SWOT Analysis of Spider-Man


1.0) What are Spider-Man‘s strengths?

SPIDER-MAN from Marvel Comics | Powers

1.1) Superhuman strength, speed and agility

1.2) Ability to cling to most surfaces

1.3) Genius-level intellect

1.4) Precognitive Spider-sense

1.5) Utilizes web-shooters to shoot strong spider-web strings from wrists

2.0) What are Spider-Man’s weaknesses?

2.1) Spider-Man is not as strong as heroes like Thor and the Hulk but he is still pretty darn strong!

Superhuman Strength


How Strong is Spider-Man in Captain America: Civil War?

Spider-Man discusses just how strong he is in Spider-Man–Annual Amazing Spider-Man #15.

just-how-strong-is-spider-man-annual-amazing-spider-man-15-41 just-how-strong-is-spider-man-annual-amazing-spider-man-15-42 just-how-strong-is-spider-man-annual-amazing-spider-man-15-43

2.2) Spider-Man is not invulnerable.

3.0) What are Spiderman’s opportunities?

3.1) Technological enhancement – Peter Parker, Spider-Man’s alter ego, is a genius but aside from his web-shooters, uses very little technology. Spider-Man could use his Iron Spider Armor again.


3.2) Biological enhancement – Spider-Man might be able to enhance his innate powers.

appendages-arms-six-arms-saga-amazing-spider-man-v1-101-5 appendages-arms-six-arms-saga-amazing-spider-man-v1-101-9

Spider-Man Six Arms

Ultimate Spider-man transforms into Man-spider! HD

4.0) What are Spiderman’s threats?

4.1) J. Jonah Jameson, the editor of the Daily Bugle has used his newspaper to hurt Spider-Man’s reputation.

4.2) People who hate spiders might also viscerally dislike Spider-Man.

Arachnophobes Meet Spiders

4.3) Spider-Man has countless enemies but his archenemies include Doctor Octopus, the Green Goblin and Venom.

Top 10 Greatest Spider-Man Villains

4.4) The Sinister Six are a gang of Spider-Man’s enemies.

Who Are the Sinister Six? – Comics History 101


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