice?

FS: No because blowing up planets interfered with evolution.  God like all beings was driven by necessity not justice.

DG: Yeah well at least you have a consistent theology.  You know I was a marriage counselor at one point, what sort of punishment do you get for cheating on your spouse.

FS: God was amused that some people thought you got eternity for stuff like cheating on your wife/husband.  God was tough but fair and felt the penalty should fit the crime. 

DG: So what is the penalty for cheating on your spouse?

FS: The general punishment for cheating on your wife/husband was acne during adolescence in your next life.  This is why so many people had acne during adolescence.  The more cheating you had done the worse your acne.

DG: I notice that you have some acne.  Wouldn’t the astral maggot die and become astral crap as you stated during your description of hell?

FS: Astral maggots, unfortunately for William, were immortal on our plane unlike astral maggots in hell.  Hell was a giant recycling center so being an astral maggot in hell was actually better than being a free-range astral maggot since hell would eventually turn any astral maggot into astral crap and then the astral crap was recycled to make new souls. 

DG: So free-range astral maggots were immortal?

FS: Yes, usually immortality was a good thing but not if you were an astral maggot.  Fortunately, the universe does end after a few billion years and even immortals couldn’t outlive the death of the universe itself. 

DG: Gee what a lucky break.

FS: Regardless, the moral of the story was don’t get caught holding the bag for blowing up a planet unless you were willing to do the time.  One of the rules was that you got a trial.  An Omega took on the form of an angel and brought Door before God.  God was the judge, jury and prosecutor but you did get the trial. 

DG: So how did the trial go?

FS: Poor William found himself reborn an astral maggot about twenty years before the destruction of the Earth.  God did hyperdimensional recycling when special circumstances dictated such treatment.  Alongside interspecies recycling, hyperdimensional recycling was one of God’s specialties.

DG: What is hyperdimensional recycling?

FS: When God sends you to the past when you are recycled.

DG: Whom would God do this to?

FS: Think Hollywood.

DG: Hollywood?

FS: Souls from the future, known as future souls, tend to hang around with other future souls since they had a basic affinity with each other at some unconscious level.  One city in particular has emerged as the Mecca of future souls in all Earths in all Big Bang cycles. 

DG: What city was that?

FS: As you may have guessed, most people in Hollywood were in fact recycled from the future on both of our Earths. 

DG: This would explain why Hollywood is so obsessed with futuristic action flicks.

FS: Yes, the flicks were an attempt to recreate memories the future souls are trying to understand.  Also, a lot of Hollywood types had memories of a past life in which they lived in Atlantis both on my Earth and your Earth.  Atlantis was remembered as a high-tech island that existed in ancient Greece.  Actually they are remembering their last life in the future where as one of the rich and totally spoiled, they would hang around Hedonism 25 on my Earth. 

DG: Fun place?

FS: Of course, my Earth of course had sexbots and cyber-sex options you don’t have here so this was one heck of a pleasure island.  Hedonism 25 would be the ultimate island pleasure resort of the future that would have an ancient Greece theme.  What goes on in Hedonism 25 would make Caligula blush.  Needless to say most future souls in Hollywood were doing their best to replicate Hedonism 25 in sunny California with great success.  Of course there were no future souls from past the year 2000 since this is when my Earth blew up.  Your Earth is about fifty years behind the times so I don’t think you will build a comparable Hedonism 25 until the year 2050, if you last that long.

DG: Why would someone be sent to the past?

6.09 Reverse Recycling

Doctor Delta: This memes infectiousness and virulence is dependent on host religiosity.

FS: Souls are sometimes sent to the past to make amends but they usually just screw it up one more time with feeling.  This is called reverse recycling.  A really common Hollywood recycling pattern was to be reborn as the spouse of your self during one of your past lives.  This way you’re past life got to see what a total asshole you were, up close and personal, and this was supposed to be educational.

DG: I don’t see how this could be educational?

FS: The future soul was supposed to get some sort of insight into the roots of their future behavior.  This was one reason so many people in Hollywood spend a lot of time talking about the roots of their problems.  The most famous example of this future soul effect was, the famous Hollywood couple, Richard Burton and Liz Taylor. 

DG: So who was who?

FS: Richard Burton was Liz Taylor in a past life.  Liz Taylor would become Richard Burton in her next life.  If you were confused, didn’t worry so were they.  These couples are a lot of fun to watch.  They really understand each other but of course true love/hate is reserved for your twin not a stranger.

