Dr Fox Introduces WereVerse


Rainbow Werefox – Wilton Manors Stonewall Pride 2019


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Orange Werefox – Supercon 2019

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WereVerse Timeline

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WereVerse Crests


Black Werefox Crest


Blue Werefox Crest


Brown Werefox

Cyborg Vixen

Green Vixen

Green Werefox

Grey Werefox

Orange Werefox


Pink Werefox

Purple Werefox

Rainbow Werefox

Red Werefox

Sapphire Vixen

USA Vixen

White Werefox

Yellow Werefox

Q & Table T-Shirt Mockup

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I love to make tables.  I then added a question to the top of the table and you have an ice breaker for a cute girl/gal when you put on the t-shirt.

If you are wearing a t-shirt with the Thai smile question then you have a perfect question to ask a pretty Thai girl in Thailand!

The perfect t-shirt design to wear to Spanish class!

A great t-shirt for the Sheldon your Big Bang universe.

Makes friends in China with this t-shirt!

The perfect t-shirt to impress the boss at the company barbecue!

Cassandra and Abelyn – Film Proposal

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