Animals discuss religion in Animosity

Animosity – The Dragon V2 – Page 70

The reason animals are engaged in discussions of religion is because the “woke up” and can talk and reason. An interesting premise for an interesting comic book line. The woke moment is depicted quite dramatically.

Manuel Fabricio Ungaro Obituary


My uncle Manuel was the most positive person I have ever met in my life.  I think what I learned from his smart is good but smart and positive is much more likely to lead to happiness than smart and negative. Uncle Manual was born on 8/24/1929.  Uncle Manuel died on 1/14/2023.  Uncle Manuel died at his home in Lima placidly in his sleep.  My uncle Manuel was third child of Fabricio Ungaro and Enriqueta Zevallos. 


In 1958 Manuel married Zoila Vidaurre a pretty young lady studying to become a diplomat. Below is a picture of Zoila and Manuel getting married with his father Enero.

In 1959 Manuel’s first child was born and named Cecilia Rocio Ungaro.  In 1960 Manuel became one of the founding fathers of the college of Architecture and Urban Planning for the Universidad Nacional Federico Villarreal, Manuel was a professor there until his retirement in 1985.  In 1960 Manuel’s second child was born and named Jorge Manuel Ungaro. In 1961 my Uncle Manuel’s private practice flourished.  In 1961 Manuel’s third child was born and named Manuel Rolando Ungaro.  In 1963 Manuel’s fourth child was born and named Tatiana Jazmin Ungaro. In 1966 his fifth child is born Diana Linda.  In 1968 Manuel’s sixth child born and named Lucia Ana Ungaro.  In 1975 Manuel’s seventh child is born and named Giovanna Marisol Ungaro. My own mother, Lucia Lockert, was the older sister of Manuel. I also wrote about their parents which are my grandparents. The story of the Ungaro’s is an interesting one and would make a good novel.

In 1987 Manuel decided to retire for good and enjoy life, he dedicated his life to help and mentor young architects, and paint and write, he has numerous paintings and did an exhibit at the public library in Pompano Beach. He wrote the book “Amor Eterno” dedicated to his wife of 30 years then, he sold books as it was elected book of the month by a book club in Florida.  Manuel was a freemason. Manuel had reached the highest level 33 honorable grand master mason. Uncle Manuel painted the words “Be free” outside of his bedroom during the pandemic. The Ungaros have always been a little psychic in my experience and uncle Manuel more psychic than most of the Ungaros.


My uncle Manuel graduated high school on the top 5% in 1945 at age sixteen.  Manuel went to Universidad Nacional de Ingeneria, he graduated with a Masters in Architecture and Urban Planning in 1952.  Manuel started worked as an architect for the Army Corp of Engineering in 1953, were he developed forts for the Army nationwide.  In 1956 Manuel in partnership with another colleague Otto Polack, opened their private practice office of Architecture and start developing houses for the affluent and rich members of Lima society, while still working for the Army. 

In 1964 my uncle Manuel was invited to the international convention of architecture in Paris, he met his idol Le Corbusier, one of the most famous architects of the world, creator of the Chart of Athens, the bible for architects, addressing all changes in modern era and new codes in architecture. In 1965 his private practice demands too much of his time and decides to quit one of his two jobs.  Manuel stopped working for the army.  During the years 1965 to 1975 my uncle Manuel won various bids to design and construct developments.  In 1970 my uncle Manuel is elected Dean of the College of Architecture and urban planning for five years; he then became vice-president of the University with more than 30,000 students.  In 1974 Manuel was a distinguished presenter at an International Architects convention in Bulgaria where he won a recognition for his fruitful career. In 1975 Manuel decided that the Chart of Athens needed to be updated due to all the modern world changes and evolutions.  In 1977 Manuel and 30 other architects from around the world sign the Chart of Machu Picchu in the archaeological ruins as a symbol of our heritage. There was a weeklong of presenters from all over the world and the conferenced finished with the signing at the Intihuatana (Inca solar clock made of stone)

In 1978 Uncle Manuel Chart of Machu Picchu document win the  Jean Tschumi prize of architecture (the equivalent of the Nobel Prize).  In 1980 Manuel decided to serve his community by running for political office and won with an overwhelming majority of 90% of votes to become Mayor of La Molina, one of the most elegant neighborhoods in Lima, his term expired after three years.  In 1984 my uncle Manuel is named Professor Emeritus Honoris Causa by the University he was working at.  In 1985 he retires from teaching and initiates a new venture and starts working as an architect in the United States. He worked with Ira Giller, Architects firm, developing and expansion of the Miami airport. 

Photos of Manuel Ungaro

Chinese New Year Party in Siem Reap, Cambodia, January 22, 2023

I love the Khmer!

Humans must become more logical or go extinct!

Today in January 22, 2023 and the Chinese New Year! I have a message for all who read my website. We face a series of tests of logic as a species we must pass or God will erase our species and start again.  I had a breakthrough of sorts February 14th, 2023.  Two super-hot girls gave me roses for Valentine’s Day.  I have worked hard for the last two years of self-improvement. I swim 25 laps a day, one day is for upper body strength, one day is for lower body strength.  I have engaged in self-study to survey all the major religions in an honest pursuit to figure out how the human race can become more logical. I received a reward of sorts on Valentine’s Day when I chose that day to finish waxing my whole body. 

A body wax if done correctly does remove hair permanently and is painful but I do look better and the massage parlor gals were impressed how I took the pain in a stoic manner and even joked and laughed.  I did a full body wax in Thailand long ago and that removed about half of my hair and the second body wax removed all my hair permanently except for the throat which took four treatments.  By the way waxing your hair from your throat is the most painful procedure. I would say the genitalia area is number two. The least painful area for wax removal is the arms and legs.  I hate cold places and if I have any choice then will stay in a tropical and subtropical climate and no body hair makes you feel fresher and cooler and it easier to wash your body in the shower. There is some marginal improvement in the area of athletic performance.

The prettiest gal of the massage parlor bought me a red rose, a real rose, not one of those cheap plastic ones.  I was very touched.  When I came back to my apartment the most beautiful women working for the apartment greeted me with another real rose and a big one at that.  An omen?  Who knows.  I have tried to lead a mindful life the last two years. I am benevolent to all as Confucius suggests or rather that is my interpretation of Confucius. I treat people with respect and they in turn treat me respect. I am not a pacifist and one vile bar girl did throw a beer in my face without provocation and I stopped doing business with that bar which calls itself a coffee house despite selling more beer than coffee. Lies are part of human condition.