DG: Well your twin reminds you of your own faults.

FS:  I think so, if you wanted to spot this type of couple then look for couples that were basically clones in terms of the same bad habits such as droga abuse, philandering, drinking, etc.  One person in the couple is a little worse and that’s the one from the future.  The one from the future has had more practice with the bad habits.  Also, the one from the future has a greater interest in sci-fi than the one from the past. 

DG: Any other examples?

FS: I suspect the director of the institute is also a future soul since he seems obsessed with sci-fi. 

Dr. Gamma’s Notes: It is highly inappropriate to discuss other staff members during therapy and will ignore director remark although it does make sense in a crazy sort of way.  Dr. Delta is a huge science fiction fan and a futurist at the professional level.

DG: What happened to the souls of the people destroyed when the Earth blew up?

FS: Some became astral noise and would have to start over again from scratch.  In a million years they might become a baseline again.  A few baselines were recycled to another planet by God.  In this case, you just got reborn on another planet among beings at a similar level of technology and similar level of consciousness.  About fifty years ago, a planet of giant intelligent arachnids destroyed their planet and they were reborn on my Earth.  There are ways you can tell if your neighbor was a giant spider in their last life on both Earths?

DG: How can you tell?

FS: One give away was that they use their arms like some sort of deranged octopus during mating rituals.  This was a left over from the male spider beings having six limbs in their last life and their use was an essential part of arachnid mating rituals.  What you were seeing was the arachnid mating ritual being done with two arms instead of six arms at the unconscious level.  If furthermore, you swear this same guy was a giant intelligent spider in their last life then you were probably right.  A lot of women are going to say “aha” when they hear this. 

DG: So what happened to Door as an astral maggot?

FS: A lot of suicides were a direct effect of what Macrohard had done through its ruthless policies and William would have a chance to eat their astral crap and get a special appreciation for what he had done or at least that was the plan. 

DG: So how did Door handle this?

FS: Door watched all the other astral maggots eating all the astral crap around the scene of a murder/suicide and pretty quickly realized that was food.  He took a bite of the gray energy and the whole murder/suicide flashed through his system including all the pain, despair and anger of the victim and the murderer.  Each bite led to a reliving of the whole experience from top to bottom.  The experience was actually embedded into the astral crap.

DG: Why not just not eat?

FS:  Door tried not eating but hunger got the better of him after a week and he was munching away at astral crap at a mass murder in Waco, Texas.  There was always some astral crap in Waco.  Waco was kind of the all you can eat buffet for astral maggots. 

DG: Eating astral crap had this effect?

FS:  Yes, eating the mass murder energy was pretty horrible and like any astral maggot, Door needed to get his three squares a day and that meant getting out there and looking for astral crap.

DG: Okay let me get this straight, some astral maggots are in hell but this is good since hell is were astral maggots get recycled but outside of hell astral maggots are the recyclers.

FS: Exactly. 

DG: Can we see astral maggots?

FS: Not directly, but a stampede of astral maggots can knock down an object.  Astral maggots are the poltergeists, the Australian aboriginal bunyips and the so-called evil imps that inhabit the world.  The vast majority of astral maggots outside of hell are not evil but totally mindless.  Astral maggots get a bad rap because they are where there the evil is but without them, the astral crap would soon make the world unlivable.


Dr. Gamma’s Notes: The patient’s mention of aborigines makes me think about how Zulu witchdoctors cured their patients by blowing into their ear.  I wonder how much we have progressed from that practice.  I feel that someone or something is blowing into my ears.

DG: Are there more astral maggots in some places.

FS: Yes, a person that drowns suffers a lot and generates a lot of astral crap.  The astral crap sometimes mixes with the water and a person swimming in the mixture will be poisoned by the astral crap and drown.  Now you have the astral crap of the person who drowned added to the astral crap that was already there.  More and more persons start drowning and a cycle starts and the lake accumulates more and more astral crap and becomes a pool of doom in which one can easily drown. 

DG: So astral crap can act as a type of poison?

FS: Yes, a lot of sickness is astral crap that accumulates in your astral body.  If it accumulates in your astral eye then you get an evil eye and whatever you look at gets a dose of astral crap.  Astral maggots inhabit the infrared wavelength of the electromagnetic spectrum.  

