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List of Dungeons and Dragons Spells

List of Harry Potter Spells

I have been teaching in East Asia for ten years and the students in East Asia are suffering from Harry Potter mania.  If there is one novel in English an East Asian student has read then that novel is about Harry Potter.  If the student has not read the novels then they have seen the films.  The student pick their favorite three spells and explain their pick to the class.  The student can then invent a spell of their own.

List of Movie Genres

The movie genre list is for more advanced students that are interested in Western culture.  I go ahead and explain the genres and also mention my favorite films in each genre.  A more advanced and motivated class will have students who actually want you to recommend films they can watch and this is a good way to do this.  I then ask  students what their favorite genre is and why.

List of Star Trek Weapons

List of Superheroes

List of Superpowers

I have the student pick their favorite superpower and explain their choice to the class.  I sometimes follow this activity up with a discussion of Japanese versus US superheroes and have the students create US style superhero in groups.  You have to know something about superheroes to do the follow up activity.

List of TV Shows

List of Warhammer 40K Weapons

Science Fiction Dictionary

I generally just email this list to the occasional science fiction nerd who is doing a lot of reading in this area in English but is having a hard time with the vocabulary.

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