From Buddhism I have learned that emotional management is crucial for happiness and social harmony.  So far, I have studied Christianity, Islam, Buddhism and Confucianism and based on this self-study I have come to the conclusion all the creeds studied ask that humans should treat each other with respect NOT love.  Love is a slippery word and to love humanity is too ambitious as I have observed in 65 years on this planet. Let’s try to treat each other with respect and maybe in some distant future we can aim for love. I would argue with the Christians that love presumes respect and that Christians do not treat none Christians and none Westerners with even respect so work on treating other humans with respect and then preach love.

1)The problem of war – MAKE MONEY NOT WAR!

The human race has the economic resources to create a utopia but we burn money literally on the pursuit of war. Economic problems create revolutions. Revolution leads to dead rich people. Some rich people make money from war but not most. I urge the plutocrats that make money in times of peace and want to stay alive to make money not war. All men are brothers? What nonsensical prattle! Human are born selfish. We care about our biological brothers more than are so-called brothers in Christianity. I appeal to the self-interest of the rich and the poor. Peace is good for business in the LONG run. War is bad for business in the LONG run. Forget compassion. Humans need to become more logical not more compassionate. A race of devils, and we may very well be such a race, would make peace to make money! Conventional weapons alone can destroy nations and we come up with ever new ways to destroy ourselves. When elephants wrestle the grass suffers and elephants need grass to eat. If we damage the environment more than we have with war then we cannot eat. Endless war is not sustainable. Heck even our current population of eight billion is not sustainable. Make money not war! I have no army or fortune and my internet infrastructure is pretty pathetic but logic has power! One more time with feeling “Make money not war”. Humans are tribal by nature but also greedy and rational. May our greed and rationality triumph over our xenophobic nature.

There should be a conversation about the peaceful transition of global leadership from the US to the China.China has so far been a more rational international citizen. China is not perfect but building roads and other infrastructure for trade and money seems a more sustainable enterprise than starting wars and supplying weapons like some other nation does. No names for I am logical not brave. This other nation has been known to eliminate actors that interfere with profits via accidents. Logical people in general do not do well. The examples of Socrates and Galileo came to mind. China has slowly but surely used the Belt and Round Initiative to build a global network of friends and if not friends then nations that wish to be neutral in any struggle for influence between China and the United States.   China offers trade and stable leadership.  China works through influence and the power of profits rather than the use of military bases and endless wars.  The United States on the other hand. Well only an idiot doesn’t know what the United States does at this point in history. Let’s me just write that the USA seems to get involved in an awful lot of conflicts defending democracy or human rights or whatever.

2. Reality Confusion

From my POV as dire as the current geopolitical situation is this is not the biggest threat to human existence. The internet is powerful. The internet allows me to access information and educated myself and others but the internet is also addictive. Internet addiction is a real problem. People get cyber space mixed up with reality. The internet is used as a tool by the USA to start wars. People see transgenders online and transgender medical procedures are normalized. Teen are depressed like teens have been for millennia but can now decide the “cure” for their depression is gender transforming surgery that is largely irreversible. As far as I am concerned social media is a greater danger to the human race than nuclear weapons. Nuclear weapons threaten our bodies but not our souls. Social media leads to sloth and obesity and threatens the soul of humanity as well. If I had a button that would destroy the internet then I would press it. Unfortunately, I have no such button so will use my feeble internet infrastructure to rail against the internet and social media in particular. I am fighting fire with fire. I am fully aware of the irony of my position. However, God does provide miracles and perhaps my feeble internet infrastructure will grow. I have 5.4k followers on Facebook despite no effort to get any followers. I have a back log of friend requests in the hundreds which I ignore. I guess I have to become an idol to have more than five thousand friends. The Bible is quite clear about idolatry!

“You shall have no other gods before me. This is expressed in the Bible in Exodus 20:3, Matthew 4:10, Luke 4:8 and elsewhere, e.g.: Ye shall make you no idols nor graven image, neither rear you up a standing image, neither shall ye set up any image of stone in your land, to bow down unto it: for I am the Lord your God.”

I am 65 and even if I live to a hundred my time on this earth will soon be at an end. I am not becoming and idol and risking hell or a bad reincarnation or whatever awaits me after death. I do not even know most of my so-called friends and unfriend them at a drop of a hat to make room for actual new friends. I generally send a link of one of my writings and ask the so-called friend or wanna be friend what they think and no response means I unfriend or block them. An amazing number want to switch to Instagram that is even worse than Facebook in my opinion. You flunked the first test but want to make me join a worse social media site than Facebook? ILLOGICAL! TikTok is the worst site invented so far but sure clever people will make something even more injurious to human mental and spiritual health. 

Gender Dysphoria is a form of reality confusion.  The link I provide suggests that surgery is the answer rather than counseling. Perhaps our desire to change gender should be examined rather than using counseling and surgery to alter our gender which is a one-way trip. We are born male or female and perhaps this is a condition we should just accept. Gender dysphoria is another great problem we face as a species. Transgenderism aided by medical science is a Frankenstein approach to reality that leads to monsters. I suppose in the future humans will want to be cats or dogs and choose to have surgery to become cats and dogs. Just because you desire something it does not mean one should follow this desire. I may want to fly but attaching paper wings to my shoulders and trying to fly is not a good idea.


1)The solution turn-off the internet one day a week.

Internet addiction is a problem. Millions of humans spend time on screen entering a constructed reality that less and less semblance to reality which causes them to lose touch with reality.  Humans question their gender and worse the Infographics Channel in particular is trying to sell WW III as a viable solution to the loss of US global authority and influence. The internet is a valuable resource. 

I depend heavily on YouTube to process information that would take me twenty more times vial analog technology i.e., books BUT there is always too much of a good thing.  I will try to use a food analogy. Food is necessary for our survival but too much food and the wrong food leads to obesity, heart attacks, high blood pressure and actually interferes with survival.  The internet is a technology that can be used for creating a better society or a worse society.  How about turning off the internet one day a week at the server level. At this point nations can turn off the internet without any sort of help from the global community.  Use that day for prayer, good works, reading, playing with your children, or even something as simple as saying hello to your neighbor.  Of course, there will be resistance and some loss internet commerce but for one day a week humans can become in touch with reality and ponder how none stop usage of cell phones to watch porn and other nonsense affects their mental health.

