Fox Character Analysis Diverging Radial

Fox Character Analysis Diverging Radial Resized

Name – What is the name of the character?  Does the name have any symbolic meaning?  Does the name have a hidden meaning?  Does the name have an esoteric meaning?  Does the character have more than one name and is this significant?

Title – Does the character have a title?  Does the title tie into the cultural context of the character?

Physical appearance – How does the character look like? Is the character beautiful, average or ugly?  Does the character have a physical abnormality?

Personality – What sort of personality does the character have?  Is the character logical or emotional?  Is the character introverted or extroverted?  Is the character friendly or unfriendly?  Is the character reliable or unreliable?  Does the character have a normal or abnormal personality?

Character’s role – What is the character’s role?  Some of the most common roles are antagonist, antihero, archenemy, comic relief, deuteragonist, false protagonist, focal character, foil, furniture (often an attractive female that serves no other function than to draw viewers to a television show or movie due to her beauty.  The function of character is decorative.), mentor, protagonist, sidekick, stock character, skeptic, supporting character, tempter and tritagonist.

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