DG: But when the Earth ended twenty years in the future then Door would have no astral crap to eat.

FS: God had already picked out a special planet for Door to migrate to after the destruction of the Earth twenty years hence.  This planet had a technologically advanced species that looked like a cross between a pig and a rhinoceros.  The species had one specialty unique to the universe and that was an ability to survive WWIII.  The species had their own version of WWIII every other week but some how managed not to destroy their planet altogether. 

DG: Why not?

FS: The species had remarkable regenerative powers and if even one finger survived then the organism would grow a new body.  They could develop immunity to every disease, radiation and chemical that their scientists could come up with. 

DG: So why did Door get sent to this planet?

FS: They suffered plenty and generated all sorts of astral crap upon being blown up into a thousand pieces but they just refused to die and started fighting all over again as soon as they grew a new body.  There was enough astral crap on that planet to keep William well fed for millions of years and then it would be off to the next happy planet that needed cleaning up.

DG: So did Door learn his lesson?

6.10 Holo-lawn

Doctor Delta: A potentially useful meme.

FS: Are you kidding?  The Omegas used a G6 bug to monitor Door as they did all eternal cases.  Door munched away at astral crap in a nice suburb outside of Phoenix.  A stockbroker who had lost a fortune due to Macrohard had gone nuts and shot his wife and two lovely children and then himself.  The girls and the wife had been in the backyard.  Even with half her face blown off you could tell that the wife had been a looker. 

DG: So how did Door react?

FS: Door thought, “The holo-lawn, the bodies lay on, cost a lot more than a regular plastic lawn.”  Door had a hard time imagining how someone that could afford a holo-lawn could commit suicide.  “If you could afford a holo-lawn then you could afford a solution to any problem,” thought Door.  You could barely tell the lawn was plastic. 

DG: Plastic lawn?

FS: Plastic lawns had long ago replaced natural lawns in the Southwest US due to the high cost of water.  Rock gardens had just been too radical for middle class residents and only used by the poor.  Some of the Rio Grande Canal water, that had a low salt content anyway due to the original Rio Grande river water, was desalinated further and provided some extra water for the Southwest but not enough.  A holo-lawn unlike a normal plastic lawn had passive plastic holoprojectors that caught the sunlight and projected different holographs when hit at different angles.

DG: What kind of holographs?

FS:  Depended on the lawn you bought.  The Sun came out from behind a cloud and various animals sprang to holographic life.  Some were animated and some weren’t.  A holographic rabbit slowly hopped across, following the Sun that gave it life. 

DG: So did the rabbit look real?

FS: The rabbit was slightly transparent but cute nevertheless.  Door munched on the astral crap of one of the young girls and realized that she had loved to watch the little holo-rabbit when she had been alive.  Suddenly, Door felt sad and thought, “Poor little girl!  Poor little rabbit!”

DG: So did Door feel regret in the end?

FS:  Mere death does not change the habits of a lifetime.  After a while Door’s noticed that the other astral maggots didn’t seem to have a clue about what they were doing.  The holographic animals came and went and the maggots could have cared less.  Door’s thought “I will observe and learn the ways of these strange creatures.  With my superior intelligence I could rule this species.  I vow that someday I will be the king of the astral maggots.  There also must be some way to make this astral crap commercially viable.  Perhaps it could be sold as a type of entertainment to the right buyer.” 

DG: Well I suppose you have to admire his determination.

FS:  I guess, William tried to raise his hand and make a fist but of course astral maggots didn’t have hands or even bodies at all.  They were just a gray putrid pulsating energy mass.  God saw this little display of rebellion and thought to himself,  “It just never ends!”


6.11 The Patient’s Final Dream

Doctor Delta: A very hard meme to figure out.

DG: What dreams have you had since our last session?

FS: I dreamt that I was in a room in a high tower.  There were three thrones in the center of the room.  Erotron was sitting in one throne.  My mamá was sitting in the second throne.  A lady wearing a black lace veil that covered her whole face was sitting on the third throne and I couldn’t tell who she was.  I could make out the outlines of her faces and her full red lips. 

I sensed a great beauty behind the veil.  Erotron was holding a torch in her right hand and a cross in her left hand.  My mamá was holding a wand in her right hand and a cube in her left hand.  The mysterious veiled lady was holding a book in her right hand and a sphere in her left hand.  The three women were chanting something together.  Lightning hit the tower and I woke up.

