Online Drafting, CAD, Design Programs

See My Design

Sweet Home 3D

The following programs are free and useful but must be downloaded.





Google Sketchup

Just CAD 6.0

progeCAD Smart!

QCAD Community Edition

SagCAD (Linux)



A9CAD, Blender, CadStd, Desi-III CAD, Google Sketchup, Just CAD 6.0, progeCAD Smart!, QCAD Community Edition, SagCAD (Linux), Sculptris, See
My Design, Sweet Home 3D, design, schematic, diagram, geometry, layout, scale, modeling, animation, shape, graphics, vector, 3D, UV unfolding, ray tracing, wireframe, wire mesh, shading, texture, image map, contour, surface, solid, vertex, orthographic projection, perspective, drafting, planning, building, dimension, engineering, electronics, circuit, mechanics, inventing, structural, architecture, landscaping, decorating, furnishing


Graphic Organizers

Graphic Organizer Evaluation Form

List of Graphic Organizers

Online Graphic Organizers


Free Online Tools for Creating Infographics

Infographic Evaluation Form

Top 100 Infographics

Logo Design

List of Online Logo Makers

Logo Design Evaluation Form

Logos Analyzed by Industry

Online Drafting Programs

Online Drawing Programs

Online Mapping

Online Paint Programs

Online Photo Editors

Online Presentation Tools


List of Free Visualization Software

List of Visualization Methods

Visualization Evaluation Form

WereVerse Universe Baby!

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