2. Time for new global leadership!

The US rules the internet and the military-industrial complex uses the internet to create consensus and endless war to the detriment of all and ironically to the detriment of Americans most of all. A few fat cats make obscene profits and it’s the working class that loses arms and legs and even sanity in wars that serve no purpose but to generate profits. Let’s do a little trip through history.  The Vietnam War gained the US nothing and destabilized SE Asia and led to the Killing Field/Cambodian Genocide and every time I see a beggar without legs, I realize Americans are clueless about history.  Then the US started a war with Iraq over Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD’s) and when none where found the war became one for democracy and broadened into a larger war against Islam in general and radicalized Islam.  The Muslims do not hate us because we are free but because we bomb and torture them.  Who know what the Chinese are doing with their Muslims but simple logic tells us that pales in comparison to the treatment of the US of the Muslims. Interestingly, Muslims are quite logical and friendly to me, an American while be fulling aware of what the US military-industrial complex has done to the Muslims. Muslims on the whole can differentiate between me and my government. Unlike Americans who fall for Yellow Peril arguments and interned Japanese Americans during WW II. The came the war in Afghanistan that led to us fleeing and leaving billions of dollars of the latest military equipment and thus making the Taliban the best armed military in that region and able to coerce India and Pakistan. The military-industrial complex of the US started a war in Ukraine after repeatedly ignoring Putin’s reasonable demands not to allow Ukraine to join NATO or be a NATO controlled country. 

Now the military-industrial complex wants to start a war with China! A war with China will lead to total defeat of the US in Asia even it stays conventional. WW III with nuclear weapons is not survivable and all the Infographic Channels and propaganda on the internet will not change this fact.  It is easier to not spill wine than put spilled wine back into the glass it came from. Is rebuilding Ukraine going to be the mission of the EU for the next fifty years. Does Europe to be the cleanup crew for the mess the US made with a totally unnecessary war? Where are all the people displaced by the Ukraine War going to go? Not the US but EU countries.

The EU already faces an immigration crisis and now this crisis will be compounded by the Ukraine War. The Ukraine will require billions of dollars to rebuild if it becomes a member of the EU. This means more taxes and European nation states already are taxed at some of the highest levels in the world. The EU was created to make the lives of Europeans better not worse. Time for the world to look for new leadership of our fragile planet. I suggest China. China focuses on product i.e., money not process i.e., democracy and a rule based international order which in reality the US makes rules that benefit the US at the expense of the world including Europe. Wake up Europe!

I pose a problem to the Chinese leadership if and when they assume global leadership. The US can solve its debt problem by cutting back of defense spending dramatically. The 800 plus US military bases make enemies for the US and make the US less secure not more secure on a daily basis as I have watched daily in Asia. I have been in Asia since 1999. I deliberately wore my hair long in South Korea and Japan so I would not be mistaken for a US GI. The South Koreans and Japanese hate US GIs and who can blame them. The GIs get drunk, disrespect the local women, take drugs, sell drugs and generally treat the people of the host nation with blatant disrespect. I have had many German friends in Asia and they spit on the ground when you mention US GIs. I would extrapolate that anywhere US GIs are stationed they make enemies.

Geography is and always has been the best defense of the USA LOGICALLY. Two huge oceans and weak neighbors are a better defense than any wall or billions spent on needless bases abroad. George Washington warned us of “foreign entanglements”. Oh. Hitler is used as the argument for the demise of US isolationism and the rise of US globalism. Hitler knew crossing the Atlantic to invade the US was mad and Hitler did not attack the US but Japan and how in the world was Japan going to invade California. Well we have nuclear weapons now and can destroy any nation trying to create an invasion fleet within an hour-long distance. Hypersonic missiles mean we can do a surgical strike against a fleet being built. Retain the air force and space program but get rid of the bases and give the world hope we are making real progress in solving the debt problem. China has a huge interest in at least a stable US economy for we have a symbiotic economic relationship as any intelligent educated person in the US knows. Anyway, what nation with an ounce of sense is going to invade a nation where common citizens are armed and belong to militias. China? Russia? Mexico has far more to fear from armed Americas who consume drugs than US citizens have to fear from Mexicans.

I realize threat creation via marketing regardless of the truth of such a threat is necessary to keep the military-industrial complex of the US in power and making profits but this machine has destroyed any chance of global peace and a sound environment and now goes forward and threatens to start WW III. The military-industrial complex does NOT have the interests of the US citizens as a consideration at all. One cannot expect a ruling class to voluntarily give up power. When has any ruling class ever given up power voluntarily? Plus, if the troops are withdrawn from NATO and Asia and well everywhere what will they do for a living. Unemployed soldiers are prone to use violent and criminal means to survive. However, the US soldiers do have technical skills and are relatively disciplined. Surely there must be some sort of infrastructure project they can do. I have some excellent ideas as to how the US military-industrial complex can be overthrown minus WW III with surgical precision. I reserve the right to pass on these ideas orally rather than on the internet. I do not have all the answers but do have a lifetime of international experience, a doctorate and read thousands of books. I do think stating the problems we face is a good start to solving a problem. I am intellectual not a Buddha. LOL! The US is ahead of the rest of the world in the area of space exploration and could use this technology to beam energy from the sun using satellites and airships. If the temperature goes up then domed houses are possible. However, the problem is deeper. Humans are great at technology but mad humans cannot use that technology to solve the myriad of problems we face.


Turning of the internet would be my one giant suggestion above all other suggestions. Well, I write to an empty room.  No one reads what I write but at least I try and I will be a more handsome corpse due to my daily exercise regime and I did receive two roses out of the blue on Valentines Day 2023 before I left this mortal coil. The religions are quite clear on the topic of suicide.  Suicide is not an option.  Anyway, I am not a quitter. Not now, not in the past and not ever! I am hopeful despite logic. Perhaps there is an ET or God or Gods or some larger force that watches over us. Humans are so much more intelligent than the other species on this planet. Why? I did state humans are more intelligent not wiser that other species. If some higher being did help us evolved this intelligence then perhaps it has a vested interest in our survival. No rapture or anything so dramatic but a nudge here and a nudge there.

