SmartArt Gallery Exercise

SmartArt is a fast way to generate graphics for your presentations and/or website!  You can export graphics made into applications other than PowerPoint by converting the graphic into a jpg.

1) Make your graphic in Microsoft word using SmartArt.

2) Export as a pdf in Word.

3) Convert your pdf into a jpg.

PDF to JPG online converter – Convert PDF to JPG for FREE

4) Edit your jpg with Paint.NET.

Paint.NET – Free Software for Digital Photo Editing

Paint.NET versus Photoshop

Paint.NET is free!

Paint.NET is easier to learn than Photoshop.

However, Photoshop is more powerful!

1.0) List

1.1) The list is used for items without a sequence, such as a list of key objects or concepts.

1.2) What are some examples of lists?

1) Smartart Lists


2.0) Process

2.1) Process SmartArt is used for items or steps with a specific sequence and end point.

2.2) What are some examples of processes?

2) SmartArt Processs


3.0) Cycle

3.1) The cycle graphic is used for steps with a continuing sequence.

3.2) What are some examples of cycles?

3) SmartArt Cycle


4.0) Hierarchy

4.1) This graphics is used to illustrate the hierarchical relationship between items or people.

4.2) What are some examples of hierarchies?

4) SmartArt Hierarchy


5.0) Relationship

5.1) This graphic is used to illustrate relationships between items that are not necessarily hierarchical.

5.2) What are some examples of relationships?

5) SmartArt Relationship


6.0) Matrix

6.1) This graphic is used for grid-like diagrams.

6.2) What are some examples of information that can be show with a matrix?

6) SmartArt Matrix


7.0) Pyramid

7.1) A pyramid is a specialized type of hierarchy.

7.2) What are some examples of information than be shown with pyramids?

7) SmartArt Pyramid

Would you use the same graphic for both print and on screen output?


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