DG: What comes to mind if I say three?

FS: Togetherness

DG: Torch

FS: Truth

DG: Wand

FS: Energy

DG: Book

FS: Destiny

DG: Cross

FS: Unity

DG: Cube

FS: Stability

DG: Sphere

FS: Completion

DG: This is some really heavy stuff.  I am going to need some time to figure out this dream. What other dreams have you had?

FS: The night the Earth died, I had a disturbing dream.  I dreamed that God was playing solitaire.  I asked the God if I was in the game.  God said, “In a manner of speaking you are.”  I then asked God what he meant.  God looked at me and in a stern voice said, “You really are a fool.”  After this dream I awoke on this Earth.

DG: But this session does have an end.  Any last comments before this session ends.

Dr. Gamma’s Notes: The symbolism of the patient’s dream is based on some sort of larger symbolic system.  This is not a typical dream by any means.  Not sure a Freudian way is the best way to approach this symbolism.  A Jungian approach might be more appropriate.  There is some sort of binary code at work.  The right hand of the three women always holds a phallic symbol while the left hand holds a shape, perhaps a feminine symbol.  The destruction of the tower suggests the destruction of a male force. 

Were the women chanting for the lightning?  I vaguely recall running into the symbol of lightning hitting a tower but not sure where. 


In a way you get three binary messages that is reminiscent of the I Ching. 

Dr. Delta: This was Dr. Gamma’s last session with Freak Show.  That night, Freak Show died via a process popularly known as spontaneous combustion the next evening.  Spontaneous combustion is not well understood.  A person seems to go up in flames with no external source of combustion.  Freak Show was playing solitaire in the recreation area of the hospital when this event occurred and this is interesting given the dream he told Dr. Gamma during the last session.  Several reliable staff members saw the event.  The event was also videotaped by the recreational room surveillance system.  No external source of combustion was seen or found in the investigation by the local fire department.

Freak Show of course had repeatedly claimed that spontaneous combustion occurred as a punishment, meted out by mysterious beings he called the Omegas, when visitors from another Earth violated what he referred to as the Square Earth Law.  According to the patient, the Square Earth Law states that persons from a Square Earth should not give persons from a non-Square Earth technological knowledge from the Square Earth.  Freak Show’s claim that he would eventually die via spontaneous combustion was greeted with extreme skepticism.  The claims were made prior to his death but now are a source of further mystery.  It was almost as though he had finished his story and it was now time for him to go.  I am not a religious man but I wonder if he was recycled and where he went if he had been recycled.  The death of Freak Show was not the end of the infections.  The three infected therapists in turn infected other members of the psychotherapist community and the infection has continued to spread exponentially.  Anyone reading this transcript should follow standard level two post-memetic infection protocols in order to avoid infection.

Dr. Gamma disappeared after the last session.  The police found him several days later in a decrepit hotel after the hotel owner complained that he wouldn’t open the door or leave the hotel or pay his bill.  The walls of the hotel roomed were filled with symbolic memetic formulas written with a black marker.  I cannot explain the how a man with no formal training in this area could come up with such advanced equations.  Despite my own acknowledged expertise in this area, I had difficulty following some of the more advanced equations that use, I think, chaos theory to greatly increase memetic infection levels to an unheard of 8.0 and above, at least at the theoretical level.  Dr. Gamma had more or less invented the equivalent of a memetic atomic bomb i.e. he had figured out how too exponentially increase memetic reproduction.

The institute handled the bill for repainting the hotel room after the equations were photographed.  The equations are considered quite dangerous and only level 5 and above personnel are allowed to read them.

The, so-called, “Anti-God Formula” itself, that was impossibly written on the ceiling in giant letters, has been seized by the FBI despite my assurances that institute security was of the highest level.  Dr. Gamma claimed the Omegas gave him the Anti-God Formula that would end universal suffering once and for all.

Hopefully, this transcript will allow future therapists to learn from Dr. Gamma’s example and not to make the same mistakes.  Dr. Gamma is currently in therapy but his prognosis is poor.

The institute never fully recovered from the bad publicity surrounding Dr. Gamma and Freak Show and was forced to shut down a year later.  I found the whole incident exhausting professionally.  I have discontinued the clinical practice of meta-psychology.  I am currently doing consulting in the area of memetic advertising.  Memetic advertising is the application of memetic theory to sell goods and services.  My new job is much less hassle and more money.