Perhaps I will have a CIA arranged accident soon. I am more than a bit fatalistic and can accept that humans as a species has a set lifetime on this planet like all species but do have a sense of duty to try to, so trite, save my species. Well, I am no Batman but getting a doctorate made me literate. I can put forth my argument for logic. Perhaps logical self interest can work were compassion has failed. I can face God, Jehovah, Allah, the Tao or whatever and say I did try my best with the limited powers I had in this life.

Interesting Videos

I am 65 and have lived in ten countries for 40 years. I have more questions than answers despite having the advantages of education, travel and relative wealth. I can only offer some personal advice. If a person tries to convert you just smile and walk away. Turn the other cheek so to speak. I have found out via experience that logic and argument rarely work in the case of religion. There seems to be some part of the brain that shuts down when the subject of religion comes up. My core belief is that harmony and logic are good things and I have found in my life that Buddhism is logical and leads to harmony. Perhaps the experience of others is different. I might be a Taoist? I don’t really understand Taoism but there seems to be a sort of metaphysical wind or wave that governs the universe and if you surf it like the Silver Surfer (Marvel) you are happy and if not then you are less happy. I know rather silly. I do ask the question. Can religion be a force for unity and harmony among humans. I am not sure. I suppose old age and experience will help me find the answer. I can offer one piece of advice. When in doubt lift weights or swim or do some sort of exercise. Less screen time and more body time works for me. I also know that in general peace is preferable to war.

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White Zombie in Pattaya

Fuchs gets up from his bed and goes to the kitchen table.  His studio apartment in a mess.  Beer cans and cigarette butts litter the floor. Fuchs is a German living in Pattaya, Thailand.  Fuchs goes to his computer and looks up how man Euros from his pension have been deposited into his account at Krungthai, a Thai bank and thinks his account his pretty low but enough for his needs in Thailand.  Fuchs looks at the clock on the wall and notices its 10 am and decides to grab a beer from the fridge as has been his custom for several years now.  Fuch then pops a ketamine and double clicks on the MTV icon of Hollywood Undead – Day of the Dead on his computer and starts to dance. The music wakens a Thai prostitute in his bed and as she struggles to get up Fuch tosses her clothes at her and tells her to get the f-ck out. 

The prostitute gently asks Fuch to take a shower in a sing song voice. 

Fuch responds, “I am not wasting water on a whore like you b-tch” says Fuch as he continues to dance alone. 

Almost absent mindedly Fuch adds “And your blow job sucks, get it sucks, pun intended”. 

The prostitute shrugs her shoulders. The whore puts on her bra and panties and then jeans and T-Shirt.  The T-Shirt sports a Hollywood – Day of the Dead logo by coincidence. 

“Hey hold on and take of the pants and panties”, Fuch yells. 

“I want a wide-open beaver shot of your pussy”, Fuch adds. 

“Ok lover but ten bucks”, answers the prostitute. 

“Ok spread your legs and spread your pussy lips so I can get a shot of the pink between your brown pussy with my camera”. 

The prostitute obliges and even giggles and asks “Why do farang men always want pictures of Thai pussy?”. 

“It’s proof we fucked a Thai woman” responds Fuch. 

“Hey congrats, you are picture 10,000” adds Fuch. 

“I have been in Thailand ten years so that’s 1,000 Thai women I have fucked each year I have been in Thailand” Fuch further comments. 

“I am a fuck machine” said Fuch proudly to no one in particular. 

Fuch copies the picture from the camera to his lap top and arranges places it in the folder marked Pussy and the subfolder 2022.  Fuch thinks. Fuch makes a mental note to get tested for STDs but decides against it since Fuch generally gets hand jobs since he can’t get hard enough for penetrative sex and you can’t get STDs from hand jobs or so Fuch reasons. Fuch had been married in the US but the wife divorced him after getting fired for being drunk and yelling at his boss and then Fuch started drinking every day not just on the weekends like when he worked and impotence followed.  The wife stated she could put up with a drunk or a man without money but not a broke, drunk that was impotent.

Fuch thinks, “American women are bitches and who needs them!”.

“Anyways it’s about the pics at this point not actual sex”, Fuch reasons to himself. Then Fuch starts to cry.

“Geez 10,000 wife open beaver shots are my biggest accomplishment in life?” Fuch thinks to himself.  Fuch’s one big regret is that he never got any wide-open beaver shots of his wife since she wouldn’t let him take nudes of her period.

“American women! Fuck em or rather don’t fuck em”, thinks Fuch.

Fuch looks at photos of his family in the USA to cheer him up but seeing the family photos just makes him more depressed and causes him to shed tears over the keyboard.  Not wanting to short circuit, the lap top with his tears, Fuch closes the lap top and tells the lap top that she is his best friend.

“You are a better machine than the Thai whores”. Fuch mumbles to the computer lovingly between sobs.

Fuch gets a bottle of cheap Thai whiskey out of the cupboard and takes a long swig and then adds a dollop to a day-old Star Bucks coffee he has in the fridge.

“Well, I bet I have fucked more women than anyone I knew in high school or the US period and that has to count for something” thinks Fuch. 

Fuch posts the picture on a social media website like Facebook not Facebook but specifically built specifically for sexpats in Asia.  He adds the pic to his online photo album with the comment “My 10,000th piece of ass in Asia and I have the photos to prove it”.  Almost immediately congrats start pouring in.  The comments include “you are the man”, “congrats on good hunting” and tons of comments from his followers in the USA stating that they can’t wait to move to Pattaya and join him.  Fuch considers himself lucky for living in a male paradise for ten years but feels empty.  Fuch pops a beer and the warm feeling of the beer flooding his stomach makes up for the emptiness.  Fuch turns around and the Thai prostitute is gone.  “Well saves me the trouble of kicking her out and plenty more prozis to take her place and I got the pic as proof I banged her even if I can’t remember what we did last night”, Fuch says to himself.

The Thai prostitute climbs down the stairs, the elevator is broken and says to herself says “Today I go to temple and make merit.  My baby needs money for school”. 

Fuch continues to dance by himself.  Fuch looks in the mirror and pats his huge paunch and comments, “At least the monkeys make good food even if they suck at sucking” and laughs at his own joke.

Fuch ambles down the stairs and heads to an outdoor bar around the corner.  A stray Siamese cat meows for food and Fuch tries to kick the Siamese cat and misses and falls on his back.

