090 Spanish Verbs of Feeling

Several verbs in Spanish that express feelings (pleasure, pain, etc.) have different word order than in English. These verbs have the same construction as gustar: Indirect object + verb + subject. Me, te, le, nos, os, les are the indirect object pronouns. The verb is conjugated in third person singular or plural because it agrees with the subject, not the indirect object.

gustar – to like

apetecer – to feel like

encantar – to adore

dar ganas – to feel like

dar asco – to hate

dar miedo – to scare

dar lástima – to trouble

doler – to hurt

Te apetece salir. You feel like going out.
Le duelen los dientes. His teeth hurt.
Les da miedo la película. The film scares them.

You can also add a mí, a ti, a él, a ella, a usted, a nosotros/-as, a vosotros/-as, a ellos, a ellas, or a ustedes before the indirect object for emphasis.

A mí me gusta el fútbol. Me, I like soccer.



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