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1.0) Introduction

1.1) Who is the audience of this review?

1.2) What is the purpose of this review?

1.3) Get the readers attention


2.0) Movie as Movie

2.1) State the Title.

2.2) Is there anything significant about the title?

2.3) Who is the director?

2.4) What other works has the director done?

2.5) How does this film compare to other works by the same director?

2.6) Who are the important actors/actresses is this film?

2.7) What was their performance like?

2.8) Was this film important for the career of any of the actors or actresses in this film?

2.9) Describe the film score.

2.10) How did the film do at the box office?

2.11) Describe the cinematography of the movie.

2.12) Comment on the special effects or CGi of the movie if this is relevant.

2.13) Describe the genre of this film and compare the film to other examples of the genre.


3.0) Movie as Story

3.1) Do a synopsis of the movie that includes some mention of the genre, characters, , dialogue, plot, setting and theme(s).

3.2) Don’t give away the ending but you can give an evaluation of the ending.

4.0) Movie and the World

4.1) How realistic or how possible is the movie?

4.2) Does the movie engage in exploitation?

4.3) What message, if any, does the movie have?

4.4) Include the back story, if any, of the movie.

5.0) Conclusion

5.1) Is the movie particularly strong or weak in the areas described above?

5.2) Back up your conclusion with specific evidence.

5.3) How does this movie compare to other movies in the same genre?

5.4) How many stars do you give the movie?

5.5) Is the movie inspirational and/or educational?

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