“So much for those free Muay Thai lessons” thinks Fuch.   Fuch sits down and a bar girl brings him a bottle of Chang which he grabs and begins to chug. 

At the beer garden, the beer garden waitress serves him a beer since Fuch comes regularly and she knows what he drinks says, “How about some whiskey to chase it down”.  The beer garden waitress has noticed that Fuch is more generous with tips on whisky and beer than just beer so she always tries to sell some whisky.

Fuch tips his head to the side and tells the bar girl, “Yeah a whisky and how about a joint”. 

The bar girl looks at him angrily and says “Whiskey Ok but no joint.  You can buy here but have to smoke in private.  That’s the law”.

Fuch responds angrily, “This is Pattaya and Farang pay the bills not Thais so I will smoke a joint anywhere, anytime or I go to another beer garden forever”. 

The bargirl shrugs and reasons that Fuch is a regular and the cops never come down this soi anyway and brings back a shot glass of whisky and a joint.  The beer garden buys the joint from a weed store around the corner and makes a small profit delivering it to patrons of the beer garden that are too lazy to go to the weed store.  Fuch smokes the joint with one hand and pours the whiskey into the glass of beer with the other hand and mixes the beer and the whiskey with a spoon expertly. 

“Why do you mix the beer and whisky” asks the bar girl. 

“The beer tastes better with a little whisky.  Chang tastes like horse piss otherwise.  Farang know how to make beer unlike the stupid Thais”, answers Fuch in a loud angry voice.

“At least Chang is cheap even its not as good as Western beers and beer alone no longer gets me buzzed” thinks Fuch.

A hippie friend of Fuch sits at the table and they share the joint.  Fuch mentions that he took his 10,000th wide open beaver shot and the hippie says, “Let’s celebrate but am a little short on cash so do you mind buying the next round?”. The hippie knows from experience Fuch is generous when on whisky and weed and will pay for all the rounds.

“I guess being alone is less lonely when high.  Gee I am philosopher” reasons the hippy.

Fuch is in a celebratory mood and readily tells the hippy the drinks are on him no problem.  Fuch eyes a gorgeous Thai gal at the bar that Fuch calls has named Princess. Princess only drinks with handsome, young barang and asks five times the normal price to sleep with a patron or so Fuch has heard from the hippy.  Fuch give Princess the once over and Princess catches Fuch and looks at him with disgust and turns away.

“Well Princess looks good from behind.  Great ass”, think Fuch.

Fuch thinks to himself, “That’s what is great about Pattaya, always someone to drink with”.

Fuch and the hippie talk about times they got so drunk they can’t remember anything the next morning in Thailand. Fuch mentions he thinks he got a blow job last night but isn’t sure but says there was a woman in his bed so hopefully he got one. 

The Hippie laughs and makes a toast, “Here’s to the good life in Pattaya”. 

Fuch responds, “Yeah, and may we live forever”. 

Various beer garden bar girls approach them and Fuch waves them off and realizes with horror that he has shit in his pants. Fuch thinks that the drinking has really screwed up his body and the weed doesn’t help but reflects that you only live once well unless you believe in karma like the Thais.  Fuch describes himself as an atheist but mostly doesn’t care what happens after death.

The Hippie makes a grimace and says, “Man you shit in your pants again and stink. I am out of here”. 

The Hippie walks away and Fuck yells at the Hippie and states, “That’s the last time I share a joint with you”. 

Fuch goes to the restroom and takes of his pants and underwear and uses the bathroom soap to wash of the shit from his pants and underwear.  The smell of his own shit gets to Fuch and he rushes to the toilet to puke but misses the toilet and pukes on the floor next to the toilet.  Fuch cups some water from the bathroom sink and gargles the remaining puke out of his mouth. 

As Fuch leaves the toilet and heads to his table he passes a bargirl and tells her, “I left a little present for you”. 

The bar girl frowns and goes to the bathroom and emerges in a rage and yells. “You pig farang!  Go home farang”. 

Fuch smiles at her broadly showing off his yellow crooked teeth and says, “Pattaya is my home you slut”.

Fuch notices that the bouncers are staring at him angrily and decides to bounce.

Fuch wanders the streets of Pattaya and the girls approach him but the smell of vomit and shit makes them shy away and one tells Fuch to go home and take a shower. 

Fuch responds to one buxom prostitute, “I will if you take a shower with me baby”. 

The girl giggles and says, “Sure but you pay me double because of your stink. I clean you good like a baby, honey”. 

Fuch laughs and yells back, “I am too wasted to appreciate your charms beautiful” Fuch goes to a pub name Hotel California

Inside he sees a table with three Westerners that Fuch has gotten drunk with before. 

The trio says in unison, “Welcome to the Hotel California Fuch” and laugh at their own joke. 

Fuch again mention taking his 10,000th beaver shot and buys a round of drinks for the admiring trio that hug and shake his hand and compliment Fuch on his accomplishment.

A bearded Farang of the trio tells Fuch that he has a new combination drug for sale that will take him to the great beyond and beyond.

“A near death experience without the hassle of a trip to the hospital”, adds the bearded man.

“How much” asks Fuch.  The bearded man responds “A buck a pill.

Fuch says, “Give me six pills. I feel like celebrating ten happy years in Pattaya”. 

The bearded man gives Fuch six pills and Fuch swallows all six at once with a beer. 

The bearded man has a scared expression and says “F-ck you are only supposed to take one pill man”. 

Fuch laughs and says, “I have been taking drugs since middle school and can handle anything”. 

Fuch and the trio continue drinking beer and sharing a joint until Fuch starts to have a convulsive fit.  Fuch collapses on the floor.  The bar owner checks Fuch’s pulse and declares him dead. 

The bearded man says, “Geez I could end up in the Bangkok Hilton for getting Fuch killed.  I got an idea”

The trio loads the body of Fuch into a taxi and the taxi takes his to an eerie hut on the outskirts of Pattaya. 

The Bearded Man is greeted by an old man and the old man says, “I have been expecting you. I am what you would call a sorcerer.  Yes, I can revive your friend for a hundred bucks for his evil energy is strong and can attract a strong evil spirit to bond with him but he will be changed”. 

The bearded man asks, “Changed?  How?”. 

Your friend will be alive but not alive, in your language a zombie.” 

