Classroom Film Project

Basic Film Crew

The Classroom Film Project will employ a very simplified film crew.  Only the positions framed in red will be employed.  For our purposes writers will be considered part of the film crew.

Producer – As the classroom teacher, I am the producer!  I make the big decisions and get resources for the project but generally leave the day to day decisions to the director and assistant director.  I will use mind mapping to at least provide a theme as a starting point for the Classroom Film Project.  Outside of the classroom, the producer gets the money for the film!

If a student refuses to volunteer for a film crew position then they will be drafted by me!  So volunteer or else!

Director – This person is essentially the manager of the film crew!  This is maybe the most important job.  A good chance for a student to get some hands on management experience.

Assistant Director – The director needs someone to help him/her manage.  The director and assistant director probably need to discuss some sort of division of duties.

Actors – For this project we will need at least six actors and more are ok!  The actors are encouraged to ad lib.  Put on the costume, grab some props and start
developing your role.  The writers and actors should work together to develop the script!

Art Director – The art director will find images on line that we can project as background.

Camera Operator – This person will operate the camera.  This project will employ a relatively simple set up.  There will be only one camera angle and
one shooting session.  If an error is made during filming then we just film again from scratch.  Even this super simplified camera set up can be challenging!

Costume Designer Costumes are provided but if the students want to add more pieces of clothing then great!The same goes for props.

Make up & Hair – This will probably be a two person team. Make up is a big plus!  The camera is less sensitive than the human eye and you need make up to make eyes and lips appear “normal”!

Sound Production – The main requirement for this job is that you provide
your own boom box, pick the music and turn the music on and off as needed.   would really like the skit to have a Bollywood moment when all the cast dances around!

Writers – Generally, the writers are considered separate from the film crew but actually writers do attend filming and provide input to the director.  Rewrites during filming are the rule rather than the exception.  Often movies are  based on novels.  In the past the author sometimes wrote the screen play of the movie but more often than not, nowadays, professional screen play writers adapt the novel to the screen.  Conflicts between novels authors and directors are part of Hollywood lore.   The writers need to come up with a one page script.  The film will only be five to ten minutes so less is more.  Be prepared to make the font of your script larger and then use the script as cue cards.  For our purposes, the writer should feel free to use storyboards as well as scripts to communicate what they want to the rest of the film crew.  The writers will create a title card and a “The End” card.

Crew Sign Up

Crew Position Signature *Alternate Crew Position Signature
Producer Me!
Director Assistant Director
Assistant Director
Actor 1
Actor 2
Actor 3
Actor 4
Actor 5
Actor 6
Actor 7
Actor  8
Art Director
Camera Operator
Costume Designer
Make up & Hair
Sound Production

*Fills in if primary crew member is absent

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