The Number 13 in Movies/Television

The symbolism of the number 13 is probably the best known of any number.


13 Days


1408 – The number 1408 when added up is 13.  The number is the room number of a haunted hotel room.


Airplane – The plane docks at Gate 13.


Alien – Standard suggests the use of N-13 sticks to blow up aliens.


American Beauty – Ricky states, “It’s called G-13”.  He is referring to a genetically engineered type of pot.


Batman – 13 people die from contaminated products created by the Joker.


Battlestar Galactica – Earth is the 13th lost colony.


Believer – On screen title “13 YEARS LATER”.


The English Patient – The onscreen title reads “November 13, 1942”.


Entrapment – “13 Days until the end of the World” is scrawled on a sheet of paper.


The Fugitive – Gerard states, “Route 13 east”.


Friday the 13th series


Midnight Express – Bell states, “He got raped something bad in Section 13”.


Minority Report – Anderson states, “At 1:13 the two Precrime officers”.


Return To Me – The onscreen title states “INT. TUNER BOWLING – LANE 13 – NIGHT”.


Resident Evil – Red Queen states, “the infection would have spread to cover the United States within 13 days”.


Rush Hour – The clock on the wall reads 7:13.


Rushmore – Max states, “I hear about your science fair project on Action 13 the other day”.  Action 13 is a TV channel.


Spartan – “Rule #13: Every night you will be told where to Meet.  If Surrounded by


Superior Force”.  One of the rules soldiers of the future follow.


Star Wars – George Lucas is the creator of Star Wars.  The number 1138 (1+1+3+8) shows up in several episodes of Star Wars.  THX 1138 is the title of the first film of George Lucas.


The Time Machine – The dial of the time machine stops on “13 September 1917”.


Thirteen Ghosts – The use of the number 13 is clearly related to its supernatural significance and as opposed to the number 12 as in the 12 signs in astrology.


THX 1138 – This is the first film George Lucas ever made and 1+1+3+8 = 13.  As mentioned this number also shows up in his best know series of films, Star Wars.  Man states “command 13”.


You’ve Got Mail – Channel 13 does a special.


X-Files – 13:58 is on the digital display of an explosive device.


WereVerse Universe Baby!

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  1. Hi Hughie….a lot of movies, ” Apollo 13″ with Tom Hanks & Ed Harris, full action in space, keep investigating,it is interesting thing,…..from Perou….Karlitos….

  2. the number 13 freaked me out last year when I started seeing it everywhere, every time I looked at a clock the number 13 was there or I did quick math and found they added up to 13, every time I would play mtg with my friends I would somehow end up with 13/31 life before I won shortly after, every movie I’ve seen since then I’ve found it either in the date in the movie the time on a clock the age of someone I never fail to find it. it used to scare me to the point I would get shakes because it happened so frequently. I’ve since then made it my lucky number and still notice it seemingly without trying but I don’t search for it anymore, the number just finds me I guess. It’s weird, but what’s life without mystery, there’s no more land to discover so we look elsewhere.
    Someone confused.

  3. Below is my version of an “explanation” but its more a mental exercise than something I actually believe:

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