The bearded man scoffs and says “There is no such thing as zombies”, states the Thai sorcerer.

The Thai sorcerer answers, “Whatever you say.  Do we have a deal?”. 

The bearded man responds, “Well as long as I don’t end up in the Bangkok Hilton”. 

The Thai sorcerer smiles and beckons to the trio to place the body besides a fire in the backyard. The Thai sorcerer begins to dance and chant around the fire and the body of Fuch.  There is a Naga statue in the middle of the fire.

“The Farang are like the Naga in this cycle of existence that is soon to end and have been looking for a host for a long time” The Thai sorcerer tells the bearded man with a smile while taking a rest from the dancing.

The Thai sorcerer continues to chant and tattoos the chest of Fuch. The sorcerer explains that a spirit will enter using the tattoo as a gate and Fuch will become superhuman in some ways but less than human in other ways and the Thai sorcerer laughs. The trio takes the body of Fuch back to his apartment and dump his body. 

“Another farang dead of a drug overdose in his apartment, no one will even notice and heck he may wake up alive” the bearded man exclaims.

The trio laughs and the trio departs laughing and agree to keep on drinking but at another bar that also sells yaba. 

The bearded man exclaims “Yeah we need an upper after that depressing dance and tattooing”.

Before leaving the trio undresses Fuch and decide to throw his soiled clothes into the garbage downstairs. “Maybe a beggar needs some clothes” says the bearded man in a mocking tone.

The next morning Fuch wakes up in his bed naked. “Where are my clothes”.

Fuch then shrugs and decides how to start another day in paradise. Fuch smell himself and thinks he needs a shower.  While Fuch is in the shower he looks at his hands and notices that that his hands are grey and his nails are overgrown. Fuch runs to the bathroom mirror and thinks, “I look like shit”.  Fuch goes to his laptop and turns on the Hollywood Undead – Day of the Dead MTV again but instead of dancing starts smashing his apartment up like a man possessed and lights a candle and stares at the flames and sees a demon dancing in the candle light. 

Fuch turns of the MTV and starts breathing deeply but rapidly and exclaims, “What the f-ck. I am seeing things.  I must still be high from the pills last night”.

Fuch begins to get dressed and ambles down the stairs.  Fuch sees the Siamese cat that he tried to kick the day before and the cat growls and jumps onto his shoulder and begins to scratch the face of Fuch.

“Well time for a beer and a joint” thinks Fuch.

Fuch arrives at the outdoor bar and the same bar girl waits on him.  The bar girl exclaims you smell better but there is blood all over your face and hands him a towelette. Fuch wipes the blood of his face and then goes to the bathroom and looks at the bathroom mirror and is amazed that there are no wounds were the cats scratched him.  Fuch’s face is scratched up but when Fuch looks at his scratched face the wounds start to heal immediately.  Fuch looks at his bloody but healed face and shrugs. 

When Fuch exits the bathroom and returns to his table.  The Hippie is sitting at his table. 

“Hey I hear you died last night but here you are alive and well.  I guess I got the story wrong”, says the Hippie and starts laughing. 

Fuch responds, “Total blackout.  I just remember falling to the floor.  Well not the first time by any means” responds Fuch. 

“I have blacked out more times than I can count.  A screw it. Let’s get drunk problem.  Getting drunk is the mother of the solution to all problems”, responds the Hippie. 

Fuch looks at the Hippie strangely and suddenly feels a great hunger. Fuch begins by biting his hand.

The Hippie responds by “Saying hey I am hetero and not into S&M either not that there is anything wrong with homosexual S&M”. 

The hand of the Hippie starts to bleed due to the bit by Fuch and the sight of the blood drives Fuch into a frenzy and Fuch bites the throat of the Hippie and rips out the throat of the hippie fatally.  Blood spurts everywhere and the bargirl starts to scream. 

Fuch lurches towards Princess he eyed the day before but she runs out of beer garden yelling, “I don’t date cheap Charlie Farang idiot”.

Fuch yells at Princess, “I feel like some Thai food” but Princess is gone from the beer garden and Fuch goes after a much older and uglier bar girl.

Fuch rips out the throat of the bargirl with his teeth. The bouncer springs into action and splits the skull of Fuch with a machete from behind the bar.  Fuch pushes the two parts of his head together and his skull begins to heal and Fuch removes the machete and proceeds to cut up the patrons and eat their body parts. 

A policeman arrives on a motorcycle and draws his pistol and shoots Fuch but Fuch just shrugs of the bullets and uses the machete to cut up the policeman and pushes the policeman of his motorcycle.  Fuch rides in the motorcycle off while singing Hotel California at the top of his lungs.

Fuch then arrives at the Hotel California and barges through the doors.  The trio is sitting at the same spot as the night before. 

The bearded man then gives Fuch the six pills and gets up and hugs Fuch saying, “Glad you are all right.  You had us all worried man.” Fuch rips out the throat of the bearded man and starts eating his throat. 

One of the men of the trio says, “I have heard of the munchies the night after but this is wild”.  Fuch starts hacking at the patrons with his machete. One of the bar girls gives Fuch an Muay Thai kick to the stomach and manages to knock Fuch off his feet and runs out of the bar into the street yelling for help.  The bargirl manages to gather a crowd and the crowd goes after Fuch when he emerges from the bar with bats, sticks and stones but to no avail.  Fuch cannot be stopped.  An elderly Thai man yells to the crowd and says this is a Boramey created by Khmer magic and can only be stopped by chanting with heart.  We must chant the five precepts together.  The elderly man starts chanting:

Pânâtipâtâ Veramani Sikkhâpadam Samâdiyâmi.
Adinnâdânâ Veramani Sikkhâpadam Samâdiyâmi.
Kâmesu Micchâcârâ Veramani Sikkhâpadam Samâdiyâmi.
Musâvâdâ Veramani Sikkhâpadam Samâdiyâmi.
Surâ Mêraya Majja Pamâdatthânâ Verami Sikkhâpadam Samâdiyâmi

The assembled Thai crowd laughs at the old man and says one of the young girls says. “This is no time for chanting.  We need to burn this monster.”

One of the crowd members gets a can of gasoline and pours the gasoline on Fuch Another crowd sets Fuch on fire with a tossed cigarette. 

