000 Spanish II Singing Contest


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Itsy Bitsy Spider – Acoustic Guitar Classic Fingerstyle

Itzi, bitzi araña – Itsy Bitsy Spider

Itzi, bitzi araña, – The itsy bitsy spider
tejió su telaraña. – Subs for “Climbed up the waterspout” – Literally, “was weaving his web”
Vino la lluvia, – Down came the rain
y se la llevó. – And washed the spider out
Salió el sol, – Out came the sun
se secó la lluvia. – And dried up all the rain
Y Itzi, bitzi araña, – And the itsy bitsy spider
otra vez subió. – Climbed up the spout again.

Itsy-Bitsy-Spider-Leadsheet Itsy-Bitsy-Spider-Piano

Contest Rules

1) This contest is for extra credit and students do not have to participate but none participants cannot get the extra credit.

2) All the students will sing the same song.

3) The students can sing alone or with a partner.

4) The students will sing the song and not lip sync the song.

5) The students agree to have the song videotaped and posted on YouTube by participating in the contest.

6) Two sombreros will be supplied by the instructor.  Additional student supplied props are encouraged.

7) The student will be primarily judged on their singing ability and their pronunciation of the Spanish lyrics but the use of props and/or dance moves can add points to the total score.

Contest Prizes

1st Place – 25 points

2nd Place – 20 points

3rd Place – 15 points

4th Place – 10 points

5th Place – 5 points

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000 Spanish I Singing Contest

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