206 Spanish Midwife Vocabulary

A little – Un poquito

A while – Un rato

All right!. – .Andale

As good looking as his father – Tan guapo como su papa

Blow – Sople

Breathe deeply – Respire profundo

Breathe Slowly – Respire despacito

Contraction – Contraccion

Cramp – Calambre

Do you know why? – Sabe porque?

Do you understand me? – Me entiende?

Excuse me – Con permiso

Go ahead – Adelante

Good bye – Vaya con Dios

How do you say? – Como se dice?

I don’t understand – No entiendo

I live close – Vivo cerca

I live far – Vivo lejos

I need to have a bowel movement – Tengo que ir al bano

I’m sorry – Lo siento

In a little while – En un ratito

Look! – Mire!

Nice – Que bien

Pass – Pasele

Push – Empuje

Take care – Tenga cuidado

That’s it! – Eso es!

Wait for me – Espereme

What do you think? – Usted que piensa?

You can do it – Lo puede hacer

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