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Brain Augmentation

Hugh B. Fox III after brain augmentation

Hugh B. Fox III after brain augmentation

I went ahead and had my brain augmented using the technique pioneered by Professor Mathers on Gwyllim Griffiths in England.  The process involves using high frequency electronics to speed up evolution.  My IQ is expanding exponentially and I have begun to grow a sixth finger.  I am assured that I will develop a twelfth level intellect within a matter of days or sooner.  I have the worst headache and am having many strange thoughts!

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WereVerse Universe Baby!

Chinchilla Birthday Party!


Many Japanese have birthday parties for their pets.  I have made some otaku type friends in Osu, the Nagoyan version of Akihabara in Tokyo, and was invited to a Chinchilla Birthday Party.  This was a first for me and I am not sure if the Chinchillas got a lot out of the party but the guests sure had fun.

This is also my 100th post!

This party in turn inspired a similar parties in the future:



WereVerse Universe Baby!


Gairaigo Rap X

This is version “X” of my rap.  X is for experimental.  A more polished version may follow.

Gairaigo is Japanese for “loan word”.  This rap has many Japanese loan words.

See the following link for more on what a gairaigo is:


Eventual lyrics of my rap:

I got a dato at the interneto to have bento.

I was hungry because I only had a toasto

My dato is shorto but cuto

She kissed me on the lipo and handed me her coato.

She found a black hair on my hodo and my cuto has blonde hair.

She called me a cheato and a rato and she wants to separato.

I told her the hair was from my peto.

She said if she had a bato I would be in trouble.

I don’t need a taroto to know I am losing my cuto.

I am on the mato.

I don’t know wether to go lefto or righto

My life is in the toileto.

I can’t eat any foodo

I got a testo and worksheeto I got to study but what is the pointo?

I got to geto my little cuto back.


Japanenglish – English Dictionary

Bato – Bat

Carto -Car

Cheato – Cheat

Coato – Coat

Cuto – Cute

Dato – Date

Foodo – Food

Geto – Get

Haircuto – Haircut

Hodo – Hoodie

Interneto – Internet

Lefto – Left

Lipo – Lip

Mato – Mat

Peto – Pet

Pointo – Point

Rato – Rat

Receipto – Receipt

Righto – Right

Separato – Separate

Shorto – short

Taroto – Tarot

Testo – Test

Toileto – Toilet

Tosto – toast

Worsksheeto – Worksheet

WereVerse Universe Baby!

Fox and Son

WereVerse Universe Baby!

Arguing Teapots!

Hugh B Fox III Teapots

Hugh B Fox III Teapots

Ok you two settle down!

Hugh B. Fox III teapots

Hugh B. Fox III teapots

I mean it!

Hugh B. Fox teapots3

Hugh B. Fox teapots3

There, there it’s ok, I’m sure he didn’t mean what he said.

WereVerse Universe Baby!

What should you do if you meet a leprechaun?

Hugh B. Fox III St. Patrick

Hugh B. Fox III St. Patrick

Ask for a thousand wishes with your first wish!

WereVerse Universe Baby!

What should you do if you become a werefox?

Hugh B. Fox Werefox

Why in the world wouldn’t you want to be a werefox?  I was born a werefox and let me assure you that its great fun and much more fun than being a mere human.

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WereVerse Universe Baby!