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Orange Werefox versus Justice League

Orange Werefox versus the Justice League Resized

The Orange Werefox reveals his sinister plan to take down the Justice League!

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Hugh Fox III - Alien Glow (2)



I was turned into an alien!

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I would like to thank Derek Czap for the art work!

Hugh Fox III - Alien Glow Animated

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Orange Werefox at Hong Kong Disneyland

01 Werefox Mickey Mouse

02 Werefox Goofy

03 Werefox Pluto


Hong Kong Disneyland Photos

Tokyo Disneyland Photos

Werefox at Tokyo Disneyland

Hugh Fox III - Bovinated

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Hugh Fox III Interview

Hugh Fox III - Clan

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Foxey Quote 6: Democracy is a viral self determination meme!

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Foxey Quote Art

Foxey Quote 1

Foxey Quote 2

Foxey Quote 3

Foxey Quote 4

Foxey Quote 5

Foxey Quote 6

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Hugh Fox III - Felt

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Jimmy Olsen Transformations Collage

Collage Key: Jimmy Olsen #22 – Super-Brain, Jimmy Olsen #32 – Jovian, Jimmy Olsen #41 – Human Octopus, Jimmy Olsen #42 – Genie, Jimmy Olsen #44 – Wolf-Man, Jimmy Olsen #49 – Fat Boy, Jimmy Olsen #53 – Giant Turtle Man, Jimmy Olsen #59 – Freak, Jimmy Olsen #65 – Human Porcupine, Jimmy Olsen #80 – Bizarro

All the above transformations and more were collected in the trade paperback below:

The above cover also includes Jimmy Olsen’s two heroic transformations: Elastic Lad (Jimmy Olsen #62) and Flamebird (Jimmy Olsen #69).

Jimmy Olsen’s transformations inspired me to make my own transformation picture:


Hugh Fox III - Happy 4th of July


The Amazing Transformations of Hugh Fox

The history of the above graphic at:


Hugh Fox III - Happy Christmas

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