Palmistry Casimir Stanislav d’Arpentigny’s System

Square Hand – The center three fingertips tend to be of equal length and the shape of the palm is almost perfectly square. Square palmed people tend to be practical, consistent and self-reliant. Spatulate Hand– Very broad, short, fingers, often of equal length, that appear short compared to the palm. Spatulate palmed people tend to be outgoing personality types who are risk takers. They also are generous and want to help others.

Conical Hand – Narrow, tapering, fingers that form a point when closed. Fingers also tend to be shorter than the palm. Conical palmed people can be impulsive by nature and tend to be moody and ruled by their emotions. They don’t deal well with stressful situations.

Knotty Hand – Short and imperfect fingers with a long palm. Knotty palmed people are intellectual and tend to be logical in their way of thinking.

Pointed – Very long and slender fingers and palm. Pointed palmed people have a strong admiration for the arts, fashion and beauty. As true romantics, they can at times get carried away with their passions. Elemental Hand – Short, heavy, fingers and compact palm. Elemental palmed people tend to be very practical in nature and although they are not usually very inventive thinkers, they can be great leaders or managers.

Mixed Hand – Well proportioned hand with equal length fingers and palm. Mixed palmed people tend to be well balanced in their character traits. They can have many of the same strengths and weaknesses of the other palm types, but rarely to any extreme.

Palmistry Casimir Stanislav d’Arpentigny’s System

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