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Mount of Venus: The Mount of Venus is set under the thumb. It is an indicator of love, romance and passion. If the mount is well developed, the person is warm, generous, sincere and compassionate. A flat Mount of Venus can indicate a person with delicate constitution, lack of vitality and passion.

Mount of Jupiter: The Mount of Jupiter is located at the base of the first finger. It symbolizes the way person perceive the world and the way a person gets recognition from society. A well-developed mount is indicative of the person’s leadership qualities. If it is over developed, the person is arrogant, proud, self-centered and egoistic. A flat mount can indicate selfish, lazy and insecure person.

Mount of Saturn: The Mount of Saturn is located below the second finger. It is an indicator of patience, duty and responsibility. If the mount is overdeveloped the person is cold, distant and lives a solitary life. Flat mount indicates lack a sense of responsibility, disorganization and a lack of self-reflection.

Mount of Apollo: The Mount of Apollo is set at the base of the ring finger. It relates to creativity and love of the arts. If the mount is well developed, the person is warm, optimistic, talented and creative. If it is flat, the person is dull, lacks talent and has no interest in the arts.

Mount of Mercury: The Mount of Mercury lies at the bottom of the little finger. It is an indicator of finances, business success and eloquence. If the mount is well developed, the person has many interests and good sense of humor. Flat mount indicates shy, dull and humorless person.

Mount of Moon: The Mount of Moon is located at the base of the palm, opposite the thumb. It symbolizes creativity, romance, intuition and imagination. A well-developed mount shows a person who is compassionate, caring, romantic and creative. Flat mount indicates unimaginative, unsympathetic and unstable person.

Mount of Mars: The Mount of Mars has two positions on the palm. The upper mount lies between the head line and beginning of the heart line and the lower mount is near the thumb, at the beginning of the heart line. These mounts are influenced by the Plain of Mars which is located in the center of a palm. Persons with well-developed Mount of Mars are courageous, fearless and powerful. If it is flat, the person may be cowardly.


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