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Orange Werefox Power Spectrum

During a full moon, the Orange Werefox can dance and turn into different colored werefoxes that have different superpowers for a period of 24 hours!

The Blue Werefox can control machines by interacting with techno avatars. This is a type of technopathy.

The Pink Werefox has hyperkinesic perception (HKP) and applies this power to Thai dance!

The Purple Werefox can eat and eat and eat which is a type of matter ingestion!

The Yellow Werefox can cause beautiful women to fall in love with him. This is a type of mind control (love).


Orange Werefox in Danang, Vietnam



Hugh Fox III - Ah Pink



Orange Werefox at Dreamworld, Thailand

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Hugh Fox III - Aladdin

Orange Werefox Planting Mangroves


Orange Werefox Planting Mangroves 1 Orange Werefox Planting Mangroves 2 Orange Werefox Planting Mangroves 3 Orange Werefox Planting Mangroves 4Photos at:


Hugh Fox III - Alien Invasion


Orange Werefox at the Alamo

Orange Werefox in San Antonio 1 Orange Werefox in San Antonio 2

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Hugh Fox III - Alien Neon


Orange Werefox at Hong Kong Disneyland

01 Werefox Mickey Mouse

02 Werefox Goofy

03 Werefox Pluto


Hong Kong Disneyland Photos

Tokyo Disneyland Photos

Werefox at Tokyo Disneyland

Hugh Fox III - Bovinated

Orange Werefox in Sriricha, Thailand

Hugh Fox III - Chinese New Year Red