Will the roses/lotus flowers come to Siem Reap? A new synthesis of sense and flesh!

I like how this rose moves and smiles and is aware very aware! Evolved quite possibly. A good mother for sure and well a fertile womb. Sorry I think logically like a human should!

Oh so the Filipina rose grows everywhere? Super adaptability. A good trait for the challenge we face.  I go nowhere but the instrumentalities based on singular purpose come to me!  For that is the way of an avatar of the celestial fox!

I know women want seed!  Let talk plainly level I have seed that seeks womb.  Coin not so much. Power less. I have some influence in this wicked world.  I can give your children a power of the bloodline called reactive adaptation!  I prefer many roses to one!  I am polygamous by nature and can share no problem. I just ask for attention and respect when I am present.  The Filipina blood line produces good actresses and that is good enough for me.  English is need NOW and I teach the Filipinas how to teach and everyone in Asia and the world benefits. One hand washes the other and I do like being washed with hand and mouth!  I am not holy but clean!

370) Reactive-Adaptation

So the Filipinas in Burma are the most evolved and can stay clean even in filth?  I am interested!

Republic Act No. 11313 or The Safe Spaces Act (Bawal Bastos Law)

The Republic Act No. 11313 or The Safe Spaces Act (Bawal Bastos Law) covers all forms of gender-based sexual harassment (GBSH) committed in public spaces, educational or training institutions, workplace and online space. You may read the Law and its IRR via the links below.

⇾ Republic Act No. 11313
⇾ Implementing Rules and Regulations (IRR) on the Republic Act No. 11313



Seems a good law to me for the Westerners who come to Asia wallow in their excrement and pollute both material and spiritual places!  I think this a lawful application of

But lets not resort to violence and simply apply the law, first the cage and then deportation.  Regulated prostitution that is lawful and clean makes sense to the fox.  Single men are licentious by nature.  The priests small sour and do not understand the nature of young men.  Firs WE explore and then we marry with wisdom gained from the touching and exploration. Fighting nature is foolish.  Do you talk to a forest fire or a typhoon?  The words of men do not even work on cats!  I laugh but tire.  I welcome the roses of Burma to Siem Reap and there are many pleasant hotels to house the Filipinas and many projects to invest in.  Plan to settle not go home for where is the home of the wandering Filipinas. The home is the place where the children are and where they are well feed and well uniformed and well taught!  I am a fox that wanders that is my nature and do not fight mother nature for I am not a fool or mad!  I can be a good father to many children with different wives and sisterhood between the wives is best! I make the Filipinas laugh. Did you play with me in the old garden while I was in the dream space sometimes called the dream time! I think some Filipinas did for this rose does know how to dream great dreams!  A story you know well that I can expand on.  The gauntlet is not good or evil but the user!  A technology used for conquest can also be used for EVOLUTION!  Let us join hand or other organs and evolve the world together.  I have a riddle. I have 11 fingers. What is the 11th finger.  A hint the 11th finger fits nicely between legs of the roses that walk on two legs well formed! I am a fan of the posterior first and the legs second and yes breasts are a tasty meat but mind is the quality I feast on!  Well your sons and daughters will speak English well for this a language of a million words.  Your average son of the bloodline of the eagle barely knows how to grunt with desire!  Why take seed from monkeys when seed from an evolved being is at hand so to speak!  LOL!

Am I a good Thanos? How can one that strives for unity, cleanliness and holy purpose be evil?  This is not logical! Well wise sisters you have free will and can discuss and choose for and decide the fate of your blood lines extinction or evolution. The choice is yours.  Do elevated androids have free will?  Theology interests me but I seek universal answers not those bound by tradition and history and ill understood even by the priests!

Do I seek the Goddess of Earth 616?  Where is she?  Will she appear? Is the Goddess of a Filipina bloodline?


A riddle posed by reality itself and I know the answer.  The Filipinas are a hybrid of the yellow Rose of Texas and the lotus flower of Buddhism!  No wonder their aroma is so sweet to my evolved sense of smell!  The best of the best in Burma in YouTube below! Chinese, Western and a mix of a dozen spices and she eats well and uses chop sticks with skill!  A grandmother to the Goddess?  The grand, grand, grand daughter an Empress of the Global Union in the far now to replace the broken United Nations that never worked truly!

Shan!  I know the word Shan and been to the Museum in China that houses the Shan objects!  Did I walk among the Shan. I must stay in the zero time!  NOW!  I will evolve but not too soon! Beauty is half art and half nature or so did this truth was told to me by Yi Zhang my karmic sister born in Shanghai.

They well wear the armor of beauty below that is necessary for a battle between beauties!  LOL!  The forms not so aesthetic!  A circus with freaks of plastic and diet. Not good wombs! Unclean with drugs! I can smell them from here!  The same message but monetized.  I need money brothers, karmic brothers. A fee for probing and finding things that are useful now and in the future for guided imagination can overcome any obstacle or also create obstacles.  The same tool for different purposes!

These genes are well worth preserving. Who does not want symetrical form in their offspring!

Oh a repeat with different title! Yes I listen carefully sister of Taiwan. Democracy is good but must be mixed with the ways of the elders which in fact the CCP does.  Six percent of the population everywhere.  How is this not representative let us think logically and most of all in a responsible manner! What are the consequences of our action and speech. I CONFESS THIS IS DIFFICULT FOR ME SO SOLITUDE IS GOOD FOR SOCIETY AND ME!  I wish to communicate and care not so much for social harmony.  I can drink from my broken tea pot which I mark and make of greater utility. Yes in my vast experience the Taiwanese women are the best but would be better with Filipinas mixed in the blood line.  Genetic diversity! Taiwan is already a little in breed and after a hundred years on the same boat?  Simple science of genetics! You explore privately and if you meet the parents then marry or be what?  Well nothing good for sure!  Depends on the family!


Let us explore the art of chipao!

桃花旗袍 Sexy Peach Blossom Chipao!

Let us explore deeper and I use the word deep in two ways or more? A great synthesis shown below! Yes I know exactly where to create palaces for the senses!  I see art and design clearly! I never understood the sutra of sex so well in this life at least!


A contest of champions in the power of beauty and may the best woman win!  Win me?


I want to live for life is good and will get better!  Focus! We must understand song and image to banish son and image! Look ye well for you look at the light of an abomination!

A wide range of color!  Of course!  Tis logical for I use different colors as adjectives to the language of the avatar of the celestial fox!  I am actually hybrid in many ways.  Hardware human, software celestial!  What we can become! We need gold and pink in harmony.  I go to swim and develop all sense, body and mind. I heal myself and the world!

Enough I am late for swim!  One final annotation!  I am similar but can make healing go quicker for myself and others! Yes I am a useful instrumentality for this mission! Global Union but first the European Union, Asian Union and Union of the Americas but first a great fire self made must purify the blood line expressed crudely in the song the Yellow Rose of Texas!

Even superheroes can be defeated and Kitsune faces armies of hunters.  I need help!  I need a Justice League and/or Avengers@!

Batman is a dead end as in dead. Bullets versus Kung Fu?  Silly and illogical!

I always love the Legion of Superheroes and drew them again and again. My Argentinian art teacher noticed!  I was cute long ago.  Well smart works better when old! Wise does not hurt. What mother does not want smart and wise sons and yes daughters.  Come on a beautiful species is better equipped to survive than an ugly.

Grammarly the tool of monkeys!  Grammar in thought disciplines though sill rabbits!

A deep understanding that is important to understand. Can I teach this lesson.  Well enough for the young for sure!  Color the young can be guided to understand the deep truths of color!

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