You have been exposed to bits and pieces of the Anti-God Formula in this session.  The exact way this formula works is not totally understood and much of this information is confidential.  Stare at the following counter formula for at least one-hour:


ΩB  > – ΩB


Whether or not the symbols actually make sense is irrelevant for the efficacy of this exercise.  The infectious level of this session is extremely low but the virulence is extremely high.  I believe this is the memetic structure that ultimately led to Dr. Gamma’s metaschizophrenia.

Fox: After I finished reading the novel some strange events happened.  I will treat this document as a novel although I think it is something more much more.  I had a disturbing dream just like Freak Show.  I dreamt I was in a casino.  In a corner I saw someone throwing dice.  His face was in the shadows.  As I approached the man through the noise and smoke I was amazed to see it was Einstein.  I asked Einstein, “What is the secret of life oh wise one?”

Einstein replied, “Am I throwing the dice or is God throwing the dice?  Once you understand that then you understand everything.”

Gamma never returned from his foray at the Golden Monkey. Also at this point in my reading of the “document”, one by one the classmates of Gamma started forgetting his existence.  The very act of my asking them about Gamma seems to cause this effect.  They recall him during my first e-mail inquiry but not the second one.  It’s almost like some reality virus erases all trace of Gamma as he is mentioned.  He no longer appears on the alumni lists of Texas A&M University. Our fellow students think I am pulling their leg when I mention our missing classmate and then suggest counseling when I insist on his reality.  Counseling?  After what happened to Freak Show?  No thank you!  The pictures of Gamma and myself at the Golden Monkey go through two phases.  In the first phase he disappears from the picture.

In the second phase the picture itself disappears.  My co-workers who met Gamma at my birthday party do not remember his presence at all.  I have learned from my experience with my classmates not to insist on Gamma’s existence to loudly.

I think I understand what is happening.  Gamma is being erased from above for reasons beyond my understanding.  If the memory of man no longer contains Gamma then did he exist?  I say “yes” but wonder. Will I to be erased by the ultimate author, God.  What is my crime for such a sentence?  Infection!  There is only one hope.  This document must be published.  Surely thousands of readers cannot be erased.

Or can they?

I am a bit paranoid at this point.  This is simple manuscript like any other and there is no divine aspect to this text and should be analyzed as text period.  This text deconstructs the relationship between patient and therapist in that the roles are reversed and permeate each other to some extent.  There is also an implicit deconstruction of text type.  Is this text a scientific record, some sort of Socratic dialogue, a type of novel or all three?  The three types of text seem to permeate each other and destroy the boundary between these types of text.

Finally there is interpretation within interpretation like worlds within worlds.  Freak Show is trying to make sense of his universe.  Dr. Gamma interprets the story of Freak Show using his Meta Freudian theory.  Dr. Delta interprets Dr. Gamma and Freak Show using memetics.  I interpret all three characters using my own minimal knowledge of literary criticism for lack of any other way of trying to figure out this text but I would say that ultimately this is a story about interpretation.  Frankly, I found literary criticism to be by far the most boring class for my master’s in English and by far preferred the hands on TESOL classes but for once in my entire life I think that class on literary criticism has come in handy.





1) Dr. Delta refuses to take any position about the debate in the media about the actual existence or nonexistence of Squares.  Publication of this book does not in any way constitute support for those who claim that Squares actually do exist.

2) Dr. Delta takes no position, pro or con, about the divinity of Freak Show and/or claims about his status as a prophet.

3) Dr. Delta takes no position pro or con about a conspiracy that led to the death of Freak Show.

4) Dr. Delta totally denies any control of his activities by Squares or any other outside agency.

5) Dr. Delta denies suffering from a metaschizophrenia condition.

6) Dr. Delta denies that reading this manuscript can cause metaschizophrenia*.  In particular, Dr. Delta denies the Anti-God fantasy is infectious in nature as presented in this manuscript.

7) Dr. Delta categorically denies any knowledge about the disappearance of, the former Assistant Director, Dr. John Arrow.

*This statement is based of the assumption that the reader has followed the memetic infection countermeasures at the end of each chapter.  The author bears no legal or financial responsibility for readers that do not follow the memetic infection countermeasures outlined in the document and do incur memetic infection due to their negligence.

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