Eye of Providence

The temple of Atlantis glows under black water

Fish without eyes swim towards the glow

Souls are strong but they can break.

When broken they wander between the two worlds.

They are more to be pitied than feared.

The Eye has the power to heal all including broken souls.

The eye can be soo small

Wounds heal as the eye swims in blood

Every divergence creates new eyes in new realities

The man and the woman would often smell the flowers of the garden. The smell was intoxicating.

After the apples, they gazed at the flowers and flowers gazed back.

The gaze of the flowers was unbearable. The couple fled the garden in shame.

On the eighth day, the Eye of Providence swam with his children.

The time was good.

The future open.

The highest point is the golden throne.

The shine can blind or enlighten or both.

Between atoms, dimensions and thought immanence seeps and glows.

The schism existed before life

The schism cracked the egg that made the myriad.

Some say measure came before the eye
Some say the eye came before measure
Some say the eye is measure
The triangle measure of the hard
The eye measure of the soft

Being on occasion celebrates being

The small daily death is a door to a world
Some of this world is us but some of this world is not us
The eye sits between the two worlds of the small death guarding the gate

Below the golden throne

Behind the points of immanence

Seraphim dance

Is there a staircase?

Where do the stairs go?

How many rungs above?

How many rungs below?

When ants look at the stars what do they see?

The synergy of the great communion is beyond the eye and mind of man.

Under dark oceans in mazes of dark green seaweed Ebony knowledge waits.

Before the apes, they created carved, jeweled, dark pearl towers that almost touched the sun

The towers fell in the great turning caused by the eye

The fragments of the tower wait…

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6 responses to “Eye of Providence

  1. love the pictures

  2. wow this is really deep and thought provoking, but I dont know what thought its provoking since im not familliar with what the eye of providence is.

    • Oh it operates on a lot of different levels but a big one is that the triangle represents reason and the ey represents intution so its a dialectical mind pictogram! Yup, that my own little contribution to the lit, “dialectical mind pictogram”, just kind of rolls of the tongue doesn’t it!

  3. I talk to this being on the daily, how I found this page, if only I could draw the geometric morphing…..great art.

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