135 Spanish Boxing Vocabulary

Win – Victoria
Loss – Derrota
Draw – Empate
Knockout Out – Via Rapida/Cloroformo
UD – Decision Unanime
SD – Decision Dividida
MD – Decision Malloritaria
Disqualification – Descalificacion
TD – Decision Tecnica

In the corner
Cut – Cortada
Vaseline – Vaselina
Ice – Hielo

Champion- Campeon
Challenger – Retador
Trainer – Entrenador
Referee – Arbitro, Referi
Judge – Juez

Fight – Pelea
Beating – Paliza
Trunks – Pantaloncillos
War – Guerra
Left – Izquierda
Right – Derecho
Hook – Gancho
Uppercut – Uppercut
Jab – Jab
Recover – Recuperar
Elbow – Codo
Low Blow – Golpe Bajo
Kidney Shot – Gancho al riñón
Hold/Grab – Agarrar -or- Amarrar
Hurt – Lastimado
Main Event – Pelea Estelar
Pound 4 Pound – Libra-x-Libra

Title – Titulo
Belt – Cinturon/Faja
The Ring
Canvas – Lona/Cuadrilátero
Corner – Esquina
Time – Tiempo

Physical stats
Southpaw – Zurdo
Orthodox – Diestro
Age – Edad
Height – Estatura/Altura
Reach – Alcanze
Nationality – Nacionalidad

Weight Classes
Division – Division
Heavyweight – Peso Completo/Pesado/Máximo
Cruiserweight – Peso Crucero
Light Heavyweight – Peso Semipesado
Super Middleweight – Peso Supermedio
Middleweight – Peso Medio
Light Middleweight – Peso Semimedio
Welterweight – Peso Welter
Light Welterweight – Peso Semiwelter
Light Weight – Peso Ligero
Super Featherweight – Peso Superpluma
Featherweight – Peso Pluma
Super Bantamweight – Peso Supergallo
Bantamweight – Peso Gallo
Super Flyweight – Peso Supermosca
Flyweight – Peso Mosca
Light Flyweight – Peso Minimosca
Minimumweight – Peso Paja

World Boxing Organization(WBO) – Organización Mundial de Boxeo(OMB)
World Boxing Association(WBA) – Asociación Mundial de Boxeo(AMB)
World Boxing Council(WBC) – Consejo Mundial de Boxeo(CMB)
International Boxing Federation(IBF) – Federación Internacional de Boxeo(FIB)

Boxing Equipment
Gloves – Guantes
Punching Bag – Saco/Costal
Double end bag – La pera loca
Speed bag – pera

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One response to “135 Spanish Boxing Vocabulary

  1. I live in Spain and want to take a boxing class. Oddly specific and useful vocabulary list. Thank you! I have also been looking for a figure skating vocabulary list if that would be something you could help with too. Thanks, again!!

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