Who Am I Game Cards – Famous People

Who Am I Cards - Famous People

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(1) Abraham Lincoln

I the 16th President of the US.

I freed the slaves.

(2) Albert Einstein

I was a physicist

I am famous for the formula E=mc2.

(3) Aristotle

I was an ancient Greek Philosopher

Alexander the Great was my student.

(4)Julius Caesar

I was the first Emperor of Rome. I was killed was brutally murdered on the Senate Floor.

(5) Ludwig van Beethoven

I was a famous German composer.  I became deaf but continued composing.

(6) Benjamin Franklin

I was a founding founder of the US.  I flew a kite and verified that lighting was electricity.

(7) Beyoncé Knowles

I am a famous pop singer and fashion model. I starred in Dreamgirls.

(8) Bill Clinton

I was the 42nd President of the US.  I was the first baby boomer president.

(9) Bill Gates

I am the founder of Microsoft.  I am the richest man alive.

(10) Britney Spears

I am a famous pop singer.

(11) Cleopatra

I was the queen of Egypt.  Caesar was my boyfriend.

(12) Christopher Columbus

I discovered America in 1492

(13) Dwight Eisenhower

I was a famous US general during WWII and also the 34th President of the US afterwards.

(14) Eddie Murphy

I am a famous American comedian.  I played Doctor Doolittle in the movies.

(15) Adolph Hitler

I was the dictator of Germany during WW II.  I was the leader of the Nazi Party.

(16) Elvis Presley

I was a famous pop singer.  I am often called the “King of Rock and Roll” or simply “the King”.  I am often impersonated.

(17) Alexander the Great

I was the King of Macedonia and conquered the known world of my time.

(18) George Washington

I was the first President of the US.

(19) Harry Houdini

I was a famous escape artist.

(20) Hillary Clinton

I am currently the Secretary of State for the US.  I am the wife of Bill Clinton

(21) Steve Jobs

I was the founder and CEO of Apple Inc.

(22) Isaac Newton

I was a physicist in England.

I discovered gravity when an apple fell on my head.

(23) Jane Austen

I wrote many novels including Pride and Prejudice.

(24) John F. Kennedy

I was President of the US during the Cuban Missile Crisis.

I was shot in Dallas by Oswald (?).

(25) John Travolta

I am a famous movie star.

I was in Pulp Fiction.

(26) Leonardo Da Vinci

I painted the Mona Lisa.

(27) Lewis Carrol

I wrote Alice in Wonderland.

(28) Louis Pasteur

I am a French scientist.  I was a famous chemist and microbiologist.

(29) Aung San Suu Kyi

I am a famous Burmese leader who has been under house arrest for many years.

(30) Madonna

I am a famous female pops singer.

(31) Mahatma Gandhi

I used non-violence to help India win independence from Great Britain.

(32) Marilyn Monroe

I was a famous American movie actress.  I committed suicide with sleeping pills or so the story goes.

(33) Mark Twain

I am an American novelist who wrote Tom Sawyer and Huckleberry Finn.

(34) Martin Luther King

I am a Black American leader that led the civil rights movement in the 1960’s in the US.

(35) Michael Jackson

I was a famous American pop star.  I had some trouble with the law.

(36) Michael Jordan

I am a famous American basketball star.

(37) Michelangelo

I was a contemporary of Leonardo Da Vinci.  I painted the Sistine Chapels in the Vatican.

(38) Mohammad Ali

I was the heavy weight boxing champion of the world.  I was stripped of my title for refusing to serve in the US military during the Vietnam War.

(39) Mother Teresa

I am a famous nun who has served the poor in Calcutta India for many years.

(40) Mozart

I am a famous composer.

(41) Napoleon

I am a famous French general.

(42) Pablo Picasso

I was a famous modern artist.

(43) Pamela Anderson

I am a famous American actress.  I am especially famous for my figure.

(44) Plato

I was a famous Greek philosopher.

(45) Ronald Reagan

I was President of the US when the Berlin Wall fell.

(46) Sigmund Freud

I am the creator of the psychoanalytic method.  I practiced in Vienna.

(47) Stephen Hawking

I am a physicist.  I am famous for my book A Brief History of Time.

(48) Thomas Edison

I am a famous American inventor.  I invented the light bulb,

(49) Thomas Jefferson

I was the 3rd President of the US and built Monticello.  I was responsible for the Louisiana Purchase.

(50) Tom Cruise

I am a famous actor.  I was in the movie Mission Impossible.

(51) Vincent Van Gogh

I was a famous impressionist.  I cut of my ear and gave it as a present to a girl.

(52) Walt Disney

I created Mickey Mouse.  I am the founder of the Disney company.

(53) William Shakespeare

I was a playwright, I wrote Hamlet and Romeo and Juliet.

(54) Mao Zedong

I was the first leader of the Peoples Republic of China.

(55) Joseph Stalin

I was the successor to Lenin in the USSR and was responsible for the Gulags.


(56) Genghis Khan

I united the Mongols who in turn created a great empire.

(57) Fidel Castro

I was the leader of Cuba until very recently.

(58) Jack the Ripper

I killed six women viciously in Victorian England.

 (59)   Walt Disney

I created Mickey Mouse.

 (60) Hugh Fox III

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  3. Luois Pasteur did not ‘invent’ penicillin. It was ‘discovered’ by Alexander Fleming 🙂

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