Fuch laughs and says, “I have been to hell and back.  Do you think your measly flame can stop me.  This man was evil beyond your understanding and as long as his evil burns brighter than your flame he will survive”. 

The girl that scoffed at the elderly man yells, “Well we tried gasoline maybe we should try chanting”.  The crowd makes a circle around Fuch and holds hands and starts chanting.  Now the flames catch on and Fuch starts burning until there is nothing but a charred body.  The elderly man states that the body must be chopped and thrown into the Nan River to be destroyed for sure.  The crowd starts chopping the body and a tuk-tuk driver offers to throw the remains into the Nan River.  The chopped remains start sinking into the Nana River.  The tuk-tuk driver and the bargirl drive off together.  The bargirl puts her face into the chest of the tuk-tuk driver and starts crying.  The tuk-tuk driver consoles the bar girl as best he can and she stops crying and looks at him and says,

“You are very brave and handsome.  How about a late dinner?  Killing farang monsters makes me hungry for some pad Thai.  The tuk-tuk driver looks at her and says, “My mother makes great pad Thai sauce and I am sure she would love to meet you”.  The girl, who is quite pretty, and the tuk-tuk driver who is quite handsome, ride of into the night.  There is a huge full moon.

The sorcerer appears at the spot at the Nan River the chopped, charred remains of Fuch were thrown and laughs an evil laugh and says, “You have been chopped, burned and tossed into the Nan river but the force of evil is strong and in you and I can bring you back stronger than ever”.  The sorcerer begins to laugh an evil laugh and begins to dance at the same time.

Jesus Christ was a Buddha NOT the Son of God

The world suffers from climate change, endless war, destabilization everywhere and darkness and chaos engulfing the planet.  I am an American living in SE Asia.  The Westerners on the whole here are wasting time, chilling and trying to relax and have a fatalistic attitude. Not all Westerners but at least 99.9%.  The SE Asians on the other hand are working hard and fighting the darkness and chaos as best they can with limited resources.  The poorest Asians are happier than the richest Westerners.  The worst Westerners are citizens of the USA.  I avoid my countrymen as best I can for, they babble about getting drunk, chasing pussy and abuse drugs from morning until night.  They do not bother to shave, shower or even eat and if by the pool sleep by the pool and do not swim. 

Westerners have abused the kind Asians for hundreds of years now and it seems to me their core claim to cultural superiority is false when obviously the Asians are more evolved than Westerners.  Asians are physically more attractive on the whole.  Asians have less body hair, less fat, symmetrical facial features and in good shape due to manual labor. 

The Americans stare at the weights and even buy weights but do not use them. A German was proud of spending time in the pool and did not count laps. The water does not have miraculous powers and requires exercise to do its magic. You cannot put a book under your pillow and learn the contents.  You cannot talk about exercise, buy equipment that gathers dust, one must move muscle.  Expensive running outfits minus running do not do the job but the Westerners can feel superior despite being fatter, dumber and more irrational than Asians because when all else fails they can say “I have accepted Christ”.  Christ was a Buddha period not the son of God and I offer arguments to back up this assertion.

1)The Jews did not accept Christ as the Messiah despite endless persecution and this is a matter of a Jewish world view therefore, I would accept Jews as the authority in this issue. If I want the best Chinese food then I ask a Chinese person logically.

2)As I understand the matter, the world was supposed to change when the Messiah arrived.  Look around is the world better than 2,000 years ago? We have more toys but as a species we have clearly de-evolved.  Sperm counts are down. Obesity is up.  Testosterone levels are down for men.  WW I and WW II happened after Christ.  The cruelty of man has clearly increased.  The Romans were nice guys compared to the Nazis.  The “Christian” Americans brought us the Vietnam War, the Iraq War, the war in Afghanistan and now Ukraine.  Men and treasure were lost and the world made less stable than before these wars. Clearly the Christian message might sound good but does not work. The West is aggressive and does not turn the other cheek and instead causes wars for no good reason and hurts even itself.  Dominion over the Earth should mean an enlightened stewardship of the Earth but instead has been turned into an excuse for plunder that has led us to climate change and the Americans who have led the way are the unhappiest people I have met and I have met people of just about all nations.

3)God is infinite. I accept there is a God 100%!  I just don’t accept that Jesus is the son of God.  How can a finite being even hold a fraction of the infinite energy of God without going up in flames.  Perhaps this is the explanation for the mad ramblings of Jesus. Jesus was touched, grazed by the hand of God and his hardware could not handle the energy given or perhaps political expediency is the answer for the illogical claim of Jesus that he was the son of God.  Jesus saw the suffering of the world at the hands of the Romans and for political reasons adapted the story of the Messiah in Jewish culture to end this suffering? I do not know but only speculate.

4)The Christians talk sweet words but are the cruelest religion on the planet. The proof is in the pudding.  Galileo was shown instruments of torture to force him to recant what he saw in a telescope.  Humans were burned over the fine points of Christianity. The Crusades forced Christianity at sword point.  The priests and Pope live in luxury while their flock starves.  The ministers of the other faiths also neglect their flock.  Christianity has failed to deliver as even a cursory analysis of history shows. Like communism a good idea but not an idea that can be applied through current means.

5)There are good men and women who have never even heard of Jesus but are going to go to hell? How can good God create such a state of affairs.  I understand free will but how can you choose the right dish without even a menu.  Man does not live on bread alone but does need bread to worry about lofty concepts such as if Jesus is the son of God or not.

6)The counter arguments of Christians are fallacious.  The arguments are as follows.  You die and if you die Christ promises you eternal heaven or eternal damnation.  The fear of death that is natural to all humans is turned into the hope of immortality so the simple gobble up this argument.  Fear is the sword of the Christians not logic.  God gave us the gift of logic but we are to take a leap of faith and deny what makes us human?

7)We live incredibly short lives yet we get eternal paradise or eternal damnation based on our short performance. How is this fair. Is not God the embodiment of fairness?  If I am good for 80 years then I should be rewarded with 80 years of paradise. If I was bad for 80 years then 80 years of hell.  The reward should be commensurate to performance. The punishment should be fit the crime or crimes. Reincarnation is more logical than eternal reward or punishment but eternities are more effective for social control.  Christianity is a doctrine to scare the poor and none Westerners into submission.  Christianity lets the rich exploit the poor and the Westerners exploit the none Westerners.

8)Eight is a lucky number in Asia. I had a call to action but a coward and have erased it. I shall wait for history moves in the correct direction and I just need to wait for God to his work. Sorry I like being alive. Call me a coward but know my history and know that truth does not make one invulnerable at all. The goal is happiness or at least that is my goal. I have no wish to drink hemlock or suffer another terrible faith. I will follow Galileo and recant upon being shown the instruments of torture or even the hint of things to come. I have an active imagination and this world is wicked as all can agree. I thought the internet could be used to solve the problems of the internet but now see I am wrong. Turn off the internet once a week. Sunday or whatever day. Turn on prayer, exercise, read a book, talk to a neighbor or care for your parents. A pacific enough message.

I like the Bible, the stories and the songs of Christians but the Christians are not Christian generally. Christian reformation was tried once perhaps it can be tried again with greater success but none of my affair for I am Buddhist not Christian. I have found Christian prayer works! I think God hears the prayers of Buddhist. I can see with my own two eyes the Buddhist of Cambodia are the best people in the world and have been everywhere. However, the poorest people of any country I have lived in and I pray to God that the poor Cambodians receive some money sooner rather than later. I have been a bad boy and now repent for I fear a bad reincarnation. Probably to late for repentance and prayer but I have read that God does miracles. An acronym to aid prayer easy to remember. God please forgive me for being weak and cowardly but I know you do not wish me to die needlessly for you are the epitome of compassion.

The arrogance of Christians has caused problems for hundreds of years. Interfaith is impossible as long as Christians have a holier than thou attitude. The best way of handling the Christian problem, for it is indeed a problem, is to make laws like Singapore has regulating religious behavior. National unity is more important than any religious message and Christianity inserts its views into Buddhist, Jewish, Hindu and Muslim states and often acts as a Trojan horse for Western imperialism. HOWEVER, most Christians I have known in my life are good people and do respect other faiths albeit in a limited fashion and acts against other religions by Christians are mostly of a historical nature except of course the brutalization of the Muslim Palestinians by the Jewish Israelis with the support of Christians in the USA. Banning Christianity is too draconian and a softer approach that regulates extreme behavior is more logical. You don’t want the cure to be worse than the disease. I personally just smile and walk quickly away when Christians try to convert me. I think to myself that the Christian before me has good intentions and try to turn the other cheek so to speak. I have lived in ten countries for forty years and have learned the hard way that rational discourse is generally a bad idea despite claims by Christians that they are multicultural and open minded. Better to smile a walk away and thus avoid purposeless argument. The Singaporeans have wisely created laws to create conditions of religious harmony:,certain%20acts%20threatening%20religious%20harmony.

An interesting video on the subject of religious harmony in Singapore below.

Pompeo slams Biden administration for trading ‘bad guys for celebrities’ in Russian prisoner swap

Biden is a professional politician period! Getting Brittney Gear gets Biden African American votes period. Who cares if this trade unleashes an expert dealer in death on the world. Who cares if this trade encourages the detention of American celebrities on trumped up charges. Who cares about the welfare of the USA and the world. Biden gets his votes and that’s all that matters to Biden. Who cares if the student debt forgiveness act leads to a trillion-dollar deficit as long as Biden get the youth vote. There should be term limits on all political offices period. Trump refused to play the money for votes game and thus lost the election but will win in 2024 because the Biden game is just too transparent. Americans are dumb but not that dumb. Well, I hope so! This is a response to the following Yahoo News article:

Pompeo slams Biden administration for trading ‘bad guys for celebrities’ in Russian prisoner swap (

Khmer Fox

Am I Siem Reap Santa, Sir Kitsune or Khmer Fox? Frankly I don’t know but having fun finding out!

Kitsune Santa in Siem Reap

Kitsune Santa in 2022

The creator noticed that the Siem Reap people were the nicest people on Earth and decided to give them a new Santa that was part kitsune (fox) and part Christmas spirit. Kitsune is Japanese for fox.  In Japanese folklorekitsune (, きつね, are foxes that possess paranormal abilities that increase as they get older and wiser. According to folklore, the kitsune-foxes (or perhaps the “fox spirits”) can bewitch people, just like the tanuki[a] they have the ability to shapeshift into human or other forms, and to trick or fool human beings.

The Kitsune Santa is slimmer than Hotei and therefore not quite as powerful for the belly is the source of his power and probably Hotei’s. However, the Kitsune Santa is getting a bigger belly daily having wonderful Khmer food served joyfully by beautiful Khmer women. How can Kitsune Santa do his job when constantly distracted by the aspara beauties of Siem Reap? What is the job of the Kitsune Santa anyway? The Kitsune Santa has forgotten for he enjoys the sights, sounds and most of all the food of the paradise known as Siem Reap on this Earth.

The Coca Cola Santa Claus had totally failed to promote the spirit of Santa so the creator decided to use a fox (kitsune) this time.  This is the Kitsune Santa not to be confused with the USA Santa that is quite mad due to an overdose of Coca Cola!  The fox only had one tail but when combined with the powers of Santa was a super Santa or a super Kitsune. I guess this depends on your point of view.

Kitsune Santa with his favorite waitress (Jee Jee Ra) at his favorite breakfast place at Chongkran Sor! Jee Jee Ra is a FRIEND not a wife or a girl friend for Siem Reap Santa must remain single to do his duties. The Chongkran Sor pictures were taken in 2022.

Kitsune Santa in 2023

Apsara’s Kitchen

Apsara’s Kitchen can be found in Psar Chaa – Old Market in Siem Reap Cambodia across the street from Khmer Kitchen. The prices are lower than Khmer Kitchetn. The food is better than Khmer Kitchen. The three sisters are the most beautiful gals in Asia and Asia has more beautiful gals than the West. Not English friendly but just point to what you want and use your fingers to figure out the bill. Two bucks, eight thousand riel, gets you more food than I can eat and I can eat a lot. I go there for the food but let’s face it seeing the three beautiful sisters motivates me to go to Apsara’s Kitchen. I swear the sisters have Apsara blood as do most of the Siem Reap gals. The level of feminine beauty in Siem Reap is unreal but they are all good girls and have a husband or boyfriend so no time for Sir Kitsune, me. I don’t see how guys get any work done with all these beautiful gals packed into a small city. Well is you want to see eye candy then Psar Chaa – Old Market is the place to go.