A Comparison of Free Online Wanted Poster Creators

Below is a comparison of the most popular online wanted poster creators.


AnyMaking makes a 649 x 840 jpeg wanted poster.  The program generates a small watermark.  The wanted poster was generated in seconds not minutes.  The paper has a more realistic aged look than other programs reviewed.  The program only has text options.  Results below:


Zero output options and the program generates a really small jpeg file of 292 x 353 that is useless for poster-sized print outs. I suppose you can use it as an online icon on Facebook or whatever.  GlassGiant generated the wanted poster in a reasonable amount of time the first time around.  There is a rather large watermark on the jpeg generated.  Results below:


There are two posters available.  No options. No water mark.  The program produces output of 595 x 841.  Results below:


No options. No water mark.  The program produces output of 675 x 900.  Not so much wanted posters as pictures of wanted posters and a picture of a rap sheet.  Results below:


MobileFish has a huge number of  output options.  Maybe too many options in this program!  You need to pay attention to the access code.  It looks like you have to have spaces but actually you should not put spaces between the numbers and letters in the access code!  Also pay attention to how big the file you upload can be.  I outputted a file with a width of 2480 and the clarity of the output was fantastic.  You can easily make a real sized, or even giant-sized, wanted poster with this program.  There is no watermark on the jpeg.  Results resized below:


No options.  The output of the site is 476 x 600 pixels.  The results below:


Zero options.  The jpeg is 454 x 688 and too small to make a very good poster-sized decoration.  No watermark on the poster!  Results below:


There is a watermark.  No options.  The output is 520 x 780 in size.   Results below:


Mobilefish wins!  If you actually wanted a poster-sized wanted poster then there really is no other choice.  GlassGiant is probably a waste of time due to the small jpeg generated and the distracting watermark.  A lot of these programs will not show up on a Google search for Online Wanted Poster Creators!  I ran into this effect when I wrote Online Photo Editors.

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  1. Katharine in Brussels

    Hilarious, Hugh! By happenstance I’m doing a Western themed party and suddenly found this post by Google. Too cool!

  2. Anybody got a template for a modern Japanese